and it feel so good

How can it not feel good when it's a friday? Have to love the four-day week. I'm counting down the minutes until I can leave... (105) and go home to grill some dinner (shish kabobs!) with my hubby. This week was actually fine, yesterday was stressful with so much to get done, but otherwise it has been fast and uneventful. I did have lunch with Apoc on Wednesday and had a wonderful time. I love friends with whom you always have something to talk about... Apoc is definitely one of those guys. So it's been good.

Not so much for my buddy Nick who seems to be stuck in a power struggle of sorts, but don't know how much I can really say about that... especially since it (thankfully) doesn't involve me! Hopefully it will find a resolution this weekend and all will be back to normal.

In completely unrelated and random news I've definitely switched to the summer clothing rotation... though this year I am being more daring and wearing things I would have been too self-conscious to wear before. I'm not a shy person, but at work especially I would always feel "too aware" of whatever I was unsure of... ie. my thunder thighs showing in a shirt. But baby, the skirts have come out in full force! "Too aware" be damned the legs are showin themselves. It's way too hot for long pants. And it's funny because clearly my feelings on this were mislead... I've received so many nice comments lately about my clothes! Yay!

That was random.

In any case I now have only 30 minutes to go! So back to work... have a great weekend!

ps. Wanted to write another random, but completely unrelated post about how I miss being able to express myself in a physical way more freely because of where I work (ie. blue hair, pierced eyebrow, etc.)... but today I'm just not feeling like writing that kind of post, I'd rather just appreciate what I do have right now. So, another time?

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