mini pregnancy update

After my appt this morning I can tell you that, at 28 weeks I am:

- measuring spot on

- have gained 17 lbs total

- baby appears to be head down

I can also say that I feel pretty good. I'm tired this week, but I feel well. I'm still going to yoga every week (as my schedule allows).

Did I ever tell you about cravings? During my first tri, all I wanted was shrimp tempura. During my second trimester, I couldn't get enough PB&Js! I'm curious to see if there will be a continuous craving during this last trimester.

12 weeks to go, and so far, so good!



I'm tired.

Watching the sunrise over the city.
Not bad, though I would have preferred to still be asleep!
Its Monday, so this is not hugely surprising, but its more then just your typical Monday tiredness, since it was brought on by working 17 hours this weekend!

We had a big weekend event on Saturday and Sunday, so I was up and out of the house by 6:30 on Saturday and just before 7 on Sunday. Saturday was long. I didn't get home until 8:30 or so, and I didn't get to see Gwenie at all.

Sunday was better. I was out of the house a little later, got to give Gwenie some hugs before I left, and was home at 3ish (after a nice celebratory lunch with some coworkers).

That is not to say the weekend was all bad! It really wasn't. Friday night Apoc came over for dinner.

I always love seeing these two interact. Apoc is great with kids, and Gwenie loves him.

Saturday, while I was busy working, at least I got to enjoy some cute pictures, since my mom was entertaining Gwen (since Trav had a meeting to attend).

Sunday I turned 28 weeks:

And when I did get home we got to do one of my favorite activities... pumpkin carving. Gwen decided on the design for the one, Trav and I picked the dots on the other.

And we got SO many seeds to roast!

I didn't get to take today off since I have to work from home tomorrow for an appt at the Birth Center, and to wait around for the guy to come do our yearly heater maintenance; plus I had a dentist appt in the afternoon for a tooth I broke on Friday (same one that broke before... the ONLY tooth that has given me any problems!), and I'll be in DC for work on Thursday. Sheesh. But at least I did get to come in late and get a few hours of extra sleep in the morning.

And now I have to run! Are you keeping busy in this final week of October?


wordless wendesday {amazing view}

All photo credit for these AMAZING pictures goes out to my friend Cassie.
She took these on a hike the other day and I was too amazed not to share.