Stella is back... :-) and SPRING BREAK!!!

I'm excited because Stella's journal is back to being updated. Silliness I know, but I like being able to read my friend's thoughts, and keep up with their lives in "book form".

Anyway, welcome to March. Can't believe its here. I have so much to do. Research, reading, studying, writing, etc. I really feel like I am not getting things done as I need to, and in the end I will be stuck. I hope I am wrong. Happier note is that I think I may have found a "job lead" that will really pan out. Keep your fingers crossed for me... but that is all I will say until its past the point that I can jinx it!!

Spring Break is only 4 days away... I am very ready and definitely need this. I keep telling myself... if only I can power my way through this week and the tons of work I have to do, then next week I will get to do blessed nothing! Sun, swim, eat, drink, dance, and sleep. I can live with that.

Alright... back to work for me. Leave me something. :-)

Count Down:

4 days to Spring Break!!

2 months to Last Day of Class ever!

2 months, 1 week to Italy (if I get a job and can pay for Hannah... boo.)

2 months, 3 week to Graduation!