Wordless Wednesday {Little Bits of Happy}

Before/After -
I've been working my way through our apartment, cleaning and organizing as I go.

Out with the old, in with the new



As the World Literally Burns

This past weekend I stepped outside and walked for a few minutes before realizing that something was making me feel very content, comforted. I wondered if it was the more slanted, autumnal light. About 10 minutes in I realized that the air smelled like a campfire in a way that was soothing to me. At least until, a few minutes after that, I realized it was because Colorado is still, very much, on fire. We'd had a day or two of better air quality, as some rain had washed the haze away; but it was back with a vengeance, and half way through my walk, I knew things were going to have to be cut short.

Man, oh man, does it feel like the whole world is on fire right now. We've had some upheaval here recently. Nothing I can talk about right now, but just enough to make us all feel a little shaken. Its left me feeling very unbalanced. Things that should feel really good and positive just feel like too much instead. I'm giving myself grace and reminding myself to take time. Even with that, everything feels a little harder right now. 

Three days ago, the bottom fell out on the weather, and it dropped from the high 90s, to the mid-30s, basically overnight. We had sleeting, freezing rain, and then snow! 

It was just enough to be annoying, without being able to do anything with it, we're all freezing after such a huge drop in temps, and I'm worried this is going to kill all our autumn foliage before it even arrives. But! It is helping with the wildfires, so I'm hoping this will be a blessing in [cold, blanketed] surprise.

Maybe the rest of this will all turn out to be a blessing in disguise too? Maybe in the end, the discomfort I'm/we're feeling now will be growing pains? I guess only time will tell.



The beautiful thing about how open my schedule is right now, is that when Gwen's school calls and says her stomach is bothering her, I can easily put aside the rest of my day's plans to pop over and grab her. (Don't worry, it was nothing.) This year I'm not pushing things. I'm giving her afternoons off to recover when she needs them, and taking my own days easy. School has been fine so far. She's having the normal getting her brain back into school mode adjustments, but we're getting used to the new routine. 

Its September now, and I'm so grateful for its arrival. Only 2.5 weeks until its officially Autumn, and while our feast will take place on the first day, decor will be going up early!! 

I've been cooking again, and it feels really good to enjoy my time in the kitchen once more. I had lost that enjoyment months ago... I felt like I was cooking the same things over and over. So, in case you're there too, or just looking for food ideas, here's what we've been cooking lately, that has me excited: 

- Potato/Leek Soup
- Beef Bourguignon (this recipe)
- Beef Brisket
- Kale Salad
- Fish Tacos with Chili-Lime Slaw
- Homemade Soy Ramen

Up soon: 

- Cinnamon-Bacon Carbonara (this recipe)
- Roasted Pork Shoulder
- Potstickers
- Lasagna

I wish I had more actual recipes for you, but I eyeball everything! (Happy to give more details if you ask thought!)  What are you cooking? 

What's making you happy lately?


Pretty, Color-Coded Blocks

I'm sitting on my couch enjoying a quiet moment with some podcast listening and planning. I went through the other day and created a little schedule for myself to plan ahead a bit on classes that I'm teaching, going to be teaching, possibly teaching, and spaces I'd love to fit in classes. I added in my therapy appointments, hopeful gym days and classes to take, school drop offs and pick-ups, and days to the regular chores and errands. I also added in writing time because I want to get back here more. In some ways its all so overwhelming, even when its great and exciting, but it felt good to get it down and see how it works - even if a lot of it is theoretical at the moment! It doesn't hurt that I color-coded the different time blocks. Ha! 

So many complicated emotions around Gwen going back to school, and teaching again, but at least for now, I'm going to embrace the amazing joy and freedom that comes with having free time to myself again. I think I'm going to plan to take a page from my friend's book, and take a walk around our apartment to grade the different areas. Any areas that get an F, will get immediate attention, moving my way through. We'll see how that plays out, but I'm excited to get things into shape again around here. Things are not normal, but I'm excited for some new routine.

I'm counting down to autumn, to routine, to all of this newness to be past. What are you enjoying right now? What are you counting down to?