Twins of Evil {2018 Concert #8}

Trav and I hit up a concert last week (two actually, but we'll talk about the other later). Marilyn Manson was back in town, this time with Rob Zombie! We couldn't pass that up!

It was a such good show. A much bigger venue then the last time we saw Manson. We loved all of it, but Rob Zombie absolutely SLAYED! He was phenomenal, and it didn't hurt that we ended up right up by the stage barriers!

I'd don't think I've ever been so close for a concert! 

Zombie is officially added to my list of musicians I will see every time they are in town (along with Dispatch and Walk Off the Earth).


Semi-Wordless Wednesday {Black Eyes}

Gwen got a black eye back in mid-August, an unfortunate collision with a schoolmate. After a night of wake ups to make sure she didn't have a concussion (and once she felt better other then the healing) it was almost fun to watch the bruise progress!



Sometimes at night I can taste autumn in the air. Its crispness, and sweet chill. I linger over Daisy’s last trip outside, gazing at the sky, communing with the moon, letting the wind caress my skin. A good friend told me that the wind carries different messages and the later the hour the more open i feel to receiving them. From my balcony I have the perfect view of Mars, it’s red light noticeable in the milky blackness; and depending on the day and phase, the moon is a bookmark on the other end of my view. It’s a beautiful pairing, Mars all fire and fight, the moon pure and soothing.

Autumn is my favorite, always, but I’ve developed a fondness for summer here in Colorado, where it’s heat is drier and not so suffocating. I love the warm breeze on my skin, the summer thunderstorms. My favorite part of summer though, is definitely the month of August. The nights are the first to tumble into the new season, while the days stay hot and bright. The perfect combination.

August has almost passed us by. The autumnal equinox is less then 4 weeks away. Soon the nights will turn biting, the winds will gain a sharp edge, and the days will take on a softer hue. So for now, you find me drinking in every last moment of summer. Savoring these final days of August.


Playing Catch Up

The moment we got home I felt like we hit the ground running. School was starting just over a week later, our apartment was not quite put together (we'd had the carpets cleaned while we were away, and half of Gwen's stuff was still out of the way in the bathroom!), I was back to teaching, and we had numerous plans with friends.

Picture unrelated, but how sweet is Miss Daisy?!

We managed to sort out numerous bags of toys to donate, and more bags to throw away; we sorted through all the clothes in her closet and rotate out what didn't fit; we bought school supplies, and saw friends for dinners too. We also watched our apartment complex get sold and said goodbye to seeing some of our closest friends everyday. Regular dinners are planned, but its not the same, and its been a hard adjustment.

Things were just as crazy the first week with Gwen back in school, readjusting to a school schedule and getting to go back to taking my regular classes. Things are evening out now, thankfully, though just wait... there's always something new on the horizon!


Birthday Celebrations

I turned 36 on the 15th, which seemed odd since I'd been accidentally saying I was 36 for about 4 months. Ha!

I got my hair done, ate sushi with Trav in the park, and went to one of my favorite yoga classes, which I haven't been able to attend since Gwen got out of school. 

That night we had friends over for dinner. Trav made me a delicious blueberry crisp, and different friends contributed different parts of the meal. 

It was such a beautiful night, so much fun. 

I'm so lucky to enter 36 in such a great way! Can't wait to see what this year holds.



Guys, we did a damn thing!

This was actually my mother's day present, but we finally redeemed it a few days before my birthday. Talk about saying goodbye to 35 with a bang!

It was one of the most amazing, exhilarating experiences of my life! 

It was so beautiful up there. And once the parachute was out and we were coasting down, it was one of the most peaceful times of my life.

I was completely at ease, and in love with this experience. 

I can't believe it guys, I jumped out of a plane!

And I would absolutely do it again!



Summer Roadtrip 2018 (Part 3)

Cape Cod, our home away from home! Its always so amazing to settle in there and have a week with family in a place where we feel completely at ease. There's no rush there, not much in the way of "must do" (since we've pretty much done all of those already), and we get to really take it easy and play it by ear.

We spent days on the lake: kayaking, swimming, fishing, lounging on the beach...

We headed into Hyannis a few times to catch baseball games, eat, or just walk around...

We got some family pictures done one night, walked on the beach another...

And spent a fun day up in Provincetown!

We got to spend time with Trav's parents, his brother, sister-in-law, and our nephew, Wyatt...

And best of all we got to relax!

Once Cape Cod was over, it was time to start the 2,200 mile journey home.

We ate and walked around Harvard Square, then dropped Trav at the airport to fly home. That night we stayed with the Quads in Massachusetts, a fun visit before Maddy heads off to college! Then continued on for a long day to Ohio, to visit with my Aunt and Uncle.

Gwen and Chris had the best time doing crafts together! Then then next day it was time for another long day out to Missouri and Robertsville State Park. We camped that night on a really comfortable site.

From Missouri we headed towards Kansas, making a lunch stop in Kansas City to grab food with an old friend of mine from high school days; then continued on to Western Kansas and another night of camping.

Despite my rather disdainful feelings towards Kansas, the tiny town of Goodland was rather beautiful. 

The next day was our last on the road, a quick, easy 2.5 hour trip home... or so we thought.

The flat tire slowed us down a tad, and caused some frustration... but we got it taken care of with the help of the sweet firefighter who stopped to help me part way through the change. Almost 6,000 miles later we finally rolled into home!

This trip had its ups and downs. There was a moment when I saw a golf cart -- the preferred method of travel for the people who work at my apartment complex -- and I missed them, my Colorado "framily," so bad it was like a punch to the stomach. There were days when Gwen just couldn't spend one more moment in the car, and the panicked instance we realized we completely forgot to pack her any toys. But there was also times she literally squealed with delight, and her eyes lit up with excitement, over new places to explore and the people we got to see.  I will never take these trips for granted, and while I'm so grateful to be home right now, I'm already looking ahead to possible trip routes for next year. Another amazing adventure in the books and so many more to come!