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Misc updates and things to share, lets go in ABC order. 

So Gwen's follow up was on Friday morning. I expected a call from Trav by 10ish when he would be on his way to daycare, but didn't get one until 11, when he was just getting ready to leave the doctor's office! One chest x-ray later, Gwen has a mild case of pneumonia! Why can my poor girl not catch a break? 

Thankfully she doesn't seem worse for wear. She's doing another antibiotic and an inhaler 3x a day for now (we go back for another follow up tomorrow, which is when I also have a doctor appointment for my lingering cough). But she seems improved and has been handling it all like a champ.

Trav had to put the seat down in his car to pick something
up on Sunday, and needed to take the carseat out to do it.
She found this after nap and insisted on being strapped into
it to eat her snack!

St. Patty's Day:
As I said, a little case of pneumonia didn't seem to slow Gwen down at all! Saturday Ro, Pat, and the girls came over to play and they ran around to their hearts content!

It turned out blurry, but I love this picture anyway!
I made some lemony sugar cookies and iced them in green, orange and white for the Irish flag.

Trav whipped up some corned beef, cabbage, and boiled potatoes.

It was a fun day!

Friday was my tattoo appointment, and despite my nerves beforehand, I think these were the easiest ones yet. No pain, I could have sat there all day!

And I love the finished products.

Overall, it was a really good weekend.

Now I'm busy at work, catching up from my half-day out on Friday, and wanting to get ahead since I'm basically missing a half-day for doctor appointments tomorrow. Wish us luck for good reports and both doctors!!

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