Nothing New - Again...

I did some soul searching around Christmas time and knew that with the New Year I was going to need to do a big reevaluation on how-where-why I was spending my money. I was feeling overburdened with "stuff" which often happens with the holiday decoration on top of our normal things plus the new Christmas gifts. Plus with the expenditure of Daisy's surgery, money that had been earmarked for this year's travels, well I was feeling rather down in the dumps about finances.

Instead of wallowing, I decided it was time to do something about it! Since January rolled around I've been putting my efforts again towards my "nothing new" project, first done by Sash at Inked in Colour, and done by me back in 2014 (and occasionally since then). My original goals were very environment oriented, which is still a huge factor for me, but I'll admit that my goals this time were much more financially motivated. I wanted to reshape my relationship with spending so that Nothing New could easily transition into "Very Little New" in a sustainable way that would benefit all of those areas.

The first thing I did (as soon as I stopped being sick, after Gwen went back to school!) was work on a purge. Its easy to find yourself buying little things you don't need when you have too much stuff and can't find the things you have. So a good purge was necessary for me. Out with the things that didn't bring me joy. Out with the things that were just taking up space. Out with a good bit of mental clutter that went along with the physical clutter in my space! I pulled out a big bag of stuff to donate, which along with Gwen's garbage bag full of items to get rid of, was a huge burden off of our overstuffed apartment.

I think the first week or so was the hardest... there were little routines that were hard to get out of. I noticed myself buying power-ups in games, which cost less then a dollar, but those "less then"s add up to multiple very quickly and easily. But I started removing temptations where I could: unsubscribing from marketing emails, quick scrolls past the facebook ads, and not even popping on the store websites I might normally "window shop" at. While obviously I'm still grocery shopping, I am trying to shop a lot smarter. I'm working on eating our way through our pantry, which is a good way to make sure we're not letting food go to waste anyway, and is helping us get rid of the excess of junky foods that seem to poor in during the holiday season.

My goal is to try to be pretty strict through January and February, and see where I stand after that.
Wish me luck.


Wordless Wednesday {Picture Dump!}

Epossumondas hiding in the Christmas tree!

Gwen brought home her class pet for a week back in December, he liked to be mischievous... 

I'm so lucky to have amazingly talented friends! They make my geeky Harry Potter heart so happy.

Snowflake fun!

This stand at the Christkindl Market was gorgeous and a little terrifying... so much breakable glass!

Best Christmas hoodie ever! A gift from my brother!

Christmas cards came a lot later this year, I was worried we wouldn't get many...

Ha! Worries unfounded! We got so many amazingly beautiful cards. I love having them hanging up, so we can look at all these gorgeous faces all year!

We spent New Years Eve at the Avs game... they lost, but it was still a super fun way to ring in the New Year!


Back to School, Back to Routine

Gwen headed back to school on the 3rd after two weeks off. We had a great time with our "12 Days of Christmas" and then much playing with the new toys, but honestly we were both ready by the end of that last week. I had a list a mile long of things to do that would be so much easier without someone under 10 in tow, and she was ready to play with someone fun (OMG, please no more paw patrol figurines; no, i can't think of one more thing to make with LEGOs). While the laziness and relaxation of break was nice, we were also ready for some routine again - seriously, give me all the yoga back!

Ironically, I ended up getting super sick right after she returned to school and didn't do much of anything for about 4 days (including one snow day that we spent watching movies). The cough came first, and stuck around the longest (I'm stillll coughing! ugh), but thankfully the super fun fever and chills, lack of appetite and complete absence of energy went away after those few days! Gwen was super sweet and understanding about my inability to be entertaining, and Trav was great with my inability to make dinner, so I was pretty guilt-free about taking those days. That said, I'm pretty sure when I looked around the apartment when I finally felt better, I literally let out an "ouf!" 

New printer/copier/scanner... to help me with my business needs!
Prior to break, I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything - the cleaning and purging I needed to do, Daisy's impending surgery, the hows of making travel work without the money now being spent on Daisy's surgery, upcoming items to prepare for my business - but the excitement of some child-free days, and of being well enough to do anything with them, made me much more productive then I might have been! And boy did it feel good to be productively getting things done again, to start a project and work on it through completion, with no interruptions. I also made sure to give myself an hour or so of quiet reading time to recharge before picking Gwen up at the end of each day (man have I missed reading!).

Gwen and I both have more patience thanks to this! Also, the apartment looks better then it has in weeks. Welcome back routine!



Back at the end of December I noticed a lump on Daisy's leg. She's a lab, a breed more prone to fatty lumps, so I was hoping it was just that. Alas, when we went in to have it checked, we found out it was a sarcoma.

Yesterday Daisy was in the vets office bright and early for her surgery. The doctor was quite hopeful that as long as they could completely remove the tumor, our sweet beast would have a full and complete recovery.

The surgery went well. At 11:30, I got the call: Daisy was out and did great. They had to take some muscle to get a good margin, so she'll get extra pain meds, but she looked good and they were really happy with how it went. I picked her up at 2:45, after they made sure she had no residual problems with the anesthesia.

The next steps are two weeks of rest for our girl: no walks, just pops in out for bathroom breaks, lots of naps, and antibiotics. We also have to do warm compresses on her leg. She goes in for a check on her leg on the 27th, and will get her stitches out at that point... and hopefully she'll be given the all clear.

She's pretty uncomfortable right now, and her leg definitely bothers her (she's limping a bit). Please send love to our sweet pup for a full, complete, and easy recovery.