Girl Scouts - Year 2

Gwen just had her first Girl Scout meeting of the new year, and her first GS meeting with a new troop! We enjoyed her troop last year, but they decided to "split up" in a way at the end of the year, because the leader could no longer lead, and with the absence of her girls, there weren't enough of the younger girls to continue with both age ranges. The former leader did help us find a new troop for Gwen, still close, and we got to meet them all this past Monday.

We're really excited... now. Gwen was more nervous/unsure as we were driving there, but it was all bubbly excitement as we left! There are a lot more girls in this troop, and they seem to have a lot more varied interests that match ours. They are super active, doing a lot of fun field trips  (and even overnights) throughout the year, so we can't wait to experience some great new things and earn some fun new patches.

I can't wait to share some of the fun things we do through out the year (coming up in October... Zombie Survival Event!!).


Let's Talk Gender

So first lets just get this right now there... do we all know the difference between sex and gender? Super quick version: sex is about your body, gender is about who you feel yourself to be, and sexual orientation is about to whom you’re attracted sexually.

Unshortening that just a smidge: sex refers to the biological differences between males and females, such as the genitalia and genetic differences, while gender is generally referring to the roles we play, that of a male or female in society or an individual's concept of themselves, or gender identity. Sometimes these match, sometimes they are completely different, and more often there is a whole beautiful spectrum in between. Cis refers to those who are born with sex and gender identities in alignment, while other refer to themselves as transgender, non-binary, or gender-nonconforming (just to name a few).

A super easy thing to do when you aren't sure if someone's gender and sex align, or aren't sure of one or the other, is simply to ask what their preferred pronouns are. Its a super easy way to make sure that you're being respectful of people, and addressing them in a way that feels positive and affirming!

Why am I even bringing this up? Well, I've recently had someone I love come out to me as trans, and as these things do, it got me thinking just a little bit deeper about gender. Add to that a few times lately where I've been misgendered ("well, you have more tattoos then girls normally have..." 😕), and then culminating in a conversation with a really amazing friend of mine, who decided (intuitively?!) to check in on my pronouns...

While the reasons I was misgendered made me raise an eyebrow or two, I actually wasn't hurt or upset by the pronouns themselves. I'm not trans, I don't feel that I was born in the wrong body, but I do align more with the "titles" of gender fluid/gender queer, and that feels good. I have a lot of masculine energy at times, and don't get bothered when that translates to people calling me Sir, or Gwen's Dad, or He.

I wanted to talk about this because I know that for most people these conversations are new. Trust me when I say that these feelings aren't new, trans people aren't new, but for a lot of people, being this open about it is new.


Counting Up and Counting Down

We've completed two weeks back to school, and we're settling into the comforting routine of it all. It feels good, the time I have back to myself, the ease of teaching without having to worry about dragging someone else around or dropping them off/picking them up. I love the routine of morning, time to drink my green tea on the balcony, walking Gwen to school. We're trying something new this year, at Gwen's request, and its been working out really well. She's getting to be so grown up and responsible, and I think this has been the easiest back to school adjustment yet.

The only thing off about it is the still very warm weather we've been having (lots of days in the 90s), which my body is confused by. School = Autumn to me, so my body is craving that delicious, cooler, crisp Autumn weather. Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, is exactly one month away... not that I'm counting. (Lies, I'm 100% counting.) I think this was the most I've enjoyed a summer yet, weather and all, but I will still always and forever be an Autumn girl.

I'm back to doing some doula work, working on call with a local midwifery center, which I'm very excited about. Its the best possible way I can think of to incorporate my yoga work and doula work. Still being on call (as is just part of the doula life), but on scheduled days to work around my teaching schedule.

Outside of school Gwen has had some rough days. She's growing so quickly, and getting to that prepubescent stage where the brain starts going crazy with changes, and we're learning together how to navigate it all. Some days we are the best team, and some days we don't want to be in the same room together by the end of it all. Thankfully, underneath it all, she's still the same amazing, loving, kind kid she's always been. But we'll take all the easy going vibes you want to send us!! 

Life feels so very good and sweet right now (despite the autumn longing, and the growing angst). Here's to more settling in, and finding ease.



Last Thursday was my 37th birthday, and it was absolutely lovely.

I did some shopping with friends, treated myself to my free Starbucks drink, and got my hair done...

I was treated to lunch by two of my favorites (James and Panda), where I got some amazing saffron risotto.

I got one of my favorite perfumes from my Babwa, as well as books, boots, and spending money. Not to mention so many amazing well-wishes.

Trav cooked me a favorite family dish (a Vegan Mac), which we ate with fried chicken and angel food cake. It was an absolutely amazing day!

Thank you to all who helped me ring in the new year with such cheer.



I got the chance to head back to Wanderlust this year, for my third time. It was different this year then my other experiences, in that it was a weekend long event, but it wasn't the full sleep away festival. I got to head home both nights to my own bed.

It was fun, so full of yoga, and some of my favorite teachers! Seane Corn, Chelsey Korus, Gina Caputo, just to name a few.

Hanny and Krystal were also there, which was an awesome surprise!

It was the most yoga I've done since before all our summer travels (and honestly, probably since the summer started), so I was a little tired and sore... but in the best possible way!

I love these little weekend recharges, me time on my mat to get away without going away!

The festival ended on a slightly lackluster note, with thunder canceling some of the classes, and not the best communication between festival volunteers and attendees, but overall it was a great experience!

Hopefully it will work out for me to be back again next year Wanderlust!


Back To School

Today is the first day of 4th Grade....

4th GRADE!!

It blows my mind how fast summer went, that my baby is in the 4th grade already.

We're both excited for this school year, and I have high hopes its going to be a great one for Gwen.


This and That

We're certainly keeping busy in our first week back from travels.

Besides our normal teaching, errands, etc.: Monday Gwen had a tooth extracted... this is her 5th if you're keeping track! Poor girl definitely inherited both Trav and my teeth issues, and added them together. This extraction was way easier then the last time when she had 4 done at once! She'll be starting invisalign later this month to hopefully prevent a lot more issues down the line. Please send vibes that it goes well!

Wednesday we got to head to her school to find out who her teacher is going to be this year, see her classroom, and check out some of the updates they've done to her school over the summer. They have more seating options, all of them with at least some sensory input (gentle bouncing, balancing aspects), which will probably being distracting for the first few days, but great in the long run! Her new teacher seems nice, and I think she’s a little more excited to go back Monday. I'm not excited for a daily 7am alarm, but am excited for a little bit more routine.

It took a very full day of running up and down stairs to the car, running the washer and dryer non-stop, and so much sorting, but I got everything unpacked and put away from our trip (finally). Gwen got to have a few playdates with friends, and I think all-in-all it was a great last week, and we're as ready for the school year ahead as possible!