ahh the shadiness

Proud resident of 413 Vine St...
the Shadiest house in town!!!
(With at least one resident being recognized as town lush.)
When we're not bringing home 8 guys from the Netherlands, we're having older men over.
(muzzles are now required after 12 at night!)
If you're looking for fun with Shaddy Hannah, quiet Megan, or myself - Stop by!!!
And always remember...
Hollander boys are funny funny!!! :-D
. . . . . . .But my boy is the sweetest! o:-)


and so starts the manic...

Well, classes and finals and all that being said and done, I'm feeling much better. (Of course there are grades to concern myself with...) And so start the manic entries with happy feelings and content, not school related, items.

Fred is healing nicely, and I can't wait to get my picture of him developed to send to my uncles.

Travis got me season 2 of the X-files on DVD for a 'end of the semester'/early christmas present. Then after his performance on saturday night he gave me one of my regular christmas presents - season 7 of the x-files on DVD. Yay! I will be X-filing for days!
Plus Travis is here an extra day, just because... so I am very excited about that.


for me?

So, sometimes I wonder if anyone else is reading this. I mean I really do write it for me, but it would be nice to know that its not just another part of me which goes ignored. Which I feel like most of me does.

So only two days to go and then I am done... I'm excited about this, but I'm scared about it too. Tonight I have to finish my take home exam which I hardly even started. I also am getting together with a friend to study for our final tomorrow. Tomorrow I turn in my take home, study for until my final at 4, then somewhere in there I have to read a whole book and write a book report on it for friday at the latest (ps. did I mention I work all day friday).
The days pass so quickly when you need to make the most of your time. And this semester, I wanted to be the one... I wanted to get my best grades so far and really pull up my GPA.

If I'm successful with all I have to get done in the next 48 hours, then I think I will acheive this personal goal of mine. But if not, then there is no way. But no pressure!!!!

Okay... pleasanter things. I got a new tattoo... I think I will name it Fred. :-) If anyone has not met Fred yet, be sure to stop in a say hello sometime. He resides on my back and he is wonderful.


something to think about

I found this in an email and it really makes you think:

In five years I'll be turning 26.

Career/Academics: Let's see... I'm in my last year at Lehigh, so in five years I'll have been out of college for 4 years. I hope to be established at my job by that point; working for the government in some way. I'm not sure if I'm going to start out with the government right after graduation, but by then that's where I want to be.

Family: Hmm... well, Travis and I will be married by then, for maybe 2 years or so. I don't see kids at that point, because I definitely want to enjoy my marriage for at least four years first. But maybe when I'm 27 or 28? As for both of our parents, I see us staying close to them, even if not geographically. We'll almost definitely be doing yearly vacations with his parents, and holidays with mine. At that point my brother will be in his senior year of HS, and hopefully we will still be as close as we are now. I really want Travis and my home to be a place that he can come to vacation and relax.

Social: My biggest goal will probably be to work at keeping up with all my close friends from college and my best friend since preschool, Heather. As spaced out geographically as my friends are, none are in DC, so if we do end up there... it will be interesting. At that point it will also be only a year away from both my 10 year HS reunion and my 5 year college reunion, both of which I will have to attend, just to see everyone again and catch up.

Financial: Hmm... by then I hope to be well on my way to having my student loans paid off, and Trav and I will probably have both car and house payments to make. I don't see this being a problem though, as we are both very good about saving. Also, neither of us needs a lot to be happy... just enough for food, shelter, and the basics. We have so much fun just going for walks together, etc. Hopefully we'll also be investing and starting a little pot for both our future children's futures, and for our own retirement.

Five years ago I was 16, not really even looking at or thinking about colleges yet, and was feeling like I was going to grow old alone. Lol! Oh how things can change. I really feel like my life just keeps getting better though, and I hope that is the continued trend.


countdown continues

So it is December first... rabbit, rabbit, rabbit to you all. :-)
I'm in a pretty good mood today. The long break did me good. I spent all day Wednesday in the library... literally from 1030 until 615ish. I would love to say that after that my paper is almost done, but it isn't. However I did get a good start on it. Then Thursday Trav and I headed to my place for Thanksgiving celebrations with my parents, brother, grandmom, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and two cousins. It was great and the turkey was huge! Around 9 we headed home and hit the sack (because)...

Friday morning we got up early (i'm talking 630 in the morning here) to go shopping. That's right, 630am on Black Friday. Let me clarify... not my idea! But it was good, and we found lots of cheap stuff. Later that day we headed down to his grandfather's to see him and Trav's parents. It was good to see them. More shopping on Saturday. We actually got a good deal of Christmas shopping done this weekend. Then dinner (with Willy and Trav's parents) at the Mandarin, a really nice Asian cuisine restarant with everything from Sweet and Sour Chicken to Sushi. Mmmm. Yellowtail is awesome.

We headed home that night to see Marc-Clovis, and watched X-men 2... one of our new movies. Very good. Sunday morning Apoc came back, and we all had breakfast at Ginny's. Then football all day, of course! My Eagles won!!!! Those are my boys!! :-) Too bad they are not playing well enough to go anywhere in the playoffs. But I can enjoy their sucess now. After that it was library and then bed for me.

This week should be interesting... the last week of classes. I have literally been waiting for this week for about two months already. But now that its here, I can't believe the semester has gone so quickly... and I'm a little frantic to get everything done! I have a new calm since the weekend though. I really feel like I can do this, and like I don't need to stress out. I just have to keep working and pushing ahead... and before I know it... Winter Break!! Oh thank god for that! I am going to read books for fun, and job search, and do things I enjoy on the weekend - without feeling guilty!! :-) I'm so excited.

And I'm going to get my Christmas shopping done. So much to look forward to... I'm very excited.

Left this semester:
1 - 25 page paper
1 - take home final
1 - regular final
2 - average size papers

Here are my countdowns:
4 days until classes are over
11 days until winter break (SLEEP!)
24 days until Christmas (yay! - in Pittsburg)
26 days until the Hockey game (in Pittsburg)
31 days until New Years (at Muller's?)
49 days until Rent (with Apoc) & the first day of my last semester ever!
95 days until Spring Break (Daytona? with Trav, Mike, Jon, Ed, and Ed...)
148 days until my last day of class ever!
174 days until my graduation!! :-D