Washington and a Yoga Retreat

Friday the 20th I flew out of Colorado and up to Seattle, Washington... my first time making it to the Pacific Northwest, and my first time co-leading a yoga retreat! My co-leader picked me up and we headed out to little Easton, and our beautiful modern cabin.

We had a few hours to get everything set up and ready, then it was time for the amazing group of ladies to arrive. [Note: I apologize in advance, but my pictures are mostly out of order!] That night we enjoyed our opening circle, met each other, and dove into some of the emotional work we'd be doing that weekend. After a good night sleep we dove into the rest!

Dance movement, hatha yoga, yin yoga, and restorative yoga. A meditative walk, more circle time, free time, and amazing food.

The group meshed together so well, always a thought when bringing together a dozen relative strangers! And Aiua's teachings and mine complimented each other beautifully.

We talked about self-care, and what it means to truly believe that you are worthy of love, time, effort... from others and from yourself! We moved our bodies, and then supported our emotions.

"A lovely experience with great women. Beautiful practice, beautiful food, beautiful people! Thank you for filling my cup!" [Retreat Attendee]

The whole weekend was everything I hoped it would be. This whole experience has brought about so much learning, so much growth! I think Aiua and I both went from if we do this again to, when we do this again.

"Soul enriching - body enriching - hard emotional-work followed by rest, free time, connection. Permission to be real." [Retreat Attendee]

As the retreat itself came to a close, a few of us headed to a nearby restaurant for one last meal, then headed in our individual directions.

"Today I feel stronger then when I arrived."

I cannot tell you how it felt to read the feedback after the retreat was over, when Aiua and I had headed back to her place, and let out a huge exhale. We ate spaghetti with her family watching Harry Potter, snuggling with her cats.

Then next day we headed into the city, and she showed me just a few quick sites... Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks, a French bakery for pastries.

She also showed me the beautiful (and so very very expensive) Starbucks Reserve. And we caught a pretty sweet mural.

Then before I knew it, it was time to catch the plane and head home... way too soon. That was a whole adventure in and of itself, but it didn't matter in the long run, the whole trip was so beautiful.

Seattle, I will see you again!!


Mabon Feast with Friends

Mabon was on Monday, but since I flew back in that evening, we celebrated with some friends on Tuesday. Note to future self: planning a celebratory meal with lots of cooking for the day after a trip might not always be the best idea. That said, it was beautiful, fun, and oh so delicious.

Panda supplied a wonderful autumn salad with spinach, roasted walnuts, feta, apples, and craisons; as well as apple cider and corn on the cob. I made us acorn squash and sweet potato soup with a cashew-sage crumble, turkey meatballs in a cranberry glaze, and pumpkin bread (some in cute little leaf and acorn shaped muffins!).

It tasted good, it looked good, and it made my heart and belly equally happy! We all ate until we were quite full.

Happy Mabon all, blessings to you!


Happy Mabon!!!!

On this day of equal light and day, days and nights in balance, may you find the same balance in your life.

Autumn is officially here, and I couldn't be happier. We celebrate with friends tomorrow night, as I am traveling today, but many Mabon blessings on you and yours. 


Wish Me Luck

This past week and this coming week there's so much fun to be had, but also just so very many things to do. And right here in between I'm heading to check Washington state off my list. (Only 5 to go!)

I'm also heading to check "travel to teach yoga" off of my list as well!

All this to say, I hope to catch up on everything soon, but for today, just wish me luck with travel! 


KISS {2019 Concert #10}

Last Thursday the three of us headed downtown to see a concert experience!


From the very top row. Ha!

We’re not Kiss Army or anything, but we thought it would be a fun show. Damn we’re we right. Lights, fireworks, fire, moving stage pieces! These guys put on a SHOW!

It was impressive stuff. We only knew about 3 songs, but we had a great time.

Gwen lost her damn mind when they played Rock And Roll All Night! This is only the first minute, but you get the idea!

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Gwen is not going to forget this one anytime soon.

Another fun concert in the books!