We got the results of our sequential screen today. Negative on all counts! Yay! Our numbers were 1 in 10,000 for both downs and trisonomy 13 (? 18?), and 1 in 320 for spina bifida. Which, doesn't that last number just seem so high when compared to the first two? But the genetic counselor who called to give us our results assured me that all three are considered good negative numbers... and honestly, I feel that with our next ultrasound coming up in 3ish weeks, they would definitely notice if there were spinal issues. So I'm happy.

(As an aside, I had a dream last night that when I called back for our results the nurse told me that our results indicated that our baby was a genius! And there were doctors there who wanted to put our baby in a special program as soon as it was born, so it could fully reach its potential. Very weird.)

Still no movement, which I'm bummed about... but after a week of feeling better then I have since morning sickness started, I did puke again this morning. So I guess the gummy baby is still showing me who's boss!

Appointment Monday. Yay!

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