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We're certainly keeping busy in our first week back from travels.

Besides our normal teaching, errands, etc.: Monday Gwen had a tooth extracted... this is her 5th if you're keeping track! Poor girl definitely inherited both Trav and my teeth issues, and added them together. This extraction was way easier then the last time when she had 4 done at once! She'll be starting invisalign later this month to hopefully prevent a lot more issues down the line. Please send vibes that it goes well!

Wednesday we got to head to her school to find out who her teacher is going to be this year, see her classroom, and check out some of the updates they've done to her school over the summer. They have more seating options, all of them with at least some sensory input (gentle bouncing, balancing aspects), which will probably being distracting for the first few days, but great in the long run! Her new teacher seems nice, and I think she’s a little more excited to go back Monday. I'm not excited for a daily 7am alarm, but am excited for a little bit more routine.

It took a very full day of running up and down stairs to the car, running the washer and dryer non-stop, and so much sorting, but I got everything unpacked and put away from our trip (finally). Gwen got to have a few playdates with friends, and I think all-in-all it was a great last week, and we're as ready for the school year ahead as possible!

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