Celtic Festival

Normally this time of year, one of our biggest excitements is the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem. We wear our kilts and meet my parents for a day of celebrating our various Celtic heritages. Obviously this year, we weren't making it to Pennsylvania.

Even before we moved one of the very fist things I looked up was a new Celtic Festival. Now it would be hard to beat the Celtic Classic. Its huge! But we gave this new one, the Celtic Harvest Festival in Edgewater, a shot...

There were fairies...

who sprinkled us with pixie dust...

Glitter head!
There was music...

There were also dogs (Irish Wolfhounds, Welsh Corgis, Scotties), a kids zone, clan tents, and reenactments. Not to mention food (no Welsh Cookies, boo; but I did have an amazing Whiskey cake!).

It was much smaller then the Celtic Classic, and no highland games, but it was a fun day with Trav and Gwen, and a friendly group of people.

© Celtic Harvest Festival Edgewater

There's an even bigger one coming up in the Spring in Estes Park, which we definitely hope to check out!


An Honest Post about Loneliness

We've been here a little over a month. We have routines and we've started to explore. We've had visitors, with more planned. We've had really good days and not as good days. And I've been really lonely.

Not all the time, of course. Gwen, Trav, and I have been seeing fun new things and having really great days. I met a really nice woman named Bhavna, and I think she's becoming a friend (we've done tea)! Gwen and I are enjoying all our extra time together. I FaceTime and Skype and call and write and...

Life feels so very surreal right now though. I still have moments when I wonder when this will end and we'll "go home." But no. This is home now.  That can be hard sometimes.

It feels like starting over in ways that I never thought I would in my 30s. Apartment life, all of my friends across the country and in different time zones. I don't have a job, though I'm definitely keeping busy.

The chance to remake myself a bit is nice. I'm looking up different trainings for jobs that excite me. My current feeling though, is of aimlessness and disconnection.

Even things with Gwen are struggling a bit because of it. It is a very weird place to be when the person you spend the most time with is a five year old who is used to full-day school (and a full-day with a class full of kids who can actually keep up with her), who was just uprooted and dropped 1700 miles from anyone she has ever loved (outside of her parents). She is going through her own adjustments, and it is my job to be her constant. I'm doing my best to reassure her and help her, and we have a lot of fun together. But its a long day together that we're not used to, and she lashes out where she knows that she can lash out without losing anyone... at me, and Trav.

Its not everyday, but on those bad days when she's really struggling, and I get 5 hours of backtalk, fussing, crying, whining, and vitriol... and I still have an hour or more until Trav gets home... well, lets just say its hard to feel more alone.

There are really good days too. Days where I feel like I have this down, where the chores and errands get done, blog posts get written, Gwen and I have a great time, we eat great food, and I feel strong, confident, and in control. There are days when I get to FaceTime with a girlfriend, and drop an email to another, and I feel very connected.

But this is a place for honesty, and I wouldn't be painting the full picture of my life currently if I wasn't open about this very real part of my right now. Who knows what the future holds. I've certainly learned to stop trying to guess! I know that this part will not last forever, but this is where I am right now.


First Visitors

Last week, Babs and her fabulous boyfriend, Keil, came to visit us for the week and be our first guests. It was amazing. A fun distraction, and a dose of "home."

Gwen had school, so it was a low-key week. They would walk Gwen to school with me in the mornings, then head to the gym or back to the apartment. I might run errands (with or without company). Babs and I had some alone talk for talking.

There might have been a morning snuggle or two. (Gwen was more then a little obsessed with Keil!). 

Keil made us ceviche one night, which was amazing. They got me to go to the gym. Thursday night they joined me for yoga. Friday afternoon we headed to Red Rocks to hike around and show them the view.

Then all too soon it was Saturday, and it was time to head to the airport.

I can't tell you what it meant to have my girl here. There's been some loneliness lately, and it was nice to have the company during the day, not to mention the distraction for Gwen. I can't wait for our next visitors!