A quicky, since our event today is keeping me super busy.

Remember this picture?:

How about this one?:

Well those were then... and these, were this past weekend:

Its hard to remember her being that small! But I also can't believe she's already so big. Man how time flies.

I also got some pictures of the office... though I really need to remember to take pictures first, approve project second, because the second I say Yes, he starts clearing!

Before (with bookshelves, knick-knacks, and filing cabinets removed):

After pictures to come, of course!

Okay, back to work for me!


are we crazy?

From Trav this morning:

I have been thinking that now that we have the steamer back maybe we should put a game plan together on the computer room. What do you think? I was thinking of steaming of the border and working on patching the walls. This of course would require moving most of the stuff out of or to the center of the room. I also want to try and fix the missing trim which would require the use of Pat’s miter saw. ...
After the walls are reassembled and patched, I was thinking we could decide on the carpet. The only thing holding me back is the gap we would be left with between the molding and the floor. Any ideas? Leave it go for a while until we are ready for new carpets throughout the house or just leave it go and stop with just the walls? I am not sure how much it would cost to carpet one room, but we could always look into that as well. We did discuss adding a piece to the molding as filler. My plan would be to have the room finished by the end of October. If it seems to be taking too long I have a few more days I can take off as I don’t believe we will be able to carry them over to next year. ...
I know this is all of a sudden, but it would be nice to get it fixed up a bit before the little one comes. Since we won’t be ripping out walls, and dying in heat, we should be able to get it done...

And my response:

Lets go for it!
I say we do the walls, and maybe check out the pricing for getting new carpet just in that room... but if its too much we'll just leave what's there in there for now. We can probably even start this weekend! :-)

Are we crazy? I'm really excited about this!
Once we do the office, we'll have updated all of the rooms upstairs. We aren't done with the bathroom, and I'm thinking that will be the next project (the floors are in serious need of redo... but that would mean doing the vanity too, which would mean the walls... so its a bit of an undertaking!), but it is "good enough" for now. So really the office is the only room that we haven't touched.
Of course, after that we have the downstairs to worry about... but if anyone thinks I'm diving into removing all that damn wallpaper and painting that many walls (plus up the stairs and then the hallway), they are crazy! That might be one project worth outsourcing. Or at least worth me taking the babe away for a weekend while daddy and a few of his friends (I'm thinking Pat and Brian) tackle that project. ;-) But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Before and after pictures to come!

As for this weekend... well it ended up looking a bit different then I thought, but it was still nice.
Saturday I had to work, but the day went quickly and was very easy.
Sunday we were supposed to head to the Lehigh Valley for the Celtic Classic... but it was a drizzly, dreary morning and Trav confessed to me that he really wasn't up for going if it was going to be raining on him the whole time. It did end up clearing up, but not until it was a bit late for us to be leaving. So we watched the caber toss on TV and put off an actual visit until next year.
Monday I had off and it was gloriously lazy! I did make us dinner and do the dishes, get showered, and we made a visit in the even to a friend of mine from the train who is expecting twin boys in December. We had lent them our steamer to use in their nursery and went to retrieve it last night (hence Trav's "now that we have the steamer back"), along with a quicky visit. Other then those things however... my day mostly involved a marathon of America's Next Top Model and playing with the pup. Not that I'm complaining! It was exactly what I needed.

Now its back to work for me... with visions of office paint colors dancing in my head!



A coworker of mine came into work the other day sick. That bugs the crap out of me. If you aren't well, and are coughing/sneezing/hacking STAY HOME! I don't want your sick! Especially with the H1N1 stuff right now, you would think that people would be extra aware of things like that.

I'm chugging along right now feeling all the world like a distracted ninny. I can't seem to get my head on straight at work lately, and I'm managing to do just enough to fake it. I'm behind though and really hoping that I get a few days of productiveness soon so that I can get some kind of caught up. At home at night, I catch my piece and practically melt into my overstuffed chair with the relief of not feeling my head spin... but the next day at work, I'm right back to feeling like I can't hit my stride or find my rhythm... and thus have the hardest time getting things done. Work tomorrow at least is something different, so hopefully that will snap me out of this. Monday off is much anticipated as well.

Tally and I are heading out of the office for lunch today. She has an errand to run, I have a craving for rock shrimp tempura, and we're both feeling that the change of scenery would serve us well.

Hopefully Monday I'll have something better for you. Have a great weekend!


lets discuss:

(since even I'm tired of the all baby, all the time its been lately...)

Personally I wish all politics came in four-minute bursts. ;-)

Have to run now and do some prep for the event with have on Saturday. Boo for having to work on the weekend.


week 18

First off, Happy Autumn ya'll!!!
I'm so damn happy that my favorite season is here.... even though its actually going to be almost 80 today. Lol.

Weekly Review

How far along? 18 weeks (holy crap, seriously?!)

Total weight gain/loss: +3lbs since last time, meaning my net gain is 0. :-) At least I'm back where I was and actually moving in the right direction.

Maternity clothes? yes m'am... pants full time, shirts I am still wearing my normal ones.

Stretch marks? nope

Sleep: love it!

Best moment this week: movement! plus hearing that I'm measuring spot on, and getting to hear that beautiful heartbeat again.

Movement: I few blips!!

Food cravings: None really lately.

Gender guess/Actual Gender: Not a bit of a clue... but we find out in 3 weeks!!!

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button in or out? Innie!

What I miss: oh sushi...

What I am looking forward to: our big ultrasound!!!

Weekly Wisdom: Savor every moment... because it really does fly by! I can't believe I'm already so close to halfway done.

Milestones: first few blips of movement!


We have some busy weekends ahead, all full of lovely things (well, besides me having to work this Saturday...), but still full... so I'm treasuring the quiet moments I get to have. Saturday we had things! to do! A hair appointment for me, and an alumni meeting for Trav. Since Trav's thing wasn't until 2ish, we headed to my appointment together, having brief visits with my parents, before heading to Lehigh for his thing. I think he really got the better end of the deal on this one, since his meeting was frankly quite long. Luckily, I had a good book with me... but still, reading for three hours when it wasn't your intention to sit and read for three hours, is a bit brain numbing. But the redeemer?!

I think the felt my first bits of baby movement! So cool!

Honestly I can only describe it as blips, but it was so neat to think that that was our little one beating up on my insides. :-)

Sunday was one of those perfect early autumn days... the kind where summer is just reluctantly releasing its hold. The air was cool, but the sun was so lovely and warm. Plus, when the sun started to set it had that wonderful golden quality that the autumn sun has. I had some moments of vacilitating between wanting to check things off my list, and just wanting to lay around and enjoy the lovely day! I did end up having a productive afternoon though. First I weeded my front flowerbed, then put up my "happy fall" decorative shovel, sorted through my baskets of clothes, put away all of said clothes, and tried to get my drawers a bit more organized so I can find my cooler weather clothes as needed. I also went into the nursery closet and weeded out clothes that I haven't worn in ages, and won't wear, to donate to Goodwill or the like. We have to get that closet emptied out before the babe is here, so I figured I could start out slow... with the stuff I won't have to find another home for in our house.
After that I settled in with the disappointing Eagles game and a thankfully not disappointing book. So I got the best of both worlds, checks on my to-do list and relaxing.

Tonight is my 18w doc appointment... hopefully I gained some weight. Recap tomorrow!



We got the results of our sequential screen today. Negative on all counts! Yay! Our numbers were 1 in 10,000 for both downs and trisonomy 13 (? 18?), and 1 in 320 for spina bifida. Which, doesn't that last number just seem so high when compared to the first two? But the genetic counselor who called to give us our results assured me that all three are considered good negative numbers... and honestly, I feel that with our next ultrasound coming up in 3ish weeks, they would definitely notice if there were spinal issues. So I'm happy.

(As an aside, I had a dream last night that when I called back for our results the nurse told me that our results indicated that our baby was a genius! And there were doctors there who wanted to put our baby in a special program as soon as it was born, so it could fully reach its potential. Very weird.)

Still no movement, which I'm bummed about... but after a week of feeling better then I have since morning sickness started, I did puke again this morning. So I guess the gummy baby is still showing me who's boss!

Appointment Monday. Yay!


Today is quiet, much of the office is out... either at an event in DC or getting ready for the holiday (Rosh Hashanah). I'm working at a VERY leisurely pace, while eating some yummy manchago cheese.

I just got done booking a weekend away for Trav and I in October to Jim Thorpe (a cute, quaint town near the Poconos). Its the weekend after our anniversary, so it will be a nice treat for that... but also simply a fun weekend away, just the two of us, before February and the babe's arrival. A friend will be watching the pup, and we are going to have three lovely days (with sleeping in) and two lovely nights at a B&B with someone else to do the cooking and cleaning. :-) It sounds divine.

This weekend we'll be heading up to the Lehigh Valley for an alumni meeting (Trav) and a haircut (me). Otherwise, we'll be relaxing and I'm hoping to start some cleaning/decluttering projects... perhaps in the future nursery (the closet needs emptying), but definitely in our bedroom. I need to switch some clothes around now that its getting colder. I really have no idea what cool weather clothes I have anymore! It feels like a long, long time since I've worn them.

I just remembered that I actually have another day before the weekend. Why does today feel so much like a friday? Maybe because the week flew by in a barriage of things to do. Three events down (all which went well), three more next week (should all be easy), then we are pretty much in October... with a new crop of events, and a new bunch of weekend activities (autumn ones at that!).

Anyway, I should get back to my leisurely work pace. I do have plenty to accomplish!

Ps. Yes, yes, yes, yes... THIS!


snuggly girl

Despite Sunday being what Sunday was... this weekend was nice.

Saturday was the Lehigh vs. Villanova game, at Villanova... and we met a bunch of friends at Willy's place (which is just a few blocks from Nova) for some eats before going to the game. Lehigh lost, of course, but it was fun anyway.

We got some pictures, but not of the game, or of all our friends that we saw... but of our snuggly pup. Hey, at least I got some pictures. I have been horrendous with the camera lately.

She has been so snuggly lately. Maybe because of the cooler weather?

GG brought the Gummy baby a little present, which I thought was just too cute not to share:

It says, "Elephants never forget when mealtime is!" And it is so soft and warm and lovely. I can't wait for our little one to wear it.

Sunday was lazy. Saturday was a late night, so I was tired most of Sunday. Trav too, I'm sure. But we relaxed a lot to make up for it.

As for me, well I'm feeling a little better in the nausea department. I puked 3 out of 4 work days last week, which was my worst week yet. But so far this week, I've been okay. ::knocks on wood:: Still feel a little blah in the morning, but its do-able. And thank G*d for that since this week is BUSY at work. You're going to hear that from me a lot for most of the fall, I'm sure.

On that note, officially autumn in one week! Less then a week until my next appointment, which is nice since I've been feeling nervous lately and just want a good check up with a nice listen to the babe's heartbeat. Don't know why its hit me now... maybe with this past weekend's date, or the fact that I haven't felt movement yet (though plenty of women haven't at this point... some don't feel it until 20 weeks!). Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to next Monday.

Well, I need to get back to it... but one quick note before I go:
How sad about Patrick Swayze!?! I have been more than a bit in love with him since I first saw him in Dirty Dancing back when I was quite young (9? 10?). It was one of my favorite movies growing up, and still is. But I've loved so many of his movies: RoadHouse, To Wong Foo..., Ghost, the Outsiders, etc. And Trav is a fan of Youngblood. HERE is a nice little memorial article. Just a shame to lose such a neat guy, especially so young (only 57)!

Anyway, now I'm really off.


what makes a mother

Today was my original due date.
It is also just over six months since we found out we lost our little one.

A girl I know from online was due just after me... and she has her baby.
I stare at this beautiful baby girl and think to myself what a miracle it is -- how a human is made from two cells in nine months. So many things have to go right. So many things can go wrong. Biology is amazing. And for some reason, biology pulled through for them but not for us. True fact -- it is what it is.

Its weird with this pregnancy now... when people ask if its our first. Our first real live outside-the-womb baby? Yes, it will be. Our first pregnancy with a baby that we fell in love with already? No. But of course, we don't say that... though it feels like a betrayal to not mention the baby that was, that might have been.

We wouldn't have our little Gummy Baby without our angel baby. And that is the sweetest gift we could ever receive, at the most painful price we could have ever imagined. If that baby had never been, then chances are the timing wouldn't have worked for this baby to be. And if that baby had not left us, then I wouldn't have this one swimming inside me right now. Its hard to grasp.

I couldn't be more grateful for our little Gummy Baby... but that doesn't mean I don't mourn for the one that might have been on this day. This most unfulfilled of days.

"What Makes a Mother"
By Jennifer Wasik

I thought of you and closed my eyes, And prayed to God today.
I asked what makes a Mother, And I know I heard him say:

A mother has a baby, This we know is true.
But, God, can you be a mother, When your baby's not with you?

Yes, you can He replied, With confidence in His voice.
I give many women babies, When they leave is not their choice.

Some I send for a lifetime, And others for a day.
And some I send to feel your womb, But there's no need to stay.

I just don't understand this God, I want my baby here.
He took a breath and cleared his throat, And then I saw a tear.

I wish that I could show you, What your child is doing today,
If you could see your child smile, With other children who say:

We go to earth and learn our lessons, Of love and life and fear.
My mommy loved me oh so much, I got to come straight here.

I feel so lucky to have a mom, Who had so much love for me.
I learned my lessons very quickly, My mommy set me free.

I miss my mommy oh so much, But I visit her each day.
When she goes to sleep, On her pillow's where I lay.

I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek, And whisper in her ear.
"Mommy don't be sad today, I'm your baby and I'm here."

So you see my dear sweet one, Your children are Ok.
Your babies are here in My home, They'll be at heavens gate for you.

So now you see what makes a mother. It's the feeling in your heart.
It's the love you had so much of, Right from the very start.

Though some on earth may not realize you are a mother, until their time is done.
They'll be up here with me one day, And you'll know that you're the best one!


The day is flying by, and there is so much to accomplish, so I have to be quick. It was hard to leave my pup AND my boy this morning... and I'm so jealous of Trav's extra day off... but the day has gone so quickly so far, that its really not so bad. We have a big work event today that has the potential to be amazing and a huge pain in the ass all at the same time, so I'm holding my breathe that it will be good. There are security issues at play, so I'm really just hoping that there are no scary surprises... the rest will unfold as it may.

The weekend was equal parts tiring and lazy as all heck... so it evened out nicely. Friday night I headed home, ate, relaxed with the boy/pup for a bit and then headed out around 7:20. Babs let me know while I was on my way up that they wouldn't be back at home until 10... so I stopped at my parents for a bit before heading to her place. We didn't want to stay up late, but between gabbing and getting ready, then gabbing more while trying to fall asleep, we didn't really "turn off" for the night until around 12. The alarm went off at 5. Ugh.
Amazingly I didn't feel horrible, the morning sickness stayed away, and we were all ready at out the door at 7. Heather and her parent's and I drove up to her aunt's place together... where her parents and aunt/uncle took a limo with her grandmother, first to the funeral home to close her grandfather's casket, then to the church for the service. We followed in her parent's car.
The service was nice... it was a Catholic service, so it wasn't short, but they did a beautiful job and it didn't feel long. They sang Ave Maria at one point, which is just such a beautiful song. I'd never been to a Catholic funeral (honestly, I can't remember the last funeral I'd been to)... and they do a beautiful job. It was very much about celebrating the life he had, and the eternal life he's gone on to. It seemed very comforting to his family.
After the service, we processed to the cemetery. It was a bit of a drive from their church near where they live now, to their cemetery where they have their plot... which I believe was near where they had lived while raising their kids. It took about 45 minutes to get there. The grave-side part of the service was lovely... Bab's grandfather had served in the Navy, so there were three Navy men in their dress whites. After the priest said his piece, one of the Navy men played Taps, then the other two folded the flag to present it to Bab's grandmother. It was very touching and was when I shed the most tears.
After that we headed to a nearby restaurant for a late lunch. We were there until about 2:40, but luckily it was a short ride back to Heather's place because we were all very tired at that point. When we got back we all got changed, and after 15 or so minutes of talking, I headed home (got there around 5:30?).

I was so tired and worn out from the whole day. I ended up going up to bed at 7, falling asleep by 8, and besides waking up to grab some water and a quick bite at 1am, I slept until 8 the next morning. I felt so much better at that point!! And thus began the lazy part of our weekend. Basically Sunday and Monday we spent the whole days relaxing, watching movies and TV, and eating. It was wonderful, and I'm so glad I had the extra day. How were the rest of your labor day weekends?

And now, I'm happy to report we are having some lovely fall-like weather. A few days this week are even going to have highs in the 60s!! I'm enjoying every second of it. Hopefully this will stick around.

One last thing before I leave... I'm looking for feedback on how everyone reads their blogs. I know about go.ogle rea.der, but really like actually going to the blogs and seeing their layouts. I had heard about a reader that lets you plug in all your blogs then you can basically hit a "next" button to page through them. However I'm having trouble finding where I read about that. Anyone know what this might be? Anyone have any suggestions for other blog readers to try?

Thanks for any imput!


long weekend ahoy!

I got the news yesterday that my best friend's grandfather passed away on Wednesday afternoon. Tonight I head up there to spend the night, and tomorrow at 9am is the service. Its always sad when someone passes, but his end was a good one... completely surrounded by his family and he wasn't in pain.

I'm having trouble concentrating today. Because of the above, and because its the friday before a three-day weekend. Not just concentrating on work either, but email, this blog post, everything. I headed out for a little break to pick up some closed-toe, black flats for tomorrow (how did I not own any of those?) in hopes that the change of scenery would give me some umph to accomplish when I got back, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I am writing here, but that's about all.

We really have no set plans for this weekend besides my trip to the service. So we'll see what Sunday and Monday bring. Hopefully lots of sleep.

As an aside, I haven't talked about politics for a while, but I feel like I have to at least bullet point a few things on my mind.
Things like this, get me:
Unlike all other wealthy nations, the United States lacks universal health care. Most health insurance is obtained through employers, and almost 50 million of the 300 million Americans are without it.
I just can't understand that. This article from the Washington Post, Five Myths about Health Care around the World, is a great read and dispels a lot of the alarmist sentiments out there. I also wanted to point out Jon's post HERE (though I don't agree that "republicans are nuts") which is also an interesting read.

Then there is this video... which I think is a great example of differing view points having a frank question and answer about the topic. I think you could guess that I'm firmly riding Franken's traincar. ;-)

That was all very haphazard and thrown out there, but I'm just all annoyed with everyone right now. All politics, all Americans who just refuse to compromise and figure something out. How will we help anyone, how will we please any side, if we don't do anything because we are caught firmly in a stalemate. Grr.

Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say about that... though I will leave you with this amusing sentiment from

And on that note... I'm going to try to get some work done. Have a great labor day weekend!

Ps. I did change some stuff around on my sidebar. A bit more about the family instead of just me. Like?


here they are.

So I was finally able to get back on schedule this morning. Monday I was running a little late, and had to drive a bit faster then normal to get to the train station on time. Yesterday, I had to drive like a bat out of hell, and still only just pulled into the lot as the train did, and was the last person to run onto the train. I really don't know what the hell was up, but I guess they were just those days where I was moving a bit slower.

Anyway, here I am... and I do have pictures to share! Our awesome new guest bedroom/nursery curtains:

The ties:

The valences and rods:

My mom had some extra material, so she made us two pillows to go with!

And here is the adorable Irish fisherman knit sweater that my mom brought:

I think my mom did a killer job! How about you?