Last Thursday was my 37th birthday, and it was absolutely lovely.

I did some shopping with friends, treated myself to my free Starbucks drink, and got my hair done...

I was treated to lunch by two of my favorites (James and Panda), where I got some amazing saffron risotto.

I got one of my favorite perfumes from my Babwa, as well as books, boots, and spending money. Not to mention so many amazing well-wishes.

Trav cooked me a favorite family dish (a Vegan Mac), which we ate with fried chicken and angel food cake. It was an absolutely amazing day!

Thank you to all who helped me ring in the new year with such cheer.



I got the chance to head back to Wanderlust this year, for my third time. It was different this year then my other experiences, in that it was a weekend long event, but it wasn't the full sleep away festival. I got to head home both nights to my own bed.

It was fun, so full of yoga, and some of my favorite teachers! Seane Corn, Chelsey Korus, Gina Caputo, just to name a few.

Hanny and Krystal were also there, which was an awesome surprise!

It was the most yoga I've done since before all our summer travels (and honestly, probably since the summer started), so I was a little tired and sore... but in the best possible way!

I love these little weekend recharges, me time on my mat to get away without going away!

The festival ended on a slightly lackluster note, with thunder canceling some of the classes, and not the best communication between festival volunteers and attendees, but overall it was a great experience!

Hopefully it will work out for me to be back again next year Wanderlust!