Cape Cod

We're back in my parent's for just a night before heading West to home once more, but I want to talk about Cape Cod. It always feels so amazing to head back to the Cape, but this year you'll notice one big difference... for the first time we were in a different house on the opposite side of the Cape. It was a weird combination of familiar, as everything on the Cape is, and new as the neighborhood/town was different.

But here were some of the highlights:

There was so much beach time.

Cousin time and family time...

The cousins had such a great time together, I got to take in my first Provincetown drag show, we spent long days at the beach, and ate really yummy food. It was another fun week. We also spent half the week without a working fridge, a few days without electricity, and weathered a tornado! So it was a little nuts too!

Another entertaining Cape Cod trip in the books! 


Finally Adjusted to East Coast Time - Leg One!

One of the best parts of driving out to the East Coast is how much easier it is to adjust to the time changes. Okay, that plus not being limited to one small bag each, seeing the country, not having to rent a car... there are plenty of pluses. And after the epic road trips we've taken out and back these past few years, taking a short 3-nights to head right to my parents place seemed so quick and easy! Still 1,700+ miles of quick and easy, but that's quite the difference from the longer trips we'd been taking with detours down South. Last years trip we drove 1,600+ miles just ON the East Coast!

Our trip out was nice, 2 nights of camping broken up by a visit with a girlfriend.

We also stopped on the day we drove to my parent's to hike up Gettysburg for a brief (historic) visit. In all our travels, Gwen and I had never gotten any National Parks/Monuments stamps in our passport books in the Mid-Atlantic region!

At my parent's we relaxed a lot, and beat the heat however possible! We also got to celebrate my mom's birthday while there and saw a show. 

As you read this we've navigated from my parent's place up to Cape Cod, starting the longest pause of our trip.

The time with my parent's was so lovely, and we'll get to see them again for one more night before we head home!

More soon.


Visits With Friends...

As we were camping and traveling North and West, the friend Gwen and I had visited in Houston in March sent a message asking if we'd be up for a visit in the time between our trips. If she was making the trip up, we were going to make the time!

Gwen and Ryker became the best of friends, so it was amazing to get them together again!

 It was just a day and a night, but it was a great little visit, and a lot of fun!

 It also made our last few days at home fly by. Can't wait until next time!


Summer Travels

Gwen and I left last Thursday, heading out in the early morning and making our way to Missouri, the first part of our East Coast trip. Today, we're already in Pennsylvania at my parents!

I'll pop in when I can, I have a few posts randomly scheduled, but life on the road! Expect much lighter posting over the next 3 weeks of travel.


Last Part... Geysers and Some of the Most Unique Features!

Friday the 28th we made the journey South through Montana into Wyoming, and to Yellowstone. This was our second time at Yellowstone, which leading to this trip had been our favorite National Park (its still a very close second!). The drive was easy enough, and before we knew it we were in the park!

Almost an hour later and we were finally pulling into our campsite! And the view was not so bad!

We got in, set up and settled, and other then a trip to one of the general stores, so took it very easy that night.

Gwen played with the neighboring site's kids some, we ate, and played some chess. We had a bit of excitement that night when an angry buffalo ran through our campsite, breaking a tree and tearing up some ground, followed pretty quickly by another bigger buffalo that just slowly wandered through, about 3.5 feet from our tent! Eep. That part was a bit scary... buffalo are absolutely massive, and I'd rather not see them that close again.

We were up and ready the next morning for some more exploring. There were some sites we wanted to see again in the blue summer skies (vs. the grey autumn visit we had last time), and many new places to check out. We headed first to Old Faithful.

After that it was on to check out the Sapphire Pool and the Grand Prismatic Spring.

We'd seen them before, but it had been so cold that the steam made it hard to see any color. Still steamy this time, but much more color to see!

After that we headed North in the park, to a section we hadn't checked out last time... Lamar Valley.

Our hike here didn't last too long... the sulfur smells were getting to Gwen by that point, so we cut it short.

But after that we drove most of the way to the Northeast Exit, checking out the Valley with all its amazing views and animals.

We headed back to the campsite after that for dinner over the fire, and more playing for Gwen with the neighbor kids.

We tucked in for our last night...

Finally on Sunday it was time to get up with the sun, and head for our longest drive of the trip, back home.

There were a few frustrations, but we saw a double rainbow somewhere in Wyoming, and it amazingly went very fast other then the last hour or so.

8 days, 2500+ miles, 2 new states, and a new National Park... one damn amazing trip!!