37 Is When It All Falls Apart

So apparently 37 is when your body starts to fall apart? I'm kidding, of course (sort of), but I've been very frustrated with my body lately. First it was the shoulder issue, that finally seems resolved, but kept me away from regular exercise for a while; then recently I had a little in office medical procedure (no big deal, promise, but) that left me very sore for a number of days afterward, and again, unable to work out. Add in a sick child and still recovering Daisy at the same time, and it just felt very overwhelming, and much like my body was betraying me.

I feel a little uncomfortable in my body right now. It feels like I've lost so much ground, like I'm weaker, softer, and my body just isn't doing what I want it to, what it is capable of. I know that this is just a blip in the long run, and that I can get back to where I want to be, but its harder and harder each time, and more frustrating. In my most frustrated moments, I had the thought that, "Oh, this is when it all falls apart..." and, "Is this just the rest of my life now?!" I know, silly.

After all that, I am newly committed to my health this holiday season. I'm trying to get my eating into shape, am taking my vitamins again, and plan to restart my lifting ASAP (in a healthy way!). Wish me luck on being done falling apart!


It Must Run in the Family

Gwen and I did a thing the other day...

She had asked a while ago if she could put a colored streak in her hair, and I was more then open to the idea. We played with colored hair caulk first, to figure out the color and placement she wanted... and then we just decided to go for it! 

She was really happy with the way it turned out, and we both love the way it looks. Seems crazy hair must run in the family.


Food For The Soul

Yoga asanas are sometimes called a moving meditation, but yoga also teaches us that anything can be meditative if we are able to be purely present in the moment. Cooking has always been a form of meditation for me. It clears my mind in a way second only to my asana practice.

A few weekend ago I created some homemade Italian Wedding inspired soup, and cooked up a German pancake for the first time.

They were delicious and fed my soul as much as my body. Where do you find meditative presence in your life?