It Must Run in the Family

Gwen and I did a thing the other day...

She had asked a while ago if she could put a colored streak in her hair, and I was more then open to the idea. We played with colored hair caulk first, to figure out the color and placement she wanted... and then we just decided to go for it! 

She was really happy with the way it turned out, and we both love the way it looks. Seems crazy hair must run in the family.


Food For The Soul

Yoga asanas are sometimes called a moving meditation, but yoga also teaches us that anything can be meditative if we are able to be purely present in the moment. Cooking has always been a form of meditation for me. It clears my mind in a way second only to my asana practice.

A few weekend ago I created some homemade Italian Wedding inspired soup, and cooked up a German pancake for the first time.

They were delicious and fed my soul as much as my body. Where do you find meditative presence in your life?


Sweet Beast and Another Surgery

A week ago sweet Daisy went in to have a lump removed from her back paw. It was causing her pain, and we were worried it would grow more, so it was the right decision to have it removed. That said, she's 11 years old now, and watching her struggle with the disorientation and lethargy while the anesthesia was wearing off was heartbreaking.

She did rock the hell out of her purple bootie though! (Then a pink bootie with the bandage change this past Monday, and we'll see what new color they put on come next Monday!)

A week out and she is doing so well. The hardest part is getting her to chill and not get to walk on it as much. She continuously amazes me with how easygoing she is about everything! One more week to go until the stitches are removed, and I can't wait to see my sweet girl all healed up. ❤


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Daisy - The Birthday Girl}

Beautiful, sweet, and loving, I cannot imagine life without our Sweetest Beast.

Daisy is just the best dog!

Happy Birthday Daisy Mae! We love you.


Halloween Fun

We had a multi-part, semi-canceled Halloween celebration this year. An awesome dinner with friends, was part one!

Then it was Girl Scouts Halloween... which was supposed to follow Trunk-Or-Treat at Gwen's school, but unfortunately it was way too cold out for that.

Then there was trick-or-treating in a nearby neighborhood on actual Halloween, which resulting in a lot of yummy candy for all of us.

It was a fun season (despite our lack of decorations). Happy Halloween All! Blessed Samhain. And on to November.



Life has been rather full and busy lately, some big things, but mostly so many little things. Gwen is doing Girl Scouts and Battle of the Books this year which takes up just enough time each week. I'm subbing plenty, and Colorado winter Autumn has kept us on our toes lately (nothing like needing to be dropping Gwen off for a snow delay 5 minutes before you're supposed to start teaching a class!). You may, or may completely not have, noticed I didn't get a post up for Monday. I certainly meant to, but that just didn't happen. Oh well, certainly no one cared as much as I did!

I've been dealing with a shoulder issue for weeks, that turned out to be bursitis. Thankfully I'm almost done with a course of anti-inflammatory meds, and a whole lot of resting that seems to have helped it finally clear up. It was frustrating, painful, and frankly really annoying to deal with. I was trying to take it as easy as possible, which mean skipping a whole lot of demoing when I was teaching, and skipping all of my own regular classes which I would normally take. That was the hardest part. A good portion of my grounding, and I think all of my sanity, comes from those classes. The rest of my body was noticeably more achy and still, but I just felt so much less put together. I'm more then ready to start carefully and slowly reintroducing those classes.

Today is the first of November, and I can't wrap my head around that. Halloween decorations never really happened (though Halloween did, more on that later), and at this rate I don't think anything will go up until Christmas decor after Thanksgiving (3.5 weeks away... 😳). Gwen and I did get in for our flu shots (yay herd immunity!), so I had two sore shoulders for a bit there; we got in some lovely framily and friend dinners, and got to finally watch Hocus Pocus, so it was still a good Halloween season. Here's to more fun ahead... and finding the time to bring you guys along!


Autumn in Colorado is Different

It was grey in the morning, so the snow that fell overnight seemed to reach all the way up to the clouds and beyond.

Snow-packed earth, and a snow-packed sky.

Wet and thick and heavy, it weighed the branches on trees down enough that as I walked under one the top of my hat brushed a branch, causing little showers of flakes to rain down into the neck of my coat, pinpricks of cold on my skin.

Thankfully, despite the cold, the morning was calm; no wind battered our faces, wriggled into our clothes, or froze our ears, and we could actually enjoy the beauty of the fresh white muting out the gold, brown, orange leaves still clinging and reminding us that this was not in fact a winter day, but still smack in the middle of Autumn.

Autumn in Colorado is different. It is equal parts perfect October, reminders of what summer was, and foreshadowing of all that winter will be. If this day was any indication, winter will be full and heavy and pure white cleansing.

And just like everything, such as life, by the afternoon... it was gone.


When Mama's In Town

Last week was Autumn break for Gwen. Earlier this year, we had already decided to forgo a big trip to enjoy some day trips instead, and that intention was confirmed when my Mama decided to come out for a visit! It was so great to have her here, and so fun to do some exploring with her. She took the train out, which is pretty cool. So that first day I picked her up from the train station first thing in the morning (with Travis having taken Gwen to work), then she came to yoga with me. It was fun getting to have my Mama in class for the first time.

After class we headed to pick Gwen up, then went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. It was such a perfect, beautiful Autumn day... just right for enjoying the outdoors.

The Botanic Gardens is such a great combo of outdoor plants, open spaces, and indoor plant space.

  My mom loves plants and flowers, so I knew it would be a great place to take her.

I think the Indoor Tropical area and the outdoor Japanese Garden are my two favorite areas, but it is all so beautiful!

Such a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.

We spent the whole afternoon there.

Then it was time out to meet Travis for dinner at one of our favorite downtown places, Watercourse. Its so delicious there!

Trav took off on Tuesday and Wednesday to join us on some more day trips. We headed up to Estes Park Tuesday morning to check out the town, and to head into Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was another gorgeous day, so we were able to drive all over, and get out for lots of little walks and rock climbing.

Gwen's favorite thing is to scramble up rocks, so she was in heaven.

We went to one of the trails that Elise and I did in May... but boy did it look different!!

We ate lunch in Estes Park before the hike, and after exploring for the afternoon, we headed back into the town for a little shopping.

Then it was back home!

Wednesday we headed in the opposite direction, south to Manitou Springs. Again we stopped in the city, this time doing a picnic lunch.

Then we headed up Pike's Peak! Straight up to >14,000ft!

Its always so amazing seeing the world from that perspective!

After that it was back into the city for a little bit of ice cream! Then home in time for dinner.

Thursday was my mom's last day, so we took it a lot easier. A lazy morning, then headed to the same international food court that we hit up with Ethan and Elise at the end of May (Mango House!) for lunch. So much good food to be had!

We headed to a playground for a bit, then it was time to head into the city to take my mom to the train. 

 It was such a great visit, and over way too soon. Miss you Mom! Come back soon!!