long weekend ahoy!

I got the news yesterday that my best friend's grandfather passed away on Wednesday afternoon. Tonight I head up there to spend the night, and tomorrow at 9am is the service. Its always sad when someone passes, but his end was a good one... completely surrounded by his family and he wasn't in pain.

I'm having trouble concentrating today. Because of the above, and because its the friday before a three-day weekend. Not just concentrating on work either, but email, this blog post, everything. I headed out for a little break to pick up some closed-toe, black flats for tomorrow (how did I not own any of those?) in hopes that the change of scenery would give me some umph to accomplish when I got back, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I am writing here, but that's about all.

We really have no set plans for this weekend besides my trip to the service. So we'll see what Sunday and Monday bring. Hopefully lots of sleep.

As an aside, I haven't talked about politics for a while, but I feel like I have to at least bullet point a few things on my mind.
Things like this, get me:
Unlike all other wealthy nations, the United States lacks universal health care. Most health insurance is obtained through employers, and almost 50 million of the 300 million Americans are without it.
I just can't understand that. This article from the Washington Post, Five Myths about Health Care around the World, is a great read and dispels a lot of the alarmist sentiments out there. I also wanted to point out Jon's post HERE (though I don't agree that "republicans are nuts") which is also an interesting read.

Then there is this video... which I think is a great example of differing view points having a frank question and answer about the topic. I think you could guess that I'm firmly riding Franken's traincar. ;-)

That was all very haphazard and thrown out there, but I'm just all annoyed with everyone right now. All politics, all Americans who just refuse to compromise and figure something out. How will we help anyone, how will we please any side, if we don't do anything because we are caught firmly in a stalemate. Grr.

Anyway, I guess that's all I have to say about that... though I will leave you with this amusing sentiment from

And on that note... I'm going to try to get some work done. Have a great labor day weekend!

Ps. I did change some stuff around on my sidebar. A bit more about the family instead of just me. Like?

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