Fun Times with Friends

 I have been so lucky to spend some really wonderful night with friends lately.

One out with some yogi friends at one of their houses...

 And one at home, with a gaggle of friends coming by to eat amazing food cooked by my friend JD.


I am truly lucky to have built up the group of friends that I have here in Colorado.


Mother's Day and Return of the Farmer's Market

The Sunday of Mother's Day also happened to be the first Sunday of the Farmer's Market for the year. The Parker Farmer's Market is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday morning, so I was super excited to celebrate there. I got to sleep in a little, have some breakfast in bed, then take a shower before heading out here:

It was busy and gorgeous! Gwen was excited too... she'd literally been asking for weeks when it would get here! Most of our favorite vendors were back, which was really nice, and it made for a great picnic lunch afterwards.

Also, in case you were wondering about a Mother's Day gift... oh, there was definitely a surprise there!


What a day!!