Summer Roadtrip 2018 (Part 2)

From Savannah we made the quick trip over to South Carolina, and my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins on John's Island, starting the northern East Coast leg of the trip (which spanned about 1,600+ miles and 10 states, 7 of which we slept in!).

My family were great hosts, showing so some of Charleston, starting with some BBQ.

Then heading to this great open air market, where we checked out tons of crafts, and the girls got to learn how to make traditional grass baskets.

My cousin's wife took me to check out a distillery that afternoon, while Gwen played with her kids at my Uncle's, then we went by Angel Oak, a huge, gorgeous 500 year old live oak!

We all went out together for dinner that night (shrimp and grits, mmmm)...

Then back to hang out just a little more before everyone headed to bed.

We had to leave first thing the next morning, because our next stop was in DC, about 8.5 hours away. We were both sad to leave our SC family, but it was made easier by the fact that our next stop was with my brother, Ethan and his wife, Elise! 

Like Aunt, like niece!

We scheduled two nights in DC this year so we could actually play tourist this time. Something I haven't gotten to do in years and years, and Gwen hadn't ever gotten to do. 

We hit up the Botanical Gardens first, doing a little plant seek and find, then walked over to the Museum of the American Indian.

That was a favorite for everyone.

After that we strolled along the National Mall, ate some ice cream to battle the heat, then decided to hop a Lyft over to the Zoo.

It was a heinously hot, humid day, so we gave up after that, heading back to their apartment and the relief of the pool.

I love watching my brother and Gwen interacting... they just love each other so much. And Elise has such a way with her. 

After DC we headed out to Delaware to visit another of my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins. They live right by the beach, but they also have a pool in their neighborhood... so knowing we would be spending a week in Cape Cod soon, and that we'd just been in the ocean in Georgia, we opted for the closer, less sandy option.

Gwen and Tommy got on so well, and it was so amazing for me to have the chance to catch up with "the other" Megan.

Time with my Uncle Wray and Aunt Susie is always a highlight of our trip East, and this year was no exception... so happy that we'll be seeing them again in September!

From Delaware, we made the journey up to Pennsylvania, with the first stop being at Babs's parent's house, since she was home at the same time!!

We grilled, swam, and just enjoyed being together in our home state.

Then it was on to my parent's and the biggest stop of our journey so far. We were there from Monday through Friday, bringing us to two weeks into our journey.

It also found Travis joining our journey as well! I drove down to Media on Tuesday to meet him and a college buddy (Apoc) for lunch.

We swung by our old house on the way out to pick something up. It was interesting seeing it again, from the outside.

We had something everyday while visiting my parents. Gwen got her hair trimmed by Cindy, the same woman who always cut my hair, then we went to see TAL: Beyond Imagination, a circus inspired performance at Muhlenberg College.

We fed the neighbors donkeys and alpacas.

And I went to get some work done on my phoenix tattoo.



The days went by too quickly, of course, and on Friday, we headed out to Connecticut. There I got to meet up with SaraMarie for the first time since she left Colorado. We all ate Thai food and ice cream.

Then it was time to head over to another Connecticut friend, my momspiration, Elise and her beautiful family for the night.

We enjoyed a great dinner, and Gwen ran around like a nut job with Elise and Andrea's kids, then we ended the night with s'mores around the fire, and sparklers! Lady knows how to make people feel welcome!

The next day it was time to head out to Cape Cod! And that's where I'll pick up next time!

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