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Twittle and Splash’s Great Escape

It was a perfect, sunny summer day in the Pacific near Hawaii and two little clownfish were on an adventure. The brothers Twittle and Splash look a lot alike with orange scales and white stripes, except Splash had black on the top of his body. Both are kind and love adventures, that is why they are best friends. Twittle pulled out a map from their adventures, the brothers made it to show all the places they discovered. At the center was the town they lived in. “Let's go explore what's beyond the pirate ship!” exclaimed Splash. “Yes!” Twittle answers excitedly, and with that they sped away.

“EEP,” screamed Splash, “A shark, RUN!” They had just arrived at the pirate ship when a giant shark popped up in their way, they turned around and were going to head back to town when two more sharks appeared behind them. Twittle and Splash darted towards the uncharted spot on their map, that was the only way to go. They swim into a murky tunnel half in the sand, half in a huge wall. “We lost them,” sighed Splash. “Yes, but now we're lost!” proclaimed Twittle. “Maybe we can follow this tunnel out,” Splash suggested, “Then we can worry about getting home.” They followed the tunnel until they reached a dead end. The brothers hear a grumpy fish yell, “Get out of my home!” They turn around and see an old lion fish, so they quickly swam to the tunnel entrance and poked their heads out. To their horor the sharks were still there. They sped out of the tunnel and swam away from the sharks, then the sharks spotted them and it became a chase.

“Look, I think I see the pirate ship!” yelped Splash. As quickly as they could they sprinted into their secret clubhouse, in the pirate ship. Twittle looks down and spies something that gives him an idea on how to escape. Twittle describes his plan to Splash and they get to work. The next thing the sharks see is what looks like one of the fish trying to escape, as they chase the wind-up toy fish Twittle and Splash get away. When they got home they marked a blank spot on the map shark zone, even though it was frightful it was an exciting adventure.

(Gwen, Grade 4)

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