The Coffee Shop Tour Continues

Since December the coffee shop tour (with SaraMarie) has continued with jaunts to Stella's, Pablo's Coffee, and Black Black Coffee.

This past week we headed to Black Eye Coffee.

They had the best chai tea of all the places we've been so far! The quiche was pretty fabulous too.

SaraMarie also surprised me with one of her beautiful flower wreath paintings!

Even more fun, next month, we're venturing out to to a tour of the Celestial Seasons headquarters!

I love this unique way of discovering more about my new city!


Beer and Bacon, and Bumblebees

Its not officially summer for almost another month, but by the end of May it starts to feel very much like summer. Memorial Day kicks it off unofficially, especially since this year that is Gwen's first day of summer break, but Trav's birthday (Monday) always seems to call it forth. The impending season has its place, but has never been my favorite. It has always been just a bit too hot and dry for me (especially here in Colorado).

However, I will recall some of my favorite things. There's the feeling of freedom... this lingering sense that adventure awaits. It definitely starts in the spring for us, warmer weather signals camping trips ahead and new places to explore; but that freedom peaks in the summer, before we slowly settle into our winter hibernation. There's the wildlife and their song. The birds awake in the spring, but as we approach summer, they bring forth babies who join in the chorus for the warmer months. I love big fat bumblebees, swooping along their own paths; not little ones, but the round one, full on summer clover, buzzing with contented hard work.

I won't say that I anticipated summer (though there are plenty of trips that I'm anticipating), but now that were on the cusp, I'm ready to dive in.

I'm flying back from Pennsylvania Monday (for the second time this month!), but Trav celebrated his birthday a little early this year. It worked out well that the weekend between my trips held the Beer and Bacon festival, which I bought him tickets for and sent him off with a friend. It was a much needed break for him, and some time together for Gwen and I.

He had a great time and it was nice for him to have some alone time too between full-time Daddy duty! I'm so grateful for all he does for us, and for him holding down the fort so well while I took these trips.

Happy Birthday Trav! And Happy Summer... soon enough.


Not So Wordless Wednesday {Trees and Thoughts on Pennsylvania}

The weirdest thing about my trip to Pennsylvania was how not weird it was. I swear in some ways it was like no time had passed, and by day 3 of my trip there, it felt as if Colorado might not even really exist. I literally had trouble remembering what our day-to-day life was like here. It was all so surreal.

It was rejuvenating too. I forgot how green it is there, how I know those trees, and I felt at home in them immediately.

But it wasn't the same all the same. I steal an hour here or there with people I used to have days with, I walk a city that is so familiar but is changing constantly and full of things I don't know anymore, and I know that even if we returned it wouldn't be to the same house, the same jobs, the same life. That's a good thing of course, but its is ... odd. 

It was okay leaving, knowing I'd be back in less then two weeks (I head back tomorrow night!), even though most of the coming trip will be spent in New Jersey. It think it will actually be way easier to be able to visit with a large part of my family there, where I have no particular ties, where I can just enjoy the visit instead of feeling like I'm being pulled back into a former life!

I need these trips to the East Coast, they strengthen my roots. I do wonder though if I'll ever get to the point where I don't feel torn between two worlds?


From the Morning into the Night

Sometimes I wish I were a morning person. On the rare occasions when I do find myself awake before everyone else, it's so peaceful. The light in the morning, milky and mild, is unlike any other time. There's something really magical about starting your day slowly and easily - some yoga, some hot tea, and may be a good book. Your mind and body unfold without effort, taking their time.

But I don't normally start my days easily. I jump into them two feet, not with yoga but with rushing to get dressed and fed and into the day ahead. I'm a night owl by birth. The quiet that you find in the morning is a quiet of birdsong, lovely for sure; the quiet you find at night though is that of wanderers.

In the darkness maybe you hear nothing but the wind or the soft tremble of a creeping animal, but often there's the distant thrum of a few lone cars heading off somewhere undetermined. When you hear cars in the morning they seem to be off just to a normal life, work or school, but cars at night seem destined for bigger things. In the night I feel destined for bigger things.

Unencumbered by the awakening bright light of day, my biggest stories and tales stretch before me in the night, like a lit path. La Luna comes out at night, and her light is not the hot, jarring touch of the sun. La Luna's light is cool; it's an icy caress, trailing silver and glass. It's fantasy and daydream.

Yes, truly I am a creature of the night. While I will always appreciate those rare quiet early mornings when they appear naturally, where you will find me settled in, is the evening hours. Curled up with a hot drink, a good book, a soft puppy next to the lone light in the house my body settles and my mind unfurls. Nighttime is my moving, fluid meditation.