Sunsets and Sickness

The air smelled like honeysuckle one evening last week, when I took Daisy for her walk. The day had hit 90*, so the strong breeze felt wonderful. The sensation, but also the freedom of being out there, no one around and a wide one sky.

It was, at that point, about ten days into being sick. My second round of antibiotics. I was just tired of being tired, and sick of being sick. I hated just feeling bad. A little fresh air, and movement helped, if only for a few moments. 

My mental health hasn't been great, made so much worse by my physical aches. I feel like I don't have things to say right now, or much to contribute at all. Things are probably going to be quieter around here. I hope you'll forgive me.



Travis turns 40 today, a new decade of life. We were supposed to have a celebration for him tomorrow, a surprise party with friends and family from around the country... complete with BBQ and Little Man Ice Cream. Man this pandemic stuff is weird. But, we'll find other ways to celebrate. Lots of naps, order in some food, gifts for the guy that makes all of this crazy life work. I wish I had more words, but Coronavirus seems to have robbed me of those as well. So wherever you are reading this, please take a moment today to think of my guy and wish him a decade that only goes up from here. He is deserving of so much good.



Last week I headed to the local nursery to grab some plants. The prior day, I'd had a really bad day mentally, and realized that there were a lot of little things that had been adding up to bring me down. Besides walking and one yoga class a week, I'd really let my physical activity slide; my food choices hadn't been great; and I had been missing lots of little pick me ups that are normal for this time of year. So, I asked my bff to be my workout accountability partner, made the choice to make better food decisions, and ... took a quick, masked up, jaunt to our local nursery.

I repotted my one indoor plant, then went to work on the porch.

I also swept everything up afterwards, and it made such a huge difference.

There is so much beautiful color to enjoy on our porch now! Just sitting out here instantly brightens my mood, and I think Daisy agrees.

There is so much outside of our control right now, its more important then ever to make the things we can control work in our favor. Hope wherever you are, and however you're feeling, your days have some beautiful color to them!


Gwen Writes

Twittle and Splash’s Great Escape

It was a perfect, sunny summer day in the Pacific near Hawaii and two little clownfish were on an adventure. The brothers Twittle and Splash look a lot alike with orange scales and white stripes, except Splash had black on the top of his body. Both are kind and love adventures, that is why they are best friends. Twittle pulled out a map from their adventures, the brothers made it to show all the places they discovered. At the center was the town they lived in. “Let's go explore what's beyond the pirate ship!” exclaimed Splash. “Yes!” Twittle answers excitedly, and with that they sped away.

“EEP,” screamed Splash, “A shark, RUN!” They had just arrived at the pirate ship when a giant shark popped up in their way, they turned around and were going to head back to town when two more sharks appeared behind them. Twittle and Splash darted towards the uncharted spot on their map, that was the only way to go. They swim into a murky tunnel half in the sand, half in a huge wall. “We lost them,” sighed Splash. “Yes, but now we're lost!” proclaimed Twittle. “Maybe we can follow this tunnel out,” Splash suggested, “Then we can worry about getting home.” They followed the tunnel until they reached a dead end. The brothers hear a grumpy fish yell, “Get out of my home!” They turn around and see an old lion fish, so they quickly swam to the tunnel entrance and poked their heads out. To their horor the sharks were still there. They sped out of the tunnel and swam away from the sharks, then the sharks spotted them and it became a chase.

“Look, I think I see the pirate ship!” yelped Splash. As quickly as they could they sprinted into their secret clubhouse, in the pirate ship. Twittle looks down and spies something that gives him an idea on how to escape. Twittle describes his plan to Splash and they get to work. The next thing the sharks see is what looks like one of the fish trying to escape, as they chase the wind-up toy fish Twittle and Splash get away. When they got home they marked a blank spot on the map shark zone, even though it was frightful it was an exciting adventure.

(Gwen, Grade 4)



I'm not sure that Daisy knows what to make of us being home all the time. She is a little worn out by all the walks and attention. 

But boy does she love it!

I do worry, just a little, about how she'll take it when we start back to work again. And I think the next time Gwen and I travel, she's going to be a little depressed! But the beautiful thing about pups, is she is not at all thinking about when this time might end. And I'm basking in all this time with my sweet beast. 


4.5 Miles

The soft pattering of rain, and the gentle plodding of muted footfalls.


Buds on flowers, trees, shrubs the new fresh green so bright it was almost iridescent, glowing against the more muted tones of the Evergreens. 

If you want to be alone right now, go outside when the clouds are heavy with impending release. Damp skies, and rain splattered earth. Then follow the small trail. 

Ninety minutes, and 4.5 miles, all to myself… to move, to play. That's my moving meditation.


Manifesting - But What is Destiny

two stories of
stone, wood, windows
light filled and cozy
space for private thoughts
and a deck for merging
indoors with outside
kitchen made for baking
smells that will fill the house
Om and Shanti Shanti
And oh, that damn breadbox too

       Of course.