In the Interest of Accountability

There's not much better for accountability then letting others know about your goals. I wrote in another post about self care goals, well I'd like to share them with you.

Here are the things I've set out for myself, to build up to over the next few weeks. (Note that the number in parenthesis is the times per week I'm aiming for): 

1.  Rise by 7:15 during the week.

2.  Oil pull in a.m., before brushing teeth (6-7x a week).

3.  Green smoothie for either breakfast or lunch (to up my greens), and mostly water to drink (at least 5x a week).

4.  Yoga practice in a.m., even if its just a round of Surya Namaskar B (5x). 

5.  Do homework, either yoga or doula (5x). 

6.  Get 3 additional servings of fruits and veggies (7x). 

7.  One small treat only, and only if "beneficial" (aka because the treat itself will bring me great joy, not just because I feel like I need a sweet). 

8.  Reestablish oil cleansing routine (1-2x). 

9.  Floss!  (6x)

10.  Walk daily!

That's it!

Nothing too crazy, but a healthy body and mind depend on what food/time/energy you are putting into yourself. The better I feel, the more engaged and patient I can be for my family, and the more I can give to my yoga and doula pursuits!

I've been working on these for about 2 weeks so far, and its been going well. So wish me luck.


More Family Visitors

Last week, Trav's parents came up for a visit, to see our new Colorado home. They arrived on Thursday and left late on Sunday. Its a much easier plane ride for them to visit us here!

I feel like I'm getting better at being a Colorado host. Our first few visitors, we didn't have so many great ideas about where to take them or what to do! We were just learning ourselves. But we're starting to figure things out.

Of course, even with that Red Rocks is still one of our go-to places! Its gorgeous there, and Saturday we had the perfect weather for it. The temp was in the high 50s, and it was beautifully sunny.

And now we've learned to double check that there aren't any shows that night, leading to a closed amphitheater! Sorry Babs and Keil!

We walked around the amphitheater, then took them on part of the trails as well; then headed down the mountain to the Red Rocks Grill... our favorite little food place in Morrison. 

Besides Red Rocks, PopPop was a great Lego helper for Gwen. We went out to eat a few times, and I took Nana shopping.

My friend at the Red Rock Grill had a big nose...
he's right behind me, isn't he...
The last day of their visit, we were planning a day in Denver, but it turned quite cold and snowy, so we spend a lot of the day just relaxing together, before heading into the city for a shorter dinner trip.

Overall, it was a fun visit. It was great to see Trav's parents, and show them our new humble home, as well as some parts of Colorado they'd never seen before.

It was also so nice to have the continued parade of familiar faces! We've been so lucky to have a visitor, or going to visit someone, every single month that we've been here. Its been wonderful, and I'm happy that isn't going to be ending anytime soon.

We can't wait to see them again in the summer!