Skydiving - Take 2!

The day of our anniversary Trav and I jumped out of a plan for the second time. We ended up jumping with the same guys that we did last time, which was great! It was just as fun as the first time, but way less nerve-racking beforehand!! 😁

I got to do a lot of steering on the way down this time, which was super fun... though my fingers were completely frozen! Then Ryan took over and we had some fun going over top of our chute, and making some fun twist and turns! 

I'm pretty hooked guys. While we didn't come home and immediately book our next jump, we will definitely be going again!!


Pumpkin Patch

Guys, it is already the middle of my most favorite month of the year! I love October so much. Its well and truly autumn, we're well in the swing of school, our anniversary is this month, and the foods we eat this time of year are my favorite. We celebrated all that by hitting up a pumpkin patch with some friends last weekend. 

Anderson Farms is almost an hour away, but it was definitely worth the drive! Huge pumpkin fields for picking, a fun little General Store...

 And a pretty awesome corn maze!

They also had a paint gun zombie hunt, and terror in the corn! 

 It was a really fun day, and we came home with 3 huge awesome pumpkins.

Love celebrating this time of year!!



Tomorrow Trav and I will jump out of a plane together, again, to celebrate being married for 12 years and together for 18. I can't even explain how fast the time has gone. The old saying is true, the days might be long sometimes, but the years are so short.


We have officially been together for half of my life now. Moving forward, every new day is one day more that I have been with Travis then I have been without him. That is so mind blowing!

It hasn't always been easy, but I am so amazingly appreciative of the life we have built together. Travis, you are truly one of my best friends, and I'm so grateful for you.