Things Unsaid

When a person shares there life online, they start to feel like a friend. I'm guilty of this, reading blogs and feeling like I really know the person. But the truth is, you can only share so much in a very public, open forum. There is so much of life that needs to remind between you and the other persons living it. I've always prided myself on being as open as possible, but sometimes its hard to toe that line properly. There are things I want to share, things I want to get out in the open, but they aren't all mine to share.

While things have been good lately, the end of last year was hard... honestly the last 2 months of 2017 were some of the best and worst in recent memory. There were really beautiful parts, lots of them, truly (Christmas was honestly magic!). But there were also big conversations with friends and family, arguments sometimes, lines drawn in the sand, and hurt feelings. I started going to Al-Anon meetings this month in an attempt to understand some people around me, and take care of myself. And I've been thinking about certain relationships that feel permanently changed.

This is life. Relationships come and go, friendships change, people change. This month seems to be about learning to roll with the changes. I want to be balanced here, and it would feel really good to fully unburden myself. But I'd rather focus on the good as well, and I have to respect the others involved. Here's your little reminder though, that the person behind these posts is human as well, and that with the good comes the bad.


This Is Not A Resolution (Part One?)

But I am putting this out there...

I’ve been taking a new yoga class for a bit over a month now, and it is pushing and growing my practice in the hardest, most enjoyable way. The teacher invited us all to pick a pose for the following year to focus on, a pose to be a teacher to us. I had done this previously, choosing... downward facing dog! It was a return to the root of things that I needed at the time. I didn’t know what pose to chose for next year, but the teacher put it out there that she would help anyone chose that needed it. If I found my roots in 2017, then 2018 is when I use those roots to help me fly: she gave me handstand. As soon as she said it, I knew that I had known it all along. It’s time to face my fears, and really go for what has felt unreachable. Expect to see a lot of practice pictures and videos. Expect to see frustration. Expect to see growth, slowly but surely. Handstand, I’m coming for you!! 💪🏻
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And here's my start...


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Nahko}

While actual New Year's Eve was spent apart, the night before New Year's, Trav and I headed out to spend the night together at a pretty wonderful concert.


It was a great night considering I was still recovering from a killer stomach bug and spent it in sweatpants sipping ginger ale! Ha!


Back To School

Today is Gwen's last day off for the Winter Holidays. Two weeks of togetherness, especially during a time of year when it can be a bit cold and miserable, can be a little hard on us both, but I have to say that it went pretty well this year.

Gwen is getting better about being able to entertain herself, and the influx of new books and some new games from Christmas kept her going. I tried to find one special thing for each day, an outing sometimes, a special craft, or maybe meeting Trav for lunch, and that made the days go quicker... and kept them from melting into each other so much! 

We decided Mermaid Goop was... weird.
We watched her new movie (Beauty and the Beast) and headed to the actual movies one day as well (Coco!). We're both ready to be back to routine, but we enjoyed our time together! 

St. Daisy was ready for school to start again too...


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {New Year's Eve Celebrations}

New Year's Eve Gwen and I headed out for a hockey game, while Trav went to work an event in the city.

We always love getting to see the Avs play, and this was a great game for her to be at since they won 6-1! Lots of chances for her to celebrate!

 She was gifted a game puck too!

Afterwards they had indoor fireworks to celebrate the incoming New Year! A first for me (and for the Pepsi Center).

It was a great show, and I could have watched Gwen's face the whole time! 

We headed home after that to get Gwen to bed. I relaxed on the couch for a bit with a cup of hot chocolate and a googled video of the New York City ball drop... then I headed off to bed. 

I hope your New Year, no matter how you brought it in, started off beautifully!



Happy New Year!! 


2016 was a year of growth and change and learning about what we needed and our new environment. 2017 was one of adventure!

6 new states checked off our list, 4 new countries (5 for Gwen in 3 International trips), 4 weddings on 2 coasts, and a 2nd (annual!) cross country journey. 13000+ miles flown as a family, plus 9100 miles I flew myself; 5200+ miles driven for our East Coast journey, 2100 round trip to California, plus another 1550 in New Mexico!

Honestly, it was a little crazy, and there will be less of that for sure in 2018!!

Of course, that's not to say there wasn't growth this year too. I finally earned my doula certification, and served three great clients. I grew my yoga classes, in amount and size. I didn't officially check off every goal I had originally set for my business for this year, but I'm looking at the ones I didn't complete and realizing that maybe they aren't what I want at the moment anyway.

Trav started yoga, and earned himself a killer raise at work. Gwen has continued to thrive at school and in Colorado, and has shown such growth in her maturity levels. I hit up three great concerts, and celebrated 5 years of yoga. 

Personally I feel like I've really owned my authentic self more then ever this year, speaking truths that have hidden inside me for decades, and fully loving who I am. Now that is worth celebrating. 

Looking ahead I cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring. I already have one doula client scheduled, as well as enough back up doula work to keep me full for the first half of the year! We have two amazing concerts to look forward to, and a few places we want to explore. It seems that Trav might be taking a solo trip with Gwen next year as well (a fun change for all of us)!

Honestly, I just cannot wait to see where we end up at the end of this year. As January dawns it feel so full of potential for change. What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?!