Birth and Babies

I always say that labor and birth are the ultimate introduction to the craziness that is parenthood... to how very much these little beings change our lives, and how little control we have over it! Ha! Its a lesson into surrendering into the process, and rolling with what gets thrown at us.

Without giving away my client's story, there was an induction set for Monday at midnight, then changed to Monday at 8pm, only to have it be time Saturday at midnight. The best laid plans, right?! I made some phone calls, got some classes covered, and then played the waiting game until my client was ready for me to come in.

The on call part of the doula life is the hardest part for me, and definitely the most stressful. But once I get in there, once we're working through labor, and definitely once that baby comes... well it is so damn rewarding and inspiring.

Birth is so magical, and I'm blown away every time that I get to be a part of it. Mama was absolutely phenomenal, rolling with the punches and the uncertainty, and bringing their surprise baby boy into this world with some much power and grace.

I'm ending this post by including a picture of the placenta below (shared with permission). Yes, there's blood... but guys, this is just the most amazing organ, and its beautiful.

What a lucky doula I am!


Recharge and Reboot

Months ago, Trav had scheduled a weekend for him and Gwen to head up into the mountains together for two days of skiing. I love that they do this. Its a great Daddy-Daughter time for them, doing something they both love, plus it came at the perfect time for this Mama to recharge. Two days, all to myself!!

I started off by sleeping in, eating a hardy breakfast and getting. shit. done.
Blog posts, yoga classes, travel planning, de-Christmasing, laundry... it doesn't sound like fun free time, but it got so much off my plate that had been sitting there, being shuffled around for ages. It felt amazing to get it taken care of, and it allowed me to relax into a night with two of my favorite people!

Seeing James's new place, drinking margs and eating guac, talking laughing and bitching. It was so fun to just be out with friends and not worry about anyone at home.

It was good timing too, since Saturday night/Sunday morning my doula client headed into the hospital! (More on that in another post.) I got all the sleep I could that night, then spend the Sunday I had reading, taking walks with Daisy, and resting.

That night my family returned, safe and sound. What would you do with two days all to yourself? 


Health and Wellness and What I Don't Want Next December

Last night I invited my students to really look at the voices in their head, and whether they’re speaking to themselves positively or negatively. As we move into the new year so many people make resolutions, which there’s nothing wrong with, but so often we come at them from a negative slant. So I encourage you to look at the parts of yourself that make you feel healthy, happy, confident, and competent, making resolutions based off of those things, because when we encourage the good things, the rest starts to fall into place. ✨ So instead of telling myself that I’m going to lose the weight that I put on in December, I’m going to encourage myself to keep building strength and health as I have been throughout 2018, heading to the gym and lifting weights in addition to my yoga practice. Instead of chastising myself and making a resolution to eat healthier, I’m going to remind myself that I’m a great cook, and encourage myself to continue to make delicious healthy meals for my family. Instead of focusing on any ground I might’ve lost in my back bending practice, I’m going to encourage myself to keep pushing to be the best damn yoga teacher I can be, creating classes for my students, that work us in all ways. Most of all, I’m going to resolve to love my life and myself as fully as possible. ✨ Be safe and have fun tonight, friends. Know that I love you just as you are. Happy New Years Eve. May 2018 finish with laughter and joy.
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I already shared with you all the amazing things that 2018 held, and some of the things that I'm looking forward to in 2019, but I didn't share any resolutions. That's because I don't necessarily have resolutions for 2019. But I do have things that I want to adjust. I know how I don't want 2019 to end.

Already told you about the headache I experienced around Christmas, but the final straw was when my old enemy showed up... the one I only see when I'm overly stressed and not caring for myself: a cold sore. Ugh. (Hashtag dirty little secret.) So here's what I want to emphasize and adjust, so that December is a lot easier and less stressful next year.

I want to... 
- get back to a weight that makes me feel healthy and comfortable. 
- lift heavier things. 
- regain the flexibility in my back. 
And most importantly: 
- maintain all these thing even when traveling, and during the holiday season next year.

Other then the physical things, I also want to figure out a way to meaningfully give back to my community. I was thinking about offering a certain number of free yoga lessons to under-served areas, but I need to hash out what that would look like. 

Also, job wise I want to have my own class at the new studio I’m subbing at, and I want to travel to teach somewhere - workshops or retreats.  (If you're interested in collaborating, or know a place that would like to host me, drop me a line!) 

More then resolutions, the past few years I've been emphasizing a word or phrase. Balance has been the word for multiple years running, but this year I'm going with three words:

Simplify. Balance. Grow.


House of Stacked Boxes

Sometimes my brain is a house full of stacked boxes. Cluttered and overwhelming, you feel like something is missing but can't be sure. I spent much of the month of December feeling that way, and its not the first December either. I walk around feeling pulled in a million directions, running out of time and patience.

Sometimes that stress can manifest... I ended up with a trip to the ER in December, post Christmas. The Sunday before the holiday I started having a stabbing pain in the back of my head (possibly Icepick Headache or Occipital Neuralgia). At its worst, the stabbing pain was occurring every 15-30 seconds. It was still there on Wednesday, and while lessened in frequency, definitely warranted a call to my doc. He didn't like it and wanted me to head to the ER and be evaluated for a possible aneurysm. Head CT was clear, and I was sent home with instructions for 48hrs with anti-inflammatories. Thankfully it resolved!

Gwen goes back to school Tuesday, and I'm both not ready and relieved. It can be harder to get things done without those school hours, teaching involves some juggling, but all of that also enforces a much needed slow down. The end of the year gets to be too much sometimes, so I'm ready for that pause button. Days of playing and reading, sleeping in and little walks.

I'm feeling more settled and organized, and while there are definitely things to accomplish in those non-parenting hours, I'm ready for it. It doesn't feel overwhelming anymore.

I'm aiming to simplify in 2019. I'm often aiming for this, but I plan to parse life and things, whittle it down to the most important. Get to the core of what makes me - me - and what brings my family and I the most joy.

Here's to less of those boxes when next December rolls around.


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Happy New Year}

We were supposed to go out to a friend's house on New Years Eve, but when the night came, none of us were up for it. So we stayed home. Gwen and I lasted until midnight, and we woke the other two up in time to count down the final minute of 2018 with us. 

A sparkling apple juice toast, and we were all in bed by 12:20.

Happy 2019 guys!