I had a moment last weekend when I was just completely struck by how innocently carefree, loving, happy, and gorgeous my girl is. I know I'm biased, but she has redefined true beauty for me.

In that moment it was breathtaking. I don't know why, right then, but the sun on her skin and the wind blowing her hair... it just struck me.

I hope she always knows how beautiful (inside, outside, the whole package) she is to me.


sunset musings

I drove home last night, with the sunset in my rearview mirror, tired and pumped and exhilarated after a wonderful yoga class (with my very favorite Apoc). Heading home to my family, all I could think was why can't all nights be like this? Its the kick in the tail I need to get my yoga home practice, struggling since Disney and the ensuing work craziness, back on track.

I thought about what made it such an amazing class, and the answer wasn't anything profound. The class was playful. It was hard, but fun, with a kick ass pose which I hadn't tried before. But the biggest thing, was that at the beginning of class I had made the mindful decision to really try everything, to push through when it got tough, and to commit to this practice even if I was sore and tired.

It is all about trying. How many times have you seen someone do a pose/move/act and said, "Whoa, that was great. I can't do that." Its so simple, so obvious, and so elusive... of course you can't, if you don't TRY to! I can decided to try though; to really push through the doubt, to accept that it will be physically hard and a little uncomfortable, but to still give it my all. You don't know unless you try.

It can be hard. Really committing to trying can be a very vulnerable place to be. There is the worry, what if I give my all and I still can't do it? What if I try, and I fail, and others see that? To that, it takes a practiced effort, but you have to say Who Cares?!

In the end you aren't competing against anyone in the class, you aren't trying to be better then anyone else. You are competing against the person you were yesterday, in the hopes that today you can be a little better. You are trying to see if you can give your best, whatever that means in the moment.

Last night that meant pushing harder into my leg poses, knowing that my legs get tired easily, but pushing through anyway, straight to the end. It meant trying Dragonfly on the second side, even after the first side was a complete fail. And last night, it meant getting into Dragonfly... if only for a second or two, then falling on my buns with the biggest smile on my face.


wordless wednesday {troll yoga}

At her request we used paper and cardboard from our recycling to make "yoga mats" for all her trolls. Then she had the teacher demonstrate the poses. Love her imagination play!!


weekend full of doing

Spring has really sprung in Philly. In the city:

In our neighborhood:

And in my front flower bed!

When the weather warms up after a cold winter, I always get the urge to "do." Cook more, clean more, just do more. This weekend was no exception!

Tally-le and Eddan came over to enjoy the spring weather on Saturday.

They hung around all morning, then headed home after lunch. We had a few things to get done inside, but mostly put them off... we basically couldn't get enough of the outdoors!

Some of us more then others...

Dinner guest...
That afternoon Gwen rode her tric on the tennis courts, we headed to a local park, got some ice cream on the way home, then hung out in our (and our neighbor's) yard until it was time for dinner... which we ate outside!

That night we fell asleep with the widows open for the first time this year! I can't tell you how good it feels to spend so much time with the windows thrown open. This house needed a good airing out, and its been getting it... finally!

Sunday we spent a lot of time outdoors again, but tempered it with a bit more indoor play/chores. I slept in a bit while Trav and Gwen ran to the store to grab mulch and bird seed. When I woke up, I took Gwen to ride her car on the tennis courts, while Trav tackled the last of the weeding, then the mulching of the front flower bed. We hooked our water stone back up too!

After that Gwen and I got showered and clothed and ready for the day. She hung out with neighbor Joe and his granddaughter Ava, while we did some work around the house... laundry, Trav grilled some lunch, I cleaned the mess that was our room (my pile of sorted out clothes to give away were still in a giant pile on the floor waiting for me to sort through the last of my drawers and laundry baskets, tons on laundry to put away too). It wasn't long before it was time to head over to the township's Easter egg hunt!

Gwen had a great time meeting the Easter bunny and grabbing some eggs.

We headed home after that for some food, cold water, and a bit of shade since the sun was pretty hot! Before long, Gwen and Trav were back outside, playing in Joe's sandbox. I stayed behind to make the most amazing banana muffins!

My admin made them the other week, and when she shared, I knew I had to make them too!

Gwen and Trav were back in soon enough, so Gwen joined me upstairs for more work on our rooms. The stripped and not yet remade bed became a airplane which flew us (and a selection of her stuffed animals) to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (aka Disney) to ride the rides.

I finished upstairs just in time to come down and make my favorite Mac and Yeasty Cheese, then dinner and getting Gwen to bed a little early. After a little lamenting the always too short weekend, it was off to bed for us too. With the window open.  ::happy sigh::

Now another busy week ahead!