monday i've got friday on my mind

Tired already, but I think I have a good excuse... 15 hrs of driving over one weekend is a bit too much for me, or anyone I should think. But we made it there (New Hampshire) and back in one piece, without fighting at all (which is amazing because in the car is always when we get on each others nerves the most), and we managed to have a great time in between. Travis actually joked, Over 15 hrs in a car and no fighting... what's happened to us? :-)

I don't have pictures of the wedding to post yet, but hope to soon... my mom took all the good one, so I have to wait for her to send me some. The wedding was very nice though, the bride and groom were very sweet together, and I had a great time dancing with my cousins.

Today getting up was a little difficult, all the driving was exhausting enough by itself... but we also only got about 3.5 hours of sleep on friday night and got up early on Sunday to head to brunch with the family before leaving. Last night was were in bed before 10, and out pretty quickly... but still a bit sleepy today. I have plenty to keep my busy today so the day should go fast.

Well, I should get back to work... but before I do, one quick shout out. I want to wish a Very Happy 2nd Anniversary to Ro & Pat!!

Love you guys!

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