Happy Memorial Day.

I'm here very early today... and I'm not really sure why! Gwen was up earlier then normal, after an (in the end) good night of sleep. And since she was up earlier, we were all up earlier, and so we were ready earlier. For some reason, I was super antsy to get out of the house and ended up taking one train earlier then normal, putting me in my office at the ridiculous time of 8:30 (with a stop for a frozen hot chocolate - had to try it!). Now that I'm here, I'm wondering why the hell I didn't just relax for a bit, maybe put away some clothes, straighten up... something other then showing up to work even earlier then I'm normally here!

C'est la vie. Maybe I'll take the one train earlier to go home too.

But, we had a really really nice weekend.

Saturday we went to my parents to hang out for the day. We had a lot of fun hanging out and Gwen loved seeing her Nonnie and Papa.

Sunday was hot, hot, hot. So we stuck at home for most of the day. Trav helped with the tennis camp across the street, and we ran to the store, but otherwise, we just relaxed in the A/C.

Monday we headed over to see Ro, Pat, and GG... they last time we'll see them as a family of 3!!
We went down to the pool in their townhome complex.

It was another super hot day, so the pool was perfect.

Ro, 42 weeks! The induction starts tonight!

This was Gwen's second time in a pool, and she really likes it.

They also had a baby pool that she could walk around in herself.

We headed home after that and Gwen was so worn out she fell asleep holding her cracker.  :-)

We got home, ate dinner, Gwen took a quick bath, and it was straight to bedtime stories. She was out by 7:30. Here's the weird part... she woke quite upset at 9:45. It was really hard to calm her down, and every time I lay her down, she would start crying again. I gave her some Motrin, and was finally able to get her down, at which point she slept until 5:30! Not sure what that was all about, though she is getting her molars in, so I wonder if they were really bothering her. She was acting fine today, so I don't think its her ears... but I'm going to keep an eye on her!

Now, here we are... Monday Tuesday morning (yay for 4-day weeks)! For now, off to the races.

ETA (@10:45):  Ro's contractions are 10 minutes apart, maybe she won't need the induction after all!!!


communication is key

Its funny that we had such an amazing time driving 900 miles to go to Ohio and back, yet here at home doing our normal routine we're cranky messes who can't seem to have a normal conversation. At least not in the morning when we're tired and working against the clock. I was so frustrated this morning, all I could think was, after almost 11 years we still can't just communicate?!

But really, how different are we now then we were then!

We are not the same people and we don't communicate in the same way. So we talked tonight, explained some of the frustrations on both sides and tried to express to each other better ways to hear those frustrations. Surely we will still be cranky, certainly we will still say things in ways that we don't mean, but definitely its a nice step to not having one person's temporary annoyance derail two people's days.

We've learned so much about each other, but we are still learning everyday.
I think I might just keep him.


tids and bits

Little bits that could probably be expanded into posts if I had the time, but you get them in bite-sized pieces instead: 

Impatiently awaiting the arrival of Ro's newest. Was patiently waiting up until today, but since they just scheduled an induction date for next week, I'm much more eager for her hopefully imminent arrival. Obviously Ro is quite ready as well!


I'm breaking out like a teenager again. WTF.


Gwen will be officially in the toddler room with the start of summer session, just a few weeks! My baby is getting so big!


Going to DC twice in June for work... very excited for lunch with my brother at least one of those times. 


 We finally got those few weeks in the 60s/70s that I was hoping for. It was lovely, but looks like it might be coming to an end:

Its going to be June already, so I can't say that its unexpected, but I don't know that I'm ready nonetheless. Ugh.


1 month, 2 weeks until Cape Cod!!
2 months, 3 weeks until my birthday.
3 months, 2 days until Arizona!


900 miles in 3 days

Woo! What a whirlwind of a weekend!
Nephew's 1st birthday was last week, so Sunday he had a party. We really wanted to go, to see him and all the other family, so Friday night we started our 900-mile road trip.

We left at Gwen's bedtime and did our first leg, out to Monroeville, where we crashed for the night (arriving just before midnight). Gwen made herself at home:

Saturday morning we got up, got ready, threw everything back into the car, and headed into Pittsburgh. First stop, breakfast at Primanti Brothers!

It was delish. After that we headed to the incline...

for some great views of the Pittsburgh skyline. Gwen loved the ride up and down.

After that we were going to go to the Andy Warhole museum, but because of a walk/race in the city, all of the downtown bridges were closed! After driving around for about 15 minutes, getting no closer to the museum, we gave up and headed off to Ohio.

After a week of rain and gloom here in Philly (and apparently in Ohio too), we had some warm beautiful weather over the weekend!

It was nice to have most of the day on Saturday to just relax and catch up. Gwen had fun playing with her cousin and getting lots of hugs and kisses from her Nana and Pop-Pop, and Trav and I had fun catching up with his brother and sister-in-law.

Sunday was Wyatt's party:

There were a good number of guests, all had kids, so there was lots of activity going on.

We spent the night again on Sunday, before driving home on Monday. We headed to the Pittsburgh area first (about 2 hours) at the same time as Trav's parents to have lunch with Trav's older brother, then we were on our way home. Trav drove for an hour-ish before the weekend caught up with him and he felt too tired, so I took over for the last 3.5 hours. Besides that one stop, we just drove. Gwen did amazingly well! We weren't sure how she would do, and planned to stop as often as needed, but we really didn't need to. She only really fussed right before she fell asleep, and a bit at the end when we were caught in some Monday evening traffic (and she was ready for dinner).

We are all a bit tired today, but it was a great trip. I'm in the office today because we have an event, and I'm going to desperately miss my work from home Tuesday this week. At least its a short week!


a book of sleep

Ahem. I've been opening and closing this post all week, trying to find the time to write it and never really having that happen. Instead we had a doctor appt (15 month well-visit: 2 shots, 18lbs, 30.5in, healthy, happy, hitting 18m & 24m milestones), a tornado (linky), lunch with Ro, frantic wrapping of gifts and packing for this weekend, and an event that I had to work late for... in addition to all the normal work and life stuff. Finally though, I am here to wrap this post up and sent it out into the cyberworld!


I recently bought Gwen a new bedtime book, and I had to share with you because I think its so pretty.

The drawing style is just so unique!

I love it! You can see more of her books, HERE.

Speaking of sleep... how about an update? Gwen has been on one nap now for a while, since right around a year. She seems to be doing really well with that. Nighttimes are improving too.

Playing with her sunglasses.
A week or so ago, I was nursing Gwen before bed, thought she was asleep, but she woke when I lay her down. Instead of getting her back out and nursing her more when she woke and stood up, I asked her to lay back down, "It's night-night time." To my surprise, she did! To my greater surprise, she was fine as long as I was in the room... so I stood there for a few minutes, and she went back to sleep!

We had tried something similar with horrible results about 1.5 - 2 months ago... she clearly just wasn't ready for it. But it appears now she is! 

So that's what we've been doing since... I put her down into crib almost asleep, stand with her, but let her go to sleep on her own. Its cute because she definitely peeks to check. The first night, I had to go back in once. The second night she was out first time. After that we had one night where I did have to take her out and nurse her more because she was just too wound up... but we've been pretty successful every night. As time goes on, I'm going to work my way closer to the door.

As for during the night, things are fine. Actually maybe even a little better since starting the above stuff. On average she wakes once to nurse (though she's slept through twice in the past week), and still comes to bed with us at 5ish. I love that morning snuggle time though, so I'm in no hurry at all to change that.

So that's our sleep update!

How can you resist that smile?
Or that blond hair!!

We also got the word that she will officially be in the toddler room starting with the summer session! They've been transitioning for a month now... she's already on the toddler schedule, eats at the table, and does arts and crafts with them. My little girl is growing so fast.

Now, its back to work for me. Have a great weekend!!


15 months

Today you are fifteen months old, and i don't even know where to begin on telling you how much has changed in the past three months! You are growing in leaps and bounds, my independent girl, and I'm so proud of all you are doing. You are getting more and more words each day, and you understand so much. You'll answer our questions with a nod, or a firm "no!"

You like to say what the monkey says (oo-oo-oo), and are working on please (plah plah!). You've been playing Simon say at school with the other toddlers, and will clap your hands, sit down, or dance when Simon says too. You will also tickle my tummy and blow raspberries on it when daddy says to "get mama's belly!" You know your nose, your belly, your mouth, and your head. You use the signs for "more" and "all done" constantly now, with eating, drinking, playing, etc.

You can be so helpful and cooperative sometimes, throwing things in the garbage for us, or putting them away; your new thing is laying down on the floor so I can change your diaper (I think you realized its a lot nicer that way then fighting over it!).

The AC was much more interesting
then sitting around taking pictures!
But boy do you have a mind of your own... and if you don't want to do something, Lord have mercy! You definitely have the toddler tantrum down pat. That, and the mischievous smile, the impish grin, and the look-what-i'm-doing laugh!! Heaven help us when you're a teenager.

Speaking of "us"... you have become such a dada's girl lately! You just adore that man, lighting up with the biggest grin when you see him, and running to give him hugs and kisses, or for comfort when you get an ouchie. I love that you love him so much! But I'll admit, it does make me a little jealous; I've got pretty comfortable being your number one, its hard to share the spotlight!  ;-)

You are just such a bit of sunshine Gwenie... you really light up our lives!

You are such a big girl now, but when you take your naps, when you melt into sleep... well then, then you are still my little, flaxen haired babe. No matter how big you get, you'll always be my baby.

Love you always,


so close...

This weekend I got a pedicure with this lady:

My girl Ro... who is so close to meeting the newest member of her family! (She's 39 weeks.)

And now that she has pretty toes, she's ready.  ;-)

I'm pretty excited for it, myself. 

Otherwise, we had a quiet weekend. How about you?


in a funk

I seem to be stuck in a funk these past few days and can't get out. Its not like there is actually anything to be upset about, or that I'm truly unhappy, I'm just... off.

It gets better throughout the day, and I'm back to myself when Gwen, Trav, and I are all together in the evenings... but in the morning, Trav seems frustrated all the time lately and it really throws me off. I've started waking up dreading it. Then they leave, and I'm alone, and there's this funk that it takes the whole day to pull myself from.

Don't know what's up, but I hope it goes away soon.



The weekend was really lovely... busy, but low-key all at the same time. It was enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to another low-key weekend next week before our crazy driving to Ohio weekend after that.

Saturday I had a hair appointment... so Gwen and I headed out in the morning, stopping first to see my Gram. Then heading to my parents, before going to my hair appointment, where I decided to go for the pixie cut that I've been eying up all along.

That evening, after I put Gwen to bed, I got a little gussied up and headed to a coworker's birthday party in the city. It was nice to get out a little, and great to hang out with my super fun coworkers in the more informal setting.

Sunday was Mother's Day, of course, and while we didn't do anything super different, it was a really nice day. Trav made me french toast. Gwen got me a card and a book that we can read together, Trav got me a card and some fun Lehigh rain boots. All I really wanted to do was take a walk down to the park and play with my girl. So that's what we did. The four of us strolled down to the park where Daisy sniffed around while Gwen rode the swing and went down the slide.

The weather was beautiful... we lucked out there. After that Gwen took a nap and I hung out, while Trav helped our neighbor with his tennis camp. Ro, Pat, and GG came over late afternoon and stayed for dinner. It was relaxing and fun, and I loved seeing them.

The girls colored and played really nicely together. There were a few "Mine!" moments, but for the most part they shared really well.

Such sweeties.

Ro is 38 weeks now, so GG will be a big sister anytime!! I can't wait to meet the newest little one.

After they took off, Trav and I relaxed with Gwen and tried to get her settled for bed... she was a bit wound up! But it was a great day, and a great weekend.

Back to the grind today though. At least we have no events this week, so it should be a little more relaxing. Back to work for me though!