Celebrate Nature...

Just a little note to say...

Happy Earth Day, ya'll! 

On this day, like every day, we'll be over here enjoying the beautiful of the nature we are surrounded by. We'll take walks, sit outside, and keep trying to make little positive changes wherever we can: recycling, picking up trash, cutting down on our waste. We hope that you do the same, today and always. I get so overwhelmed sometimes, with the scale of what we are facing, but remember that even the little actions, the small changes, add up to make a big difference.


Some Early Bits of Color

Gardening in Colorado is a different beast for me. I've talked about this multiple times before, but each year feels like starting as a baby again. It still hasn't settled into a comfortable place the way gardening in Pennsylvania had (for example...). But each year I'm trying and adjusting and finding what works and doesn't.

This year I was super eager to get planting, but that requires some careful planning since, well Colorado weather can sometimes look like this in mid-May:

So I grabbed just a few plants, prepping all the pots, so when we do our full planting in May, they'll be ready... but planting just a little bit of hardy color to start our spring off:

 Mostly Pansies...

I can't wait to have all my containers full of plants bursting with color (begonias, mizo, coleus, and maybe some vegetables), but I love my little early bits of color that we can enjoy as the days start to warm and lengthen with Spring.

What are you planting this year?


My Girl, The Yogini

 We went on a family walk the other night, and my girl decided to throw out some yoga poses... 

She's getting so much stronger and finding her balance. I love these little opportunities to practice with her. 

 I can't wait to practice with her more this summer while we travel together. I'm so grateful for my little yogini.  💙