Another Day, Another (You Guessed It) Concert! - The Raconteurs {2019 Concert #14}

I'm sorry if you're sick of hearing about concerts. I cannot believe how many we've hit up this year. But, when one of my favorite people (and yoga teachers), Addison, asked me to go with him I couldn't say no! This is the second concert I hit up with him this year, and he's a fun guy to go with.

 I have zero pictures from the concert itself - since it was a cell phone free concert - but it was such a fun show. It was at the new Mission Ballroom (same place as the Brandi Carlile show), and I continue to be so impressed with this venue! We sat all the way up at the top, in general admission seating (love that GA can take advantage of seats!), and the view/sound was amazing.

It was actually a lot of fun having no phones allowed, after an initial "what do I do with my hands?!", and we were all very present in the show. There was great energy, and the crowd was upbeat.

Other then a holiday show, that was the last concert I have this year (unless something pops up!), and it was a fun one to end on. Thanks again Addison!!


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Happy Anniversary}

This past Sunday marked 13 years of marriage and 19 years together! Whoa. We celebrated with a trip to our favorite tattooist...


What Autumn Has Brought

September was so busy and so fast, and now October is half over as well. These weeks just keep speeding by, and I feel like I'm playing a lot of catch up lately. Such is life, I suppose. That said, Autumn is bringing a whole bundle of new opportunities, adventures, and ideas!

The weather here is lovely, other then a few random one off days of either 80* weather or 30* weather (oh Colorado), so I'm doing work on the porch whenever possible, enjoying the mild 60s and 70s. I've been doing a lot of subbing lately too, teaching a few special classes/workshops (Introduction to Yoga, Yoga & Wine), but this week I'm teaching less since I'm Mama is in town! Can't wait to tell you all about that after she heads home. Lets just say we are definitely making the most of our Autumn Break.

A big recent change for us (all) was Gwen's new addition...

Can you see it? Probably not, that's the beauty of Invisalign!

Gwen went in a week and a half ago to get her first tray put in, and to pick up all 37 trays! We took a little peek at the last one, and we're all so excited to imagine the state of her mouth when this is all over. Look wise I'm sure it will be nice, but this decision was all about the health and longevity of her adult teeth, and trust me, this was so so necessary. The first visit was so hard, and the first few days were a huge learning curve, but we are now settling into a bit of a rhythm with it. Figuring out how to balance getting enough food into her body, allowing her to eat enough times a day, while still having those trays in the necessary 22 hours per day.

What else? Last weekend, we all decided a fun little impromptu trip was in order, so we hopped in the car Sunday morning and jetted off into the mountains. We headed to Frisco, about 1.5 hours away, taking one of the passes to get there, and enjoyed some beautiful view and amazing patches of aspens.

We ate a delicious, relaxed lunch, then headed back home for me to teach. It was a beautiful day. I definitely want to spend more time in Frisco.

Sometimes Gwen and I roam to far places so often that we forget to explore our own backyard, which is absolutely beautiful. We're enjoying a lot more of that this week as well.

Teaching a Restorative class that night was such a lovely way to end the weekend.

What has your Autumn brought so far?


Brandi Carlisle with My Babes, Rancid with My Boy, and Dropkick Murphy's with Trav's Coworkers {2019 Concert #11, #12, #13}

Lots of concerts lately! I'll try to keep this quick!

The end of September, the same day Trav and I went skydiving, I headed downtown to meet James and Amanda Panda to see Brandi Carlisle at a very new (brand new to me) venue downtown called the Mission. Its absolutely gorgeous and so well set up! The concert itself was so great. Brandi is amazing, and watching Panda see her made my heart swell. I love my people.

The very next day, Trav and I headed to see Rancid (with Pennywise). Trav was originally going to go work the concert, but I've love Rancid since I was about 12, when Babs and I used to jam to Out Come the Wolves together... so naturally I whined and badgered him until he got us tickets instead. 😂

We headed to dinner first, making a whole date night out of it. Lobster Mac & Cheese and Blueberry Hand Pies! Yes, please.

Then it was on to the concert. Pennywise was fun, but Rancid was the whole reason I was there and they did not disappoint!! They started with a song from Out Come the Wolves, so I was thrilled.

The crowd was great, the music was amazing, and I am so damn happy we went to the show.

At the end I picked up a show... which I wore the following weekend to our next concert!

Clutch opened for the Dropkick Murphys who were just so amazing! At one point they saw some kids who'd apparently been to a few of their concerts, and they pulled them up to sit on stage with them!

The moshing was exuberant, but I loved how people looked out for each other. It was just so upbeat and crazy (in the best way)! I loved getting to spend time with Trav's coworkers too. They are fun and funny.

This has definitely been the year of concerts! I'm still in awe of what we get to experience here in Denver.