Wordless Wednesday {Farmers Market Days}

Went to the Farmer's Market the other weekend, love that its that time of year! 
We also hit up the playground afterwards since it was right there and a beautiful day for it.



A week after my story about soil, gardening, and growth seems as good a time as any to talk about what we've planted this year. After last year's fail er, not quite so successful foray into container gardening on a balcony with low light much of the time and scorching sun for a few hours a day, I wasn't sure that I wanted to plant anything this year! Between Gwen and I being gone for 3.5 weeks this summer, and no desire to spend money on plants only to spend hours and hours on them to fail, I wasn't getting the excited feeling I normally did about planting.

That said, it had the appeal of being a fun activity for Gwen and I to spend an afternoon on with school out of session, and it promised beautiful colors on our balcony - if only for a week or two - so I decided to give it another go with a few changes. First, we went to the local nursery instead of the nursery section of Home Depot, and secondly, there I decided to let go of all the things I wanted to plant and instead ask the pros for ideas. Some new soil (three), and Gwen and I were ready to give it a shot.

We ended up with some really beautiful plants... none of which I would have went for myself, but which I think look absolutely lovely on our porch!

We did the three pots from last year in our sun/shade mixed section of porch... then bought a new pot to plant two lovely full shade varietals.

I'm pretty darn please with how everything looked! And now, a couple of weeks later, things are still looking pretty good! Two of my begonias are struggling a little, while the other two are thriving. The basil is doing okay, and the coleus (shade and sun versions) looks great. The little freesia makes me very happy too.

I really am happy we decided to give this another go!


Yoga and Meditation for the Birth Worker

The women I did my doula training with also host a monthly doula support group, which I've been attending since I completed my initial training with them. They would occasionally have months that were just conversations between doulas, offering each other support and advice. Often though they would host wonderful speakers covering a wide variety of topics for the doula to add to her wheelhouse. This past weekend I had the amazing honor and pleasure of getting to do my own talk for the group!

I discussed Yoga - what it really is and its 8 limbs, demonstrated some breath exercises for calming and centering, provided specific poses for birth workers to use to heal their body's before and after a birth, and led a post-birth centered meditation. 

(Handout on Yoga!)

It was slightly nerve racking, I won't lie, but it was wonderful to get to combine my two passions! I look forward to hopefully doing more talks in the future!


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Photo Dump}

New hat...

Out to celebrate Marissa's birthday.

Trav got me an ax for Mother's Day... might seem a little odd, but it was the perfect gift! It was one of the things I needed for camping. Such a good listener, that man!

Gwen gifted me with a few sweet things, including this awesome book she made for me at school. The pictures crack me up.

Heading out for a special Starbucks treat... a plan vanilla frap for her, with a cookie straw!