Brandi Carlisle with My Babes, Rancid with My Boy, and Dropkick Murphy's with Trav's Coworkers {2019 Concert #11, #12, #13}

Lots of concerts lately! I'll try to keep this quick!

The end of September, the same day Trav and I went skydiving, I headed downtown to meet James and Amanda Panda to see Brandi Carlisle at a very new (brand new to me) venue downtown called the Mission. Its absolutely gorgeous and so well set up! The concert itself was so great. Brandi is amazing, and watching Panda see her made my heart swell. I love my people.

The very next day, Trav and I headed to see Rancid (with Pennywise). Trav was originally going to go work the concert, but I've love Rancid since I was about 12, when Babs and I used to jam to Out Come the Wolves together... so naturally I whined and badgered him until he got us tickets instead. 😂

We headed to dinner first, making a whole date night out of it. Lobster Mac & Cheese and Blueberry Hand Pies! Yes, please.

Then it was on to the concert. Pennywise was fun, but Rancid was the whole reason I was there and they did not disappoint!! They started with a song from Out Come the Wolves, so I was thrilled.

The crowd was great, the music was amazing, and I am so damn happy we went to the show.

At the end I picked up a show... which I wore the following weekend to our next concert!

Clutch opened for the Dropkick Murphys who were just so amazing! At one point they saw some kids who'd apparently been to a few of their concerts, and they pulled them up to sit on stage with them!

The moshing was exuberant, but I loved how people looked out for each other. It was just so upbeat and crazy (in the best way)! I loved getting to spend time with Trav's coworkers too. They are fun and funny.

This has definitely been the year of concerts! I'm still in awe of what we get to experience here in Denver.



Sometimes the days just get too busy, and things get so rushed. We get tired, cranky, overwhelmed. Often we just chug through, because we know it will pass even if it sucks in the moment. Sometimes though I make the executive decision to let Gwen sleep, knowing she'll be a little late to school, but knowing too that her mental and physical health are more important then one hour of missed school. So she sleeps in, for the first time in ages, then we eat breakfast together on the porch with no rush.

The days are still too full, there's still so much to do, but for just a few moments, we slow down and take the time to just be together. And sometimes that's enough. 💜


Whoops We Did It Again...

Last Friday Trav and I headed out for Skydiving take 4!

Every time I go through the same range of emotions, starting with "What am I doing?!" and ending with "This is AMAZING, I can't wait to do it again!!" I've never experienced a rush so full as when you're free falling through the sky, the whole world spread beneath you, the wind surrounding you. Its amazing. I cannot wait to go again.