I'm so bad at this lately, but I swear it's not my fault. Busy lately with work, plus some "freelancing" (for lack of a better term) that I am doing for a scholar that is associated with the Institute I work for. I'm very happy/excited for it, and hopefully this won't be the last time that I do something like this. It's not hard work, just time consuming and repetative... but my deadline is July 12th, so its a max of two and a half weeks for a few hundred bucks, plus a bonus if I get it done early. Yippee. Travis has been great about it and volunteered to do all the dishes while I'm working on this stuff, since I've been working on it every night (plus over the weekend he did lots of other stuff around the house, it was great!).

Now I just have to decide what I'm going to use this extra money for. I have a few idea... things I/we have been wanting to get, but just haven't wanted to spend the money on... a tattoo for each of us, good (new!!) walking shoes for me, some new clothes, a new bra (ladies out there know that this is a splurge), some combo of those, or something I couldn't think of in this moment. We always pay extra on our mortgage and my car payment... it will be nice to spend something extra on myself/my hubby. Yippee.

In other news, it's really summer now... even though its felt like it for weeks, this past thursday was the real beginning of summer, and the beginning of the end of long summer days. You know me, the heat has been melting me and I can't wait for the fall. It's almost July though, and July means Cape Cod... so that will help the time fly. Not to mention that Boss is out of town for two weeks... so hopefully that time will pass quickly also. It should be mucho relaxing, but I have so much to get done.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to it. Don't worry, I'm sure with the boss gone, I'll be back sooner rather then later.


for your amusement...

I'm sure this will be appreciated by anyone, but especially anyone who is married...

And this is pretty awesome too... a "green" movie! Go Hollywood.


long long long!

So much to get out, so bear with me if this entry is long long long. First there was the great weekend, then I have some wedding pictures I'm going to post since we just got two CDs with all of our wedding shots (and engagement shots) on them, and finally a good article I want to post for you.

But before I start all that, I want to send a big Happy Father's Day to my Papita!

Father's Day was yesterday, and for the first time (excluding a few carless years in college) I didn't get up to see my daddy for it. But I did call him and wish him the best day, and it seemed like he was having a great one playing croquet with my brother. Ethan and I went in on a gift together and are paying to have my dad's beloved banjo fixed up so he can finally play again. In any case, a Happy Father's day to all the dad's out there... you are appreciated.

Now, our weekend! After NH last weekend, we definitely wanted something lazy and uneventful. It ended up with just the right amount of "stuff"... we were never bored, but we weren't running ourselves ragged. Of course, late nights = not enough sleep = a very tired Megan today!!! Oh well, c'est la vie... it was fun!
Friday night we had Pat over (Ro was away). We ordered some pizzas, watched some TV, then broke out the poker. Travis is a lucky man I tell you... he has to be to have married such a poker playing champ. ;-) I kicked some ass.
Saturday we went out to breakfast, then Pat headed home and we did some chores (well, by we, I mostly mean Travis... he did the lawn and cut down some vines that were taking over our back fence while I watched a horrifying show on the history of the Klu Klux Klan). Pat called around 5 and we headed over to his place to BBQ some burgers/sausages/chicken, and play some video games. Wii Bowling is great. Then the boys made up for the previous night and kicked my ass in Bond. It was bloody, and it was humbling!
Sunday Pat made us some breakfast then we headed to Valley Forge National Historic Park (beautiful) to meet our wedding photographer and pick up all of our albums (etc). We got our album, two parents albums, and the CDs of all our photos. Plus a few prints and a certificate good for five free sittings whenever we have a baby (yowzer). It was great to finally get all this stuff, especially since we are definitely pleased with how everything turned out.

Now to share some pictures.

Engagement shots (we both look a lot better now!!):

My vows.

My flowers.

My dress.

Our unity candle.

Ro doing my mom's buttons:


Group pictures:
(I'm not really that short... for some reason I was leaning over and in...)

Mother-in-law with her two new daughters.

Reception shots:

Damn! That was longer then I thought already... but I wanted to share some of the hundreds of great pictures we got. In fact there are more I want to share, but I can't get the second CD to work... so that will have to be another post. In the next few days I'll be putting all of them online anyway (once I get all my other pictures transfered to shutterfly... yahoo is dropping it's free photo-hosting!!), at which point you can check them all out if you wish. Anyone who attended the wedding... if you want any particular pictures, let me know and I'll send them to you.

Now, just to make things even longer... an article about Angelina Jolie and her role in "A Might Heart"... which I am looking forward to seeing at some point. I've heard only good things, and it should be an amazing movie considering the subject matter. Anyway, the article can be found here, though I'm also going to post it below for easier review.

The Making of 'A Mighty Heart'
'A Mighty Heart' is the story of Mariane Pearl's unquenchable spirit. It's not a bad description of the actress who plays her, either.

By Sean Smith

June 25, 2007 issue - Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to dress actors in Pakistani police uniforms, hand them AK-47s and stand them in the dirt courtyard of a Muslim school in India while children were in class. Still, that gaffe would have been fast forgotten if the film being shot on campus, "A Mighty Heart," weren't about the murder of Jewish American journalist Daniel Pearl by Muslim extremists—and weren't starring Angelina Jolie. When parents showed up that Nov. 16 afternoon to pick up their kids, the gates were closed to keep out the paparazzi who had surrounded the school, their telephoto lenses aimed like rifle scopes. The parents became anxious, so the school opened the gates, and the paparazzi flooded in with them. The film's security guards tried to hold back the crowd. A scuffle ensued. No one was injured. But the following morning, two of Jolie's bodyguards were arrested for intimidation. Unnamed sources in local newspapers claimed that the white British guards had shoved parents and kids and called them "bloody Indians" and "bloody Muslims." "People advised me that this movie was politically dangerous," Jolie says. "I thought maybe I shouldn't touch this. Maybe it would do more harm than good." Just like that—in a perfect storm of post-9/11 tensions and celebrity-obsessed media culture—a minor event had escalated into an international incident, and Jolie had gone from being the most famous star in India to its most famous racist.

The next morning, her bodyguards in jail, Jolie is in a 21st-floor hotel suite on the western edge of Mumbai, where she's set to shoot her final scene of "Heart" as Pearl's widow, Mariane. It will not happen. Jolie, wearing a wig of dark curls and brown contact lenses, sits cross-legged on the floor with four of her fellow actors. Her body is still, but there's anger in her voice. "We've become so eager to accuse people of being racist, but I would rather they make up almost any other story—about me sleeping with someone, anything—but that," she says. "It's not only a crazy accusation, but it's the most insulting thing you could say about me, that I would employ someone who would be disrespectful to someone's race or would harm a child. They take care of my kids." On the other side of the city, Brad Pitt, one of the film's producers, has gone to the police station to try to get the men released. Plans are in the works for him to be interviewed that evening by Barkha Dutt, a.k.a. "the Indian Oprah," to de-escalate the situation (Hollywood's version of fighting fire with fire). Jolie sighs. "People can just hate back and forth, and I understand my own country's irresponsibility with our foreign policy sometimes, but can't we please try to be open-minded, and see that there are some of us who are trying?" Within an hour, the hotel management will shut the film down. Protesters have threatened to surround the building. Jolie's square-shouldered security guard appears by her side and tells her, under his breath, "We need to move you now." Calmly she gathers her belongings, and then turns to a NEWSWEEK reporter. "OK," she says with a smile. "Let's run!"

The irony is that "A Mighty Heart" is, in essence, a plea for international understanding. Four months after 9/11, Pearl, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, was in Karachi, Pakistan, with Mariane, who was five months pregnant with their first child. He was working on a story about a possible Karachi connection to "shoe-bomber" Richard C. Reid when, on Jan. 23, 2002, he was kidnapped by Qaeda members. After releasing a series of increasingly disturbing photos of Pearl in captivity, they beheaded him on a videotape that would be leaked to the media and broadcast to the world. The film is based on the best-selling book of these events, written by Mariane and former NEWSWEEK editor Sarah Crichton. Jolie plays Mariane as she and a team of Wall Street Journal editors, Pakistani counterterrorism experts, FBI agents and others struggle to unravel the tangled terrorist network and find Danny. It is also a film about Mariane's decision, in the wake of Danny's murder, to not seek retaliation or blame Muslims for his death. "To me, it's a story about Danny being held by extremely intolerant people," Pearl says from her home in Paris. "And yet we, in that house in Pakistan—Christian, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim—came together to find him. It's as if two visions of the world were fighting each other."

There's little question that America changed after September 11, 2001. The world, with all its inequities and anger, was suddenly much closer, and we no longer had the luxury of ignoring it. News became more serious and more global, and it seemed for a time that shift would become permanent. Yet paradoxically, the past six years have also seen an explosion in superficial celebrity coverage, as if Lindsay Lohan were a morning-after pill for Iraq. What distinguishes Jolie from every other star of her generation, indeed from every other public figure, is that her journey mirrors both this shift in national consciousness and the schism in media sensibilities. Since 2001, she has evolved from a carnal libertine into a 32-year-old mother of four and good-will ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, visiting populations in crisis in Sierra Leone, Darfur, Thailand, Ecuador, Pakistan and elsewhere. She attends the World Economic Forum. She donates one third of her salary to charity. Oh, and one more thing: she fell in love with Pitt. This combination makes her perhaps the only person alive who is manna to both The New York Times and Us Weekly. She is an unprecedented 21st-century entity, a tabloid star with international credibility, a "soft news" icon commanding respect in a hard-news world.

She also draws a lot of fire for crossing that line. Even after six years, Jolie is suspected of being a dilettante, a "celebrity tourist" to global crises. It's a charge that irritates those closest to her. "What would she have to do to prove that she's sincere?" says Pitt's producing partner, Dede Gardner. "Should she give more money? More time? It's a black-hole debate. When people judge anyone's sincerity, I just think, 'Oh, yeah? What are you doing?' " Still, does Jolie really understand complex global issues, or does she just show up for a photo op wherever the UNHCR sends her? "She's absolutely serious, absolutely informed," says former secretary of State Colin Powell. "Her work with refugees is not something to decorate herself. She studies the issues." Powell has spoken with Jolie several times over the years, and they've been honored together at benefits for refugee causes. There is, he says, no sanctimony about her. "For her, it's not about saving the world, it's about saving kids," he says. "She doesn't need this. This needed her."

It's difficult to spend time with Jolie and remain dubious. "When I first started doing this, I thought I could save everybody," she says. "I was sure that there had to be a simple solution. Now I'm still in the field as much as possible, but spending more time in Washington. You can fight forever to open a tiny shop or vocational training center—and that's fantastic—but if the trade laws stay as they are, it's not really going to help." In April, Jolie and Pitt funded Global Action for Children, a Washington lobby that advocates funding for AIDS orphan programs and education for children in refugee camps. Earlier this month Jolie was invited to join the Council on Foreign Relations, the elite club for the American foreign-policy establishment. It's no room for lightweights. Her fellow members include Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Jimmy Carter, Diane Sawyer and Bill Clinton. "She has evolved in her understanding of where she can make the biggest impact," says her philanthropic adviser, Trevor Neilson. "Her strategies have become extremely sophisticated, and it's clear that she is now a serious player on international issues."

Amid all that, it's easy to forget she's an actress with an Oscar ("Girl, Interrupted"). While Jolie's priorities have shifted in recent years, that evolution hasn't been reflected on screen. With the exception of the little-seen drama "Beyond Borders," Jolie has continued to act in fantasy roles that rely on her sexual allure, such as "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," "Original Sin," "Alexander" and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." These films have helped fund her advocacy work, but they haven't moved the needle on her career. "A Mighty Heart," which opens June 22, does. Shot for less than $20 million by British director Michael Winterbottom ("The Road to Guantánamo") in a raw, documentary style that has become his trademark, "Heart" is a soul-rending depiction of Mariane's struggle to find her husband, and her refusal to let his killers define his life. It is a movie without melodrama or movie-star lighting, and it allowed Jolie to deliver the most delicate, powerful and human-scale performance of her career. This is no fantasy role; this is a real woman. "It's probably the most difficult character I've ever played," Jolie says. "The emotion is so raw and so constant. Mariane was calm, focused, organized, but I would have been hysterical, driving the streets of Karachi like a crazy person."

Driving the streets of Mumbai isn't easy, either, but for different reasons. Jolie is tucked into the back seat of a silver SUV, traveling home to the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, across town from the hotel where she and the "Heart" crew were shooting. There's still no word on her bodyguards, and the incident weighs on her. "It just feels like we're drowning in a lot of confusion about each other," she says. "There's so much anger, and then you look around the streets here and there's so much imbalance and sadness. The focus is off." In this city of 18 million—almost double the population of Los Angeles—a reported 43 percent live in shantytowns and slums. Women plead for rupees on every block near the hotels. At stoplights, boys bang on taxi windows, selling trinkets or begging for rice. "I've never been around such extreme wealth next to such extreme poverty, and so much of it," she says. "It's hard to understand how it has gotten so bad." As we wait in traffic, a boy knocks on the window. He's selling books. She hands him a few protein bars. "Did you see what book he was selling?" she asks, as the SUV crawls forward. "Thomas Friedman's 'The World Is Flat'." She waits for the irony to register. "The first chapter is about outsourcing in India."

Jolie has a gift for intimacy. She smiles frequently, and her body language is relaxed and open. Fame tends to erect a scrim between actors and the rest of the world. When everyone wants something from you—an autograph, a photo, a movie, a million dollars, a quote—it's an understandable defense. But there's nothing guarded about Jolie. She does not evade questions or speak cautiously. She seems like a woman who feels safe in the world, and safe in herself. "She expresses how she feels, honestly," Gardner says. "And she expects the same of everyone around her."

That candor caused quite a stir when Jolie exploded into the national consciousness nine years ago playing a self-destructive bisexual model in "Gia." The daughter of actress Marcheline Bertrand, who died in January, and actor Jon Voight, Jolie had a penchant for knives and tattoos and treated every interview as a therapy session. Then there was the marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, the matching vials of blood, the very public sex life. You get the picture. "Yeah, I did have my wild times," she says with a laugh. It can be difficult to reconcile the Jolie of today with the hellion of yesterday. "We all go through enormous changes," Gardner says. "The truth is, who doesn't look back at who they were at 20 and say, 'Who the f--- is that?' " Fair enough. But it's Jolie's duality—the serious advocate and the sexual icon—that is at the crux of the cynicism about her. Good girls—smart girls—aren't supposed to look like bad girls. She's not playing by the rules. Then again, when Paris Hilton's arrest is top news all day on cable, it's clear that serious journalism isn't playing by the rules anymore either. Jolie understands that. She lives it. And years ago she decided that if the media were going to follow her no matter what she did, she might as well do something worthwhile. "When I was famous for being just an actress, my life felt very shallow," she says. "You've done nothing of any social relevance, and yet you have all these people interviewing you. You don't even know what you're talking about. You're just trying to find yourself." She pauses. "Traveling really did save me. I was just ... happier. It was feeling that I was doing the right things with my life."

It's easy to see why Mariane Pearl and Jolie became friends when they met two years ago. "We have very passionate conversations," Pearl says. "I never walk out of a conversation with Angie without learning something." After Danny's murder, Pearl made a quietly revolutionary decision about how she was going to live, and the life she was going to give to their son, Adam. "Terrorism is a psychological weapon," Pearl says. "It stops you from claiming the world as your own. It stops you from relating to other people. It creates fear and hatred. The only way to fight terrorists, as a citizen, is to deny them those emotions. Deny them fear, and they lose." Suggest that this is a noble position, and she laughs. "I'm not saying this because I'm a nice person," she says. "It's not forgiveness that motivates me. Terrorists expect retaliation. The one thing they're not expecting is my happiness. That's true revenge. And when I see Adam, and I see how happy he is, I think, 'I'm winning'."

It was Pitt who introduced Jolie and Pearl. "Being in the room with those two women is great fun," he says. "It's like sitting down with Roosevelt and Churchill." Pause. "Only much better-looking." In 2003, Pitt bought the rights to "Heart" through Plan B, the production company he shared with his wife, Jennifer Aniston. Aniston, in fact, told a Vogue writer that she was considering playing Mariane. But by the time the film was ready to be made in 2006, Pitt had divorced Aniston and fallen in love with Jolie. Pitt thought Jolie would be perfect casting for Pearl, but didn't bring it up. "I knew the part had to be played by someone with Mariane's strength and understanding of the world, but I didn't know how to broach the subject," he says. "It feels a little like Wolfowitz trying to get his girlfriend a job." When the news broke that Jolie would play Pearl, though, the entertainment press—in a textbook example of post-9/11 media bifurcation—took less than 12 hours to turn a film about the terrorist killing of Daniel Pearl into a celebrity soap opera. The story became that Jolie had "stolen" the part from Aniston, just as Jolie had "stolen" Aniston's husband. (For the record, Pitt's publicist said at the time that Aniston was never in line for the part. Aniston's publicist had no comment.)

The second, and more prophetic, controversy had to do with race. Some black actors, including British actress Thandie Newton ("Crash"), were shocked that Jolie would play Pearl, a woman of Afro-Cuban and Dutch descent. Some blogs went so far as to call it "the new blackface." The studio releasing "Heart," Paramount Vantage, insists that Jolie's makeup was not darkened for the role, and that any complexion variation is caused by the film's lighting. If they are lying—which is probable—it's only by a little. In costume and under natural light, Jolie looks, at most, a shade or two duskier than her natural complexion. Regardless, both Jolie and Pearl say they were blindsided by the charges. "I know that people are frustrated at the lack of great roles [for people of color], but I think they've picked the wrong example here," Jolie says. Pearl is more pointed: "This is not about skin color. I wanted her to play me because I trust her." She sighs. "Aren't we past this?"

After a long drive through the streets of Mumbai, Jolie arrives home at her hotel. As she enters the suite, a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea sweeps out before her, as does a much closer view of the debris of childhood—toys, clothes, sofa cushions—strewn across the floor. Jolie says "hello" to the empty room, and Maddox, 5, bolts from the hallway, leaps into her arms, wraps his legs around her waist, and starts talking at record-breaking speed about what a day he's had and how he did a handstand in the bottom of the pool. Jolie's eyes never leave his face.

After adopting Maddox from Cambodia five years ago, Jolie, and now Pitt, adopted a daughter, Zahara, from Ethiopia in 2005; gave birth to their biological daughter, Shiloh, last May in Namibia, and this spring adopted a son, Pax, from Vietnam. They plan to adopt more. "We want to have as big a family as we can," Jolie says. "Our only restriction is making sure we have time for everybody, and we're finding that we have the ability to do that." Pitt laughs when the topic comes up. "Yeaaahhh, we do things in extremes," he says. "But I've always embraced big changes, and this feels very natural. It's just the most fun I've ever had."

It's a bitter irony that a woman with this family, and this life, is accused of being racially insensitive, but there it is: the gift of a 21st-century global media and the gulf of fear and hatred between East and West that continues to widen. But she and Pitt have become quite skilled at using their wattage to their advantage. That night, Pitt will be interviewed by "the Indian Oprah," giving him the platform to tell the country that the charges are false, and—voilĂ !—the following day, Jolie's men will be released from jail.

It's difficult to imagine that all the noise around Jolie—the paparazzi, the tabloids, the crowds—doesn't take a toll on her, but she insists it doesn't. "People can question your choices, accuse you of things, but your real work and your integrity will [win] out," she says. "All that matters is if I build a strong family, if I'm able to do my advocacy work and if my children are happy." The sentiment is a little traditional, perhaps, for a lightning rod like Jolie. It's no rebel yell. But watching her with Maddox, the two of them standing there, foreheads together, framed by the afternoon light, it seems, somehow, like the most radical thing she's ever said.

Hopefully the whole length of this will post (and hopefully you made it too the end)!! In any regards, happy monday!! Ciao!



It made me very happy to pull up to my house yesterday and see so much yellow! Our flowers are finally blooming, and they are big and bright and beautiful. Plus, another bonus is the random week of thunderstorms we've been having (I LOVE me some storms)... which has cooled everything down so much. There is a chill in the air and I couldn't be happier.

I do still have thee worst case of the summers though. So impossible for me to concentrate. All I can think about is vacation (Cape Cod!!) in a month... I want to get out of here! I'm so restless. Plus, that's when Harry Potter is coming out too, and I'm beside myself waiting for the last book (and the next movie)!! It's so difficult to focus on boring things like membership updates and information packets. But I have so much to do, so I really need to find a way!

And honestly, I've felt pretty restless for a while now... but I think it's just reached a head at this point. It has a lot to do with that thing that I mentioned before, but didn't really talk about (see ps...). It has to do with wanting more tattoos (which I should have a new one before the year is out), and wishing I could dye my hair the way I had it in college (blue highlights, nice!). It has to do with dressing work appropriate and not wearing "freaky" clothes (which honestly, since I don't really get to wear them, I don't own them anymore... and I am comfortable in what I wear most of the time... I just miss it).

I think a lot of people see this kind of stuff as deviant nature, that it's for rebellious teens and that people always grow out of it... but for me it's not. This is my version of normal... with tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, etc. And for me to not be able to dress how I want all the time or to wear a dog collar or some spikes, or have blue in my hair... well NOT doing that feels deviant to me, feels off. I'm fine for a while... then I start to get this inch, this restlessness. It's like someone who loves to travel, and after a certain amount of time at home, they start to feel the inch again... and they have to hop on a plane somewhere. I need to tattoo something or dye something! Lol, sounds dumb I know... but that's just me.

One can't help what they are. I like my music loud, my body tattooed, and my men with tattoos, piercings, and occationally eyeliner.

Well, I really do have to try to get my work done. So I'll leave it at that.... I don't know what else to say anyway.


monday i've got friday on my mind

Tired already, but I think I have a good excuse... 15 hrs of driving over one weekend is a bit too much for me, or anyone I should think. But we made it there (New Hampshire) and back in one piece, without fighting at all (which is amazing because in the car is always when we get on each others nerves the most), and we managed to have a great time in between. Travis actually joked, Over 15 hrs in a car and no fighting... what's happened to us? :-)

I don't have pictures of the wedding to post yet, but hope to soon... my mom took all the good one, so I have to wait for her to send me some. The wedding was very nice though, the bride and groom were very sweet together, and I had a great time dancing with my cousins.

Today getting up was a little difficult, all the driving was exhausting enough by itself... but we also only got about 3.5 hours of sleep on friday night and got up early on Sunday to head to brunch with the family before leaving. Last night was were in bed before 10, and out pretty quickly... but still a bit sleepy today. I have plenty to keep my busy today so the day should go fast.

Well, I should get back to work... but before I do, one quick shout out. I want to wish a Very Happy 2nd Anniversary to Ro & Pat!!

Love you guys!


lazy night

Lounging around and watching silly TV (So You Think You Can Dance... hey, the good ones are really good!). Trav is watching hockey and I'm just not in the mood, so I thought I'd come up here and use the time to post. I never seem to have the time during the day anymore and I don't remember to do it at night, so when I think of it, I'm all over it!

It's been busy at work lately... had an event to take care of, had to do some "manual labor" putting together shelves (blah, don't ask), and plenty of the dreaded busy-work. I did take some time out to read up on my girl Angie who celebrated her birthday this week... and even better, I took some time to call up my best girl Babs who had her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Babs!!!! I love that girl to pieces!

This past weekend was great too. We actually went out on the town! Bar Ferdinand was GREAT! We met two of my coworkers there (Joe and Miyano), plus a bunch of Joe's friend's, and Miyano's husband and baby. Absolutely amazing food, great atmosphere, and of course, wonderful company.

Oh a not so great note, my buddy Nick isn't working at my office anymore. But at least he lives right across the street from work, so we can still get coffee... like we did today.

On a random note, just saw a commercial for the new Nancy Drew movie... I'm so annoyed! Lol, let's see if you agree with me or just think I'm crazy. She is not at all how I pictured her or how they described her in the books and I should know, I've read dozens of them. I used to LOVE ND. Check it out here if you haven't see the trailer. She doesn't look chic, she doesn't look sleuthy, and she doesn't have red hair!! They could have done great things with this character and I feel like they dropped the ball.

Well, now it's almost my bedtime and I still want to start packing for the weekend... so off I go. Ciao!


and it feel so good

How can it not feel good when it's a friday? Have to love the four-day week. I'm counting down the minutes until I can leave... (105) and go home to grill some dinner (shish kabobs!) with my hubby. This week was actually fine, yesterday was stressful with so much to get done, but otherwise it has been fast and uneventful. I did have lunch with Apoc on Wednesday and had a wonderful time. I love friends with whom you always have something to talk about... Apoc is definitely one of those guys. So it's been good.

Not so much for my buddy Nick who seems to be stuck in a power struggle of sorts, but don't know how much I can really say about that... especially since it (thankfully) doesn't involve me! Hopefully it will find a resolution this weekend and all will be back to normal.

In completely unrelated and random news I've definitely switched to the summer clothing rotation... though this year I am being more daring and wearing things I would have been too self-conscious to wear before. I'm not a shy person, but at work especially I would always feel "too aware" of whatever I was unsure of... ie. my thunder thighs showing in a shirt. But baby, the skirts have come out in full force! "Too aware" be damned the legs are showin themselves. It's way too hot for long pants. And it's funny because clearly my feelings on this were mislead... I've received so many nice comments lately about my clothes! Yay!

That was random.

In any case I now have only 30 minutes to go! So back to work... have a great weekend!

ps. Wanted to write another random, but completely unrelated post about how I miss being able to express myself in a physical way more freely because of where I work (ie. blue hair, pierced eyebrow, etc.)... but today I'm just not feeling like writing that kind of post, I'd rather just appreciate what I do have right now. So, another time?