MT Video

A quick "how to" for wearing your baby in a Mei Tai (well, in this case... how to wear your pillow! I took it at work this morning, with no babe around!). I recorded this for my friend AB, since she's borrowing my MT.

The sound isn't great since I took it on my iPhone, but I hope you enjoy.

Note: I forgot to mention in the video, but your babe should be up high enough that you can kiss the top of her head.

Have a great weekend!


semi-wordless wednesday {let there be light}

Our new hall light!

Sunday afternoon we hung our new hall light. I love it so. Its hard to get a good picture of, but it gives off great light and is fun looking.

I don't have any good pictures of the old one for comparison sake (or at least, can't find any right now), but here are two partial pictures for comparison:


writers block

I'm having trouble writing lately. We've been doing plenty, keeping busy, having fun; and its not that there isn't plenty swirling through my mind, there's tons. But its all heavy and jumbled and I just don't know what to do with it. How to get it "on paper."

I adore my daughter, Trav and I are better then we've been in ages, I have tons of fun things that I'm looking forward to, there's so much to enjoy about life right now. Yet... I have this current of unease and dissatisfaction running through my veins.

There are moments in my job that are completely gratifying, but for the most part, I have no passion for it, no drive, and sometimes outright hate. I want to do something that makes a difference. I don't feel like I'm making any difference right now. I want to do something that motivates me. But I feel stuck. I have a mortgage and daycare costs.

There are things about our house that I like, changes we've made that I enjoy. But I want a single house, with no shared walls. I want trees, lots of them. I want a house that's new enough that every. single. project. doesn't become a huge ordeal.

There's more, but I just don't know how to explain it all. How to get it all out. I'll keep trying, but bear with me.

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Spring has come to Philadelphia

It's been beautiful outside lately.

Nice enough to pop outside for a walk or some slide time after dinner most nights.

The flowers are all popping up too.

It was official on Tuesday (though I forgot to blog about it, what with all the doctor appointments! thankfully they both went well.), but even without that it's true, spring has really come to Philadelphia.

And just for fun, my new tights from ModCloth. I love them so.

Have a great, springy day.


ways that I'm weird, that maybe aren't so weird

1. I find myself thinking about death and loss at weird moments. Happy, sad, reflective... I find myself thinking about how things would be different without so-and-so around, or what it will be like one day when "they" die. I'm not a particularly morbid person, but I always felt like such a freak for doing that. I've recently read not one, but two other bloggers who do the same (Sometimes Sweet, for sure, and I think Adventures in Babywearing, though I can't find the entry right now).

2. I'm a "yearner." Fresh country air, a house surrounded by woods, a job I truly love... all are things that I yearn for consistently, but haven't yet found a way to have. I'll get there, I hope; and in the meantime, I try to focus on the wonderful things I'm surrounded by. I know I'm not the only one who spends time yearning though.

Mostly, I long with every fiber of my being to make a positive impact, a real difference. It rides below my skin like a drumbeat, and lately leaves me jumpy and frustrated because I'm just not there. I read a post this morning that just drove it home even more how much I want to "leave this world better then I found it." Hopefully I'm not alone in that one either!


show and tell!

Misc updates and things to share, lets go in ABC order. 

So Gwen's follow up was on Friday morning. I expected a call from Trav by 10ish when he would be on his way to daycare, but didn't get one until 11, when he was just getting ready to leave the doctor's office! One chest x-ray later, Gwen has a mild case of pneumonia! Why can my poor girl not catch a break? 

Thankfully she doesn't seem worse for wear. She's doing another antibiotic and an inhaler 3x a day for now (we go back for another follow up tomorrow, which is when I also have a doctor appointment for my lingering cough). But she seems improved and has been handling it all like a champ.

Trav had to put the seat down in his car to pick something
up on Sunday, and needed to take the carseat out to do it.
She found this after nap and insisted on being strapped into
it to eat her snack!

St. Patty's Day:
As I said, a little case of pneumonia didn't seem to slow Gwen down at all! Saturday Ro, Pat, and the girls came over to play and they ran around to their hearts content!

It turned out blurry, but I love this picture anyway!
I made some lemony sugar cookies and iced them in green, orange and white for the Irish flag.

Trav whipped up some corned beef, cabbage, and boiled potatoes.

It was a fun day!

Friday was my tattoo appointment, and despite my nerves beforehand, I think these were the easiest ones yet. No pain, I could have sat there all day!

And I love the finished products.

Overall, it was a really good weekend.

Now I'm busy at work, catching up from my half-day out on Friday, and wanting to get ahead since I'm basically missing a half-day for doctor appointments tomorrow. Wish us luck for good reports and both doctors!!


ready for spring

Okay spring, I'm ready for you...

And of course, because of that... its rainy and cold today! Oh well. We're getting there.

Gwen is definitely doing better then she was before, but still coughing some. She has a follow up today, so we'll see what the doc says. She woke too early this morning, so when I came downstairs after getting ready, I found this:

Poor bean (but melt my heart!).

I'm still coughing too. I actually made myself an appointment for Tuesday. Hopefully I'll feel better by then and can cancel, but its made if I need it.

As for today, well I'm working a half-day from home, then I'm off to lunch with my Mom & Dad and then my tattoo appointment! Pictures later! I'm excited and nervous. I love tattoos, I love having tattoos, I love getting new tattoos, I love the process of taking a tattoo from an idea to a finished product... however I do NOT love actually getting tattooed! The feeling, it takes getting used to, and its irritating. But its worth it in the end.

For now though... work!


week, rearranged

Working from home on Friday this week, instead of Tuesday, and only for a half day at that, since Friday afternoon I'm heading up to the Lehigh Valley for my next tattoo. I can't wait. This week has gotten so "rearranged." Besides my day from home changing, Trav is home with Gwen today since she needed a trip to the doctor (bronchial infection. Yuck.), I have three work events in three days, and my brother is passing through the city tomorrow on his way back to DC.

Leftovers for dinner tonight, but maybe our "tasty on Tuesday" will be a trip to Rita's for some italian ice since its 75* out right now. I love this weather so much. First day of spring is next Tuesday and its feeling like it.

On that note, I'm out to take a deposit to the bank and enjoy the warm air.


i want

I want:
1. My hour back. Damn you DST.
2. Clear skin. 
3. 10 minutes without an email from my boss.
4. Another long, quiet walk with Gwen.
5. More passion.
6. Chocolate milk.
7. The end of horrible, put people down, politics.
8. A 3/4 sleeve tattoo.
9. To make more time to volunteer.
10. Blue hair.

I also want to share this. It made my geeky side laugh. A lot.


everything else is unimportant

Last night Daisy had a vet appointment for her yearly check up and shots, so Gwen and I had an evening just the two of us. We finished dinner, changed into PJs, and got ready for a walk. It was gorgeous yesterday, far too warm and tranquil out to miss. I asked her if I could wear her in the Mei Tai, which garnered a yell, but she happily pointed to the wrap instead. Up on my back she went, and off we headed.

It was still in the 60s, the air was so fresh and warm. The moon was bright, the stars were out, it was quiet and still. I was surprised more people weren't outside, but happy to have the night to ourselves. I asked her if it was nice out, and if she was enjoying herself, which she answered by leaning her head against my shoulder and wrapping her arms around my neck.

We walk around the neighborhood, getting home just in time to put her to bed... but she stopped me before I could walk up onto the front porch and asked for more. I couldn't blame her, I wanted more too... more fresh air, more quiet, more gentle movement, more just being together. So up and down the block we went, two more times. After that the responsible side of me won, I knew I had to get her in and ready for bed; but I could have walked for hours. Just her and me.

There are moments where it is so stressful. Moments that are hard. Then there are times like that. Times that wipe away the rest. When it is just her, and me, and all else is unimportant.

"Shh ... No more words.
Hear only the voice within."
~ Rumi


on my mind and Gwen's mind of her own

I spent most of yesterday feeling like I was forgetting something, which is such an annoying feeling. I never did figure out the "one thing" that made me say, "a-ha, that was it." So I have been writing down every possible thing I could think of that I needed to do... I have a list of four big work to dos on a digital post it note on my computer desktop, and about five or six personal to do reminders set up in my phone. Hopefully when they are done, the forgetful feeling will be gone.

I'm reading a new book... Mayim Bialik's Beyond the Sling. Girl is super smart (Ph.D. in neuroscience!) and very AP. Its an interesting read so far. I'm hoping to pick up some tips for new things to try when Gwen's... well, being 2!

Girl has such a mind of her own. Which can be frustrating for sure, but can also be hilarious. Last night after I changed her diaper, she decided she wanted to "change Mama diaper!" So she pointed to me, pointed to the floor and told me to "lay down Mommy!" Then she ran to her room, grabbed a diaper, and came back.

It was a little small for me (ahem), but she gave it her best.

"Lift your bottom!"

On another getting so big note... we finally turned the carseat in my car around to be forward facing. She was too tall to rearface in that particular seat anymore, though the seat in Trav's car is still rearfacing for the time being (she has about another 1.5" until she has to be switched there). It makes my stomach do little flip-flops, but she was tickled pink by the whole thing.

Tying it all together, both on my list of things to do and things giving my belly flip-flops, is finishing the registration packet for Gwen's daycare for the fall. I know I mentioned this already, but seriously, next year I'll be filling out a packet for preschool. My mind = boggled! She's been going to this daycare since she was 12 weeks old. It will be really really hard to leave it. But the two schools I found so far look wonderful, so I just have to take a deep breath and know that this next adventure will be a fun one for her. And hopefully one that sets her up for a lifetime of loving to learn. 

But that doesn't need to be decided today, or tomorrow, or for many months. So for now I'm just going to get back to the here and now, and check things off my to do lists.


ten things on tuesday

1. We have to fill out the registration for Gwen's daycare program for fall and I'm realizing there's a good chance its the last year she's going there since after that we'll be signing her up for preschool. That makes me a bit sad. I know she'll have to go somewhere new eventually, and she'll make new friends wherever she goes... but she loves her daycare and all her friends there.  Sad

2. I'm looking into Montessori schools and a Friend's school for Preschool options and feeling really good about the schools in a general sense, but nervous/overwhelmed about it all in general. I just want Gwen to love school and thrive there and I'm worried about making the wrong choice. (I just have to keep reminding myself that we have a year to figure this all out.)

3. I feel like our options are really limited by our commutes. Its a little frustrating.

4. I really want to move anyway (I don't like our house), but this makes me want to move even more... to an area with a few more options.

5. What are your toddler's favorite things to eat? I'm trying to make Gwen at least try what we are eating each night, but she's gotten rather picky lately. I know she'll always eat pasta, fruit, chicken nuggets... but I need more ideas!

6. Tonight for Trav & I, I'm making that spinach salad with parmesan and roasted sliced potatoes that we love so much. Gwen loves the roasted sliced potatoes, so at least I know she'll eat that part of the meal!

7. It looks so beautiful out and the sun is nice and warm thought the window... but dang is it cold out today!

8.  68* on Thursday though! I can't wait!

9. A week and three days until my tattoo appointment. Yay!

10. Other things I'm counting down to:
seeing my brother (and Gram) this weekend and (my brother again) in 3 weeks, seeing some college friends for dinner in just over 2 weeks that we haven't seen since before Gwen was born(!), Walk MS 5-mile walk I'm doing in April (raised over $300 so far!!), Cape Cod in 4 months, turning 30 in 5, Vegas in 7. Lots to look forward to!


Today I'm playing catch up at work... catching up because all of Friday and a good part of Thursday was spent moving two of my coworkers and myself into our new offices!

I was in a semi-private office:

Which is now a great room for my intern to sit in... an another intern if we have more then will fit in the intern office:

And my new private office...

Well, its pretty nice if I do say so myself! Private, roomy, organized!

I was sore Saturday morning from all the lifting and moving though!! Thankfully we had an easy day. Relaxing, playing, a walk, and baking some doggie biscuits:

Gwen had a great time with that.

Sunday was all about Longwood Gardens and the orchid festival.

We met Ro, Pat, and the girls there and had a great time. 

And the flowers were so beautiful:

 It was a great day!

Now its back to work and catching up on all my emails! Hope you had a nice weekend!


scenes from recently; things I want to remember

[Disclaimer: I know every kid learns this stuff, but its just so amazing to me to watch Gwenivere transform from a toddler to a child actively learning and applying her knowledge every chance she gets.]

"Oh-ball," she says holding my necklace.

"I'm sorry sweetie, mommy missed that, what did you say?"

"Oh-bol," she says again, holding my necklace up so I can see it.

Why yes, it is an oval!


"X!"  ::points to letter X on the bath toy.::

"Yes it is! What's this one?" ::pointing to H::


(The picture under the letter H on her alphabet puzzle is a house... close enough for me!)


"Balls Mommy!" she says pointing to the four circular sculptures outside the tar.get.

"That's right, they have balls outside the store."

"One, Two, Three, Four." ::points to each in turn::

"Very good, sweetie, they do have four!"


When did my little girl get so big and smart?