How is it possibly October already?! My favorite month, by far, so I'm not complaining... but September went so quickly, that I'm spinning a little bit. Thankfully our October weekend days are looking a lot less full then last month's, which will be a welcome break. This says nothing about the craziness that is my work week, leading up to our biggest event of the year in November, but at least I'll have some real down time on the weekends.

Its getting really beautiful. Amazing sunrises that I actually get to see, because they happen after I wake up; vibrant leaves popping out all over. I love it.

I had an appointment at the Birth Center yesterday. I'm 24 weeks now, and October will bring the start of my 3rd trimester. Again, I can't believe it. I'm moving super slow today, which is of course, partially because of getting bigger and more unwieldy, but mostly because I feel so short of sleep this week, and hot yoga kicked my butt last night! I'm going to bed early tonight, throwing open the windows to another one of my favorite parts of the season, the cold evenings.

What is October bringing for you?


wrapping up September

What a weekend. So fun, yet so tiring!

Friday night my brother and his fiancee came into town, but didn't get to the train station until 11:30. Trav and I were in bed about 10 minutes after he walked them in the door.

Saturday Gwen slept until 7 and woke up singing! It was a nice way to wake up. Started getting ready, then got Ethan and Elise up, and were out the door by 9ish to head to the Celtic Classic. 

We met my parents there and proceeded to eat Celtic foods (Sheppard's Pie, Haggis, Sticky Toffee Pudding, etc), listen to Celtic music, and watch some of the Highland Games. I had to stop and see my favorite cookie man, and get some Welsh cookies.

Gwen's favorite act. Sisters who played guitar, fiddle, and drums;
and danced jigs. They all had blond hair, and blue eyes like her!

Gwen made friends with this police officer who was there to keep an eye on the crowds. He was so great with her and explained was each piece of his equipment was for. She has been saying for a few weeks that she wants to be a police officer when she grows up and work with the K9 unit, and this just made her want that more!

It was a really great day. We headed home, ate a quick dinner, then got Gwen to bed. We were all in bed pretty early that night.

Sunday, again, Gwen slept until 7 and woke singing. Gosh I wish we could just let her sleep until 7 everyday! She's in such a good mood then. ::fingers crossed for finding a new house soon::

Got up and quickly showered and got dressed. Woke Ethan and Elise up so they could say goodbye (they were walking to the train station an hour or so later), then headed out the door to the March for Babies. Trav's company forms a team every year, and I finally got to join them this year.

These two, with the holding hands! Gahh, my heart!

It was fun, though hot. We were back home before 11, and besides laundry and some cooking we were mostly lazy for the rest of the day. We all needed it at that point!

24 weeks

Everyone was in bed early again, and now we are on to another week.

It was a beautiful morning, and there is a beef stew cooking in my crock pot right now; so as far as Mondays go, this was a sleepy, but good one. Hope your weekends were as full and fun as ours!


happy little notes

I talked recently about how the news has been depressing me lately between sickness and fighting, it can be pretty bleak. But I found some news stories this week that have made me really happy, and have restored a bit of my faith. I collected them here for a little Friday Pick-Me-Up Link Round Up. Enjoy!

- Helping Others is not only a great thing to do, but it gives us a lift as well. This tells about a Company Hires Anyone, Gives Second Chances; and other people who are giving back.

- These students show how its done by wearing skirts to school.

- I love this kid. He has the best attitude! On or off the field, this footballer is going somewhere.

- Okay, so this isn't inspirational the way the other links are... but here's my kitchen inspiration for the week, Braised Lamb with Orange, Fennel, and Pomogranate Molasses. Dang this sounds so good!

- Man and dog reunited after hospital stay... and a new life for them both. Heart strings, officially tugged! 

- Just love the ongoing theme of people helping people: Moms for Moms "So many people have such an abundance, and so many others strive to afford even the basics," Cutler said. "What we're doing is trying to bridge that gap."

Enjoy, and I hope you have a great weekend!


tasty, easy recipe: Chia Seed Pudding

Getting there, but not ready yet.
I first had Chia Seed Pudding at a restaurant in Philly. It was yummy, but probably not worth the price tag. However, chia seeds are amazing for you, and I have a huge sweet tooth, so I wanted to look into it more. If I could easily make something that satisfied my need for sweet, without making me feel guilty, that would be a huge win.

Thankfully Chia Seed Pudding is the easiest to make, and endlessly customizable. The seeds do all the work really.

Here's the gist: Grab a container that's easy to cover and dump a bunch of chia seeds in there. Add liquid and flavor and let sit. That's it, really!

Here's what I did more specifically. Traditionally I think CSP is made with coconut milk, but I didn't have any so I used a combination of greek yogurt (to bump up the protein even more, and add flavor) and milk. I think I used about a cup of chia seeds, a cup of greek yogurt (lemon flavor), a heavy splash of my homemade vanilla extract, then topped it off with milk until it was thin enough and there was enough liquid for the chia seeds to absorb (maybe a cup and a half?). Give it a good stir, pop on the lid, and stick it in the fridge overnight.

At the same time, I grabbed a little over cup of the frozen berries I have stashed in my freezer, stuck them in a bowl and sprinkled them with a half teaspoon or so of coconut sugar, and another super healthy splash of my vanilla extract. I stuck the bowl in the fridge to defrost overnight while the chia seeds worked their magic. 

The next morning I dumped the berries and all the juices that had been released into our magic bullet, and pulsed until they were completely broken up into a sauce of sorts. My measurements above, gave me about 2 servings of pudding, so I put half right into the bowl I defrosted the fruit in, and topped with half the sauce, then put the other half of the sauce over the rest of the pudding in the jar, and stuck it back in the fridge for the next day.

I recommend doing overnight in the fridge to let the chia seeds really soften, but as long as you do at least 2 hours, you should be fine. The second helping was still great on the second day too. I'm making another batch now with vanilla, coconut yogurt, so we'll see how that one turns out!

Easy, delicious, and pretty guilt free as far as snacks go!