Camping and Summer and Stars [Just Write]

I have new hand soap that is infused with wild orange blossom honey, and it smells like a wildflower field on a bright spring day - warm, fragrant, and full of life. It makes me ache for the balmy months ahead. Gwen and I are both chomping at the bit to get into the tent and do some camping.

I have this memory that pops up now whenever I think of camping, and it still takes my breath away. We were sleeping in our tent, all three of us for once, and we woke in the middle of the night because Gwen had to go to the bathroom. We decided to all walk over to the little bath house. On our way back I looked up and literally stopped dead in my tracks. Up in the mountains, away from all the light pollution that unfortunately blankets our area, with the most perfectly crisp, clear skies, there were stars. Not just a few stars across the sky like we normally see, but a blanket of stars so thick, glowing, and numerous that it covered us all.

The more I looked, the more stars appeared, too many to count - so expansive that it made me feel small, but in the best possible way. Galaxy upon galaxy existed above me in that moment, in a way that felt more real then it had before; and I was struck mute. Trav and Gwen had already made it back to the tent at this point, so I lingered only a few more moments, but those moments were filled with the fullness of the universe.


Horsing Around

Gwen has talked about wanting to ride horses for a while now. She was so excited by them, and would talk about it often when we drove by the stable just a few miles from our place. She finally got her wish this past weekend, thanks to a birthday gift from her Nonnie and Papa!

The morning was colder then we would have liked, but Gwen loved it and did so well! We ended up buying the 10 pack of lessons, so she'll have that as a regular activity this Spring and Summer.

I always loved horses, so its fun seeing Gwen come to that too. Hopefully we'll be able to get in some family trail rides this summer!


Examples and Little Changes

I've written before about how the end of December - beginning of January kind of sucked.

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Well, as written above, I've decided to really do something about it. More consistency, including Gwen in the process.

Other little steps I'm taking? Well I started keeping a weekly paper calendar. Taking the time on Sunday to look at the week ahead and break down "to do"s into smaller chunks makes everything seem less rushed, and less hectic. I also bought myself a cute glass water bottle which I've been filling up every morning and making sure I drink at least that amount of plain water by the end of the day, in addition to whatever else I drink (morning matcha and afternoon Moringa Infusions for the win!). I'm also continuing with my weekly self care baths. I can still get things done, but I also get to relax and treat my body (extra nice since I do it on a lifting day).

What healthy changes are you making in your life?