A Little More Outdoor Exploring

The day after Thanksgiving, we all (Trav, Gwen, Trav's parents, and I) were ready to get outside and get moving! That day most of the State Parks in Colorado were having a fee free day, so that seemed like the best/most obvious course of action. We did some searching an found a great park nearby that we hadn't yet checked out called Castlewood Canyon State Park. 

It was only a half hour from our place, but seemed almost worlds away!

There were little canyons, beautiful trees and grasses, hills, and plains. There were great rock formations too.

We did a few miles, but only got to see the bottom part of the park. Next time we want to drive in through the other entrance and check out the top half... there's apparently an old dam and some caves.

Gwen wanted to press on, but our rumbling stomachs drew us back to the car after a few hours.

This was definitely the perfect remedy for a very full plate the night before! I can't wait to see the rest of the place.



November ended up being so much more of the balance that I had hoped for in October. I said no more, I was home more, but still had fun times out with friends and with the family. I taught regularly and had a surprise birth (client due in December went early). There were busy times of course, but overall it was a really wonderful month. I really enjoyed getting to see Fantastic Beasts! We don't see movies a ton, so its a great treat when one comes out that we are so excited that we have to see it in the theaters.

Honestly, and I'm going to say this now and again in a month, I can not believe that it is already December. It feel like years since our summer trip, but the weeks are speeding by, all at the same time. Other then the election results and the annoyance of daylight savings time, the only thing about November, that I'm happy to put behind me was the unusual amount of sickness it contained! After not being sick for the rest of the year, I was happy with the dawn of December to put all of that on the back of the flipped calendar page. Hopefully its the last blurg to deal with this year.

Looking forward, I'm excited for the holiday season. Hopefully we'll get to see some great lights, drink lots of hot chocolate, and get to some kind of seasonal show. I'm looking forward to more yoga taking, and more yoga teaching; and hopefully booking another doula client before the end of the year. 

I cannot wait to see what the end of 2016 brings!