Book Reviews: What's in My Bag?*

I love to read. Love it. You'll find me reading at some point everyday, especially on the train to and from work. You'll find me reading Harry Potter almost annually! But that's not all I read. So here's what I've been consuming lately.

Yoga Girl - This is the book that inspired this post. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book before I began. You know I have a love affair with yoga, but this book is about so much more then that. Its part biography, part cook book, part yoga instruction manual, and completely inspirational! I snapped pictures to text to friends of no less then 3 passages. There is something in here for everyone, whether you are a yogi or not, and I recommend it highly!

Mockingbird - This was a random purchase. I bought one for me and one for a friend who has a child with a disability. The book is a super easy, quick read. Its actually written at a young adult level, but it is a good book, and a sweet story. Written from the perspective of a teen girl with Aspergers, who's lost her brother, the one who kept her grounded, and now has to find a new way to navigate life.

The Bone Bed (Scarpetta) - I've been a big fan of Patricia Cornwell for a long time, and particularly her Scarpetta series. If you haven't read these before, do yourself a favor and start at the beginning (with this one: Postmortem the first in the series). I will be the first to admit that the stories aren't what they once were. The characters have become a little caricature-ish, but she still creates a good mystery.

Dreaming Spies - Another series, but this one just keeps getting better and better! Where Cornwell's characters have stagnated, Laurie R. Kings' (Mary Russel and Sherlock Holmes, yes, that Sherlock) have flourished and grown. This newest book was a page turner and I'm already dying for the next one.  [And though its not new, I have to mention my favorite book by King:  O Jerusalem; and recommend that to get the most from the books and the rich character histories, start at the beginning: The Beekeeper's Apprentice]

Inferno - Yup, another series... of sorts. The newest Robert Langdon book by Dan Brown is as fast paced and exciting as the Da Vinci Code. If you liked that one, I think you'll like this one. I love the mix of history, art, and murder. And the ending on this one is definitely a twist you won't expect.

What are you reading right now? What do you recommend? 
If you read any of the above, what did you think?

*Everyone says "what's on my side table..." but I totally don't keep books there, if I really love it, it's in my bag ready for my train ride! 

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Road Tripping, the Ohio Chapter

Last Friday we took the day off, woke up early, and headed West. By this time last week, we were already we were already North of my Parents place and West of Blue Mountain, and well on our way to visit with Trav's family in Ohio. My nephew's 5th birthday was this past Monday, so we were ready to celebrate.

We took a new route, which meant that though the trip was still long, at least we had new scenery to look at. Well, its a whole lot of Pennsylvania, so its still woods and hills and cows, but at least it was new woods and hills and cows.   ;-)

We made great time and were there by 2 in the afternoon, which gave us time to have a snack and get settled in before Wyatt's kids party that night. It was a good time for everyone...

I'm sure you've noticed, but we're really close to our families. So having the chance to hang out and just spend time together is our favorite. That's exactly what we did Friday night.

The next day we had a lazy morning while Wyatt had T-Ball, then headed out to lunch.

Afterwards it was time for Wyatt's family party. Besides us, Andy and Megan, and Trav's parents, lots of Megan's family came by to celebrate too.

It was hard getting Gwen to stop long enough to go to bed that night... just too much fun and excitement! But she slept like a log once she was down.

Sunday morning we got up and relaxed for a bit. We needed to get going, but not so early as we were stopping on the way home to see Trav's other brother, Scott, for lunch. We ate breakfast, packed up our items, then headed out. An hour and a half later, we were eating some delicious food (Scott is a chef!), and meeting some new pets.

We headed out after lunch to finish off the long ride home. Dinner in the car, then straight to bed when we arrived! We were all tired the next morning, but we'll mark this down as another wonderful, successful trip in the books!


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