So busy today, don't have time for anything but work... so just a few seconds to spend her and let you know that I'm meaning to write and that I'll be back soon.

- Can you believe it's been 10 years already?! I can't.
- Got my new camera... enjoying trying it out, and imagine I'll have some pictures to show after this weekend.
- Decluttering off to a good start.
- I'm aware that my banner seems to be missing... am working on fixing that. ::big sigh::
- 28 days until Ireland... woot woot!
- Have a great LONG weekend. Yay Labor Day!



take me away

Great time with my brother this weekend thru today... but I'll talk about that later. Right now, this is how I'm feeling:

I said I wanna touch the earth
I wanna break it in my hands
I wanna grow something wild and unruly

I wanna sleep on the hard ground
In the comfort of your arms
On a pillow of bluebonnets
In a blanket made of stars

Oh it sounds good to me I said

Cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high as you can
Into the wild blue
Set me free oh I pray
Closer to heaven above and
Closer to you closer to you

I wanna walk and not run
I wanna skip and not fall
I wanna look at the horizon
And not see a building standing tall

I wanna be the only one
For miles and miles
Except for maybe you
And your simple smile

Oh it sounds good to me
Yes it sounds so good to me

Cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high as you can
Into the wild blue
Set me free oh I pray
Closer to heaven above and
Closer to you closer to you

I said I wanna touch the earth
I wanna break it in my hands
I wanna grow something wild and unruly
Oh it sounds so good to me

Cowboy take me away
Fly this girl as high as you can
Into the wild blue
Set me free oh I pray
Closer to heaven above and
Closer to you closer to you
Closer to you
Cowboy take me away.
Closer to you

--Dixie Chicks, Cowboy Take Me Away

I wanna look at the horizon and not see a building standing tall. The country girl in me is yearning.


drowning in happy things

This weekend, Ethan comes down... plus a housewarming in DE.
--> 3 weeks until we pick up our new (to us) loveseat, oversized chair, end tables and coffee table from Spo in NJ!! Yippee!
--> 4 weeks until my uncle's wedding in CA
--> 5 weeks until we leave for Ireland
(6 weeks+ until we get back)
--> 7 weeks until our 1 year wedding/7 years together anniversary
AND Trav's brother Scott's wedding in Pittsburgh
--> 8 weeks until my other uncle's wedding in NJ (and a weekend in a beach house with my family! very exciting!)
--> 9 weeks until I visit Lauren in NYC, and celebrate Halloween city-style

Those are just the "big" things (aka. involving travel, etc)... not included on there is taking my brother into the city for a day of being a tourist, dinner with Brian & Stacey, watching my bro get his hair chopped for Locks of Love (awesome!), a Beef & Beer fundraiser for one of Trav's coworkers who has cancer, the first day of Fall (4 weeks, 2 days), and three birthdays.

And that's just thru October...

I'm so excited for everything to come, but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed! In the next 9 weeks, I'll be in five different states and another country. Plus, I might travel to DC for work in October... in which case, six states (including PA).

I think I'm going to do my best to not make any plans for Novemeber or December (minus holidays) unless they are extra special... and just have some spur of the moment fun with our friends.

Back to work for me! Ciao!

Ps. Let's not even think about the fact that it's only 17.5 weeks until Christmas!!
Considering how fast the other 34 weeks of this year have gone, it's going to be here before we know it.

P.p.s. Did you notice that I wrote yesterday too... I'm on fire. ;-)


rain, rain, go away

It's still raining. Warmer now, with a high today of about 78*... but at this point still chilly and damp out. This morning my Local on the 8s (weather channel) actually skipped its normal info and showed me doplar radar images from all over the country. Rain everywhere! This weekend is supposed to be back in the 90s though, and I'm sure I'll be missing this!

So, the past few days have been crazy. Even since before my last post, although I wanted to cover all the fun things in that one. If you are squimish, or don't want to read about women's things... skip this section... head down to the bolded, "On another much fluffier note".

Yesterday I took a home pregnancy test. I knew before I took the test, without a doubt, that I was not pregnant... but seeing as today is day 40 of this cycle and I wanted to give the doc a call, I knew I had to test (they would ask, and I wanted to be able to answer). You probably wonder why I'm talking about this, who wants to read it, right? Well, I wanted to write about it because, to be honest, even though I can't wait to have kids, those were the longest five minutes of my life. And my brain was on fast forward the entire time, so many things flash through your head at that point because in truth, you can never be 100% sure (well, unless you are chaste!).
I have never thought about more things in any five minute period then I did right then. There are (in no particular order) the selfish things: I want to drink in Ireland! And we would have to cancel our trip to Cabo! Then there are the baby-centered selfish things: This is NOT the way I want a pregnancy to start off. I want to have more saved up towards rainy day fund, future house fund, be able to buy the baby some furniture for-pete's-sake fund. And I want to have more done to the house so we can fit a baby! Finally there are the Parentally Passionate things: It's scary to think about bringing a child into this world full of hate, war, disease, poverty, etc. Trust me that those things aren't going to stop me from having kids, but I want to have a plan of attack in mind first (aka, how will I raise my child, how will I address these issues), before the whole pregnancy thing.

The test, just to clarify, was a very clear negative.

The doctor was reassuring... very normal, happens to lots of women (especially after they go off the pill), periods should even out after 6 months. Then she says not to worry, unless I go three months without a period... Three Months?! Are you kidding me?! I would go broke buying home pregnancy tests by the case! Travis would have a stomach ulcer and a nervous twitch! Three months my ass. We'll see what happens.

I guess that's all I really wanted to say about that... but its just crazy to think that one little blue line could change your life so completely. It's crazy what pops into your head when confronted with the fact that there is always the possibility. We do want to have kids, but just not yet. We want to be ready, really ready, for them first. Able to provide the best that we can for them, and probably have better paying jobs!
And yes, we want to able to be greedy for a little while longer! Plan things around international travel and go drinking with friends on the weekend. I don't think that's a horrible thing to want at 25. In any case...

Oh another much fluffier note, I was thinking about my declutter plan, and about my closet (the next item on my list) and I think I really need to do a wardrobe overhaul. Susan is one of my inspirations for this decision.
I have too many clothes for one. So there would be a strict two-out for one-in policy. And I would want all practical, non-trendy/so-hot-right-now items. Things that are comfortable, well made, and that will last... not that will go out of style in a year. I have so many items right now that just sit in my closet because they only go with one or two other things... some shirts that only look right if worn with certain pants for example. No more of that.

What would I get? Well there is this sweater (which I like because it is simple!), a new pair or two of work pants, and possibly a pair of ballet flats (because they are simple, and comfortable and I don't want to wear one pair of shoes and one pair of boots alllllll winter). And then maybe this tweed hobo... because I'm a purse-aholic and it's just awesome.
I'm also looking for a new pair of sandals to replace the ones I have now, which I've pretty much warn through, and which will probably snap anyday now. So far these are the top choice.

Well, how's that for random? Okay, I have to get back to work... I have so much to get done!! I feel better to get all that out though!


shades of gray

I can practically smell fall (one month, two days...).

It is raining... nonstop. It started Sunday and it's still going, and if the doplar radar is any indication, it's not going to stop any time soon.

But at least we aren't dealing with this.
And to be honest, I'm willing to deal with the rain because the tempature right now: 60* ... which feels amazing, and not like sweating. I'm wearing a polo shirt, heavy cords, and a sweater for pete's sake!! :-) Fabu. The temp will be rising for the rest of the week, but this reprieve... makes it all worthwhile.

So what else is new and fabulous?! Well, let's start with last week. We ended up driving into the city twice (very unusual for us, it takes a lot to get Trav into the city). The first time was Wednesday night for my birthday dinner at Morimoto's!

I love that restaurant, and we had such a great dinner. The food was amazing, and we ate way too much!! We started off with the rock shrimp tempura in a spicy 'Kochujan' aioli, and the chilled green tea noodles with chopped scallion, fresh wasabi, and dashi-shoyu sauce for dipping. Then we each had a roll (salmon for me, eel and avacado for trav) and shared the dry aged New York Strip Steak with fresh wasabi dipping sauce, and I had two Raspberry Bellinis.

Then we immediately fell into a food-coma!!

Friday we took another trip into the city to see the Eagles vs. Panthers preseason game. It was exciting to see McNabb on the field, and we definitely enjoyed the chance to watch a football game in person. We don't get to do that too often.
The game itself was good, interrupted only briefly (and only during halftime) by some crazy (and very close!) lightning, and a torrential downpour that only lasted about 10minutes. We had another great night though.

We travelled again on Saturday... this time into New Jersey to visit some of Trav's college friends. It was great because we don't get to see them often as it is about a two hour trip, and of course, busy schedules. Espo was one of Trav's best friends in college...

Her and her husband Eric (below), have a 9 month old son now... and this was the first time we got to meet him!

He is the sweetest little thing! So big though, especially compared to mom and dad (who are both on the small size).

There were three other friends there, whom we hadn't seen in at least as long as Espo & Eric. We all BBQed and hung out... and when dinner was over, they surprised me with this:

I was completely surprised, and so honored!

In other news, the door is completed and hung (pictures to come)... the electrician has done his thing... and we have a air conditioner in our window! Of course, it's funny timing considering we definitely don't need it right now... but it's good to know that we have it if we need it!

We've also been pretty productive lately with the cleaning and organizing. Our office looks amazing, and our guest bedroom is pretty damn uncluttered too. A good thing since my brother is coming down this weekend. I've giving myself uncluttering goals for each month, so that hopefully our house will look completely spruced up by the new year. Next step... my closet.

We've both been busy at work as well. We don't have anything "going on" at work for me right now, but so mucy coming up that we have to prepare for that it's keeping me super busy. Looks like there will be more travelling next year too. Sweet!

Let's see... the Quads and fam are officially Bostonites now. This weekend, when I head up to my parents for a hair cut, will be the first time in ages (I'm talking years, minus the occational them being away) that I don't see Laura and the kids afterwards. I'm glad I'll have my brother with me on the way home for distraction/entertainment... because I'm getting a little choked up just thinking about it. I miss them already. It's not the end of the world... but Boston sure seems far right now. :-(

Well, speaking of lots of work... I should get back to it. Back sooner then last time! Ciao!


portrait of a 25 year old.

Feeling damn good for a quarter century... :-)

With a card from Travis and a little cake from my coworker.

Yumm.... Not to mention, lunch and dinner to look forward to. Have a great day!!


time flies when you're having fun...

Wow, for a Monday, today has completely flown by! I've had this window open since quarter after 9 this morning, and I'm just getting around to writing.

First to start off with a little attention whoring:
I have the best friends! I really do! Wednesday will be the big quarter century :-) ... a birthday that I've actually been looking forward to (in and of itself). Now I'm bursting for the 15th to come because my awesome friends (Slink [right] & Apoc) are taking me out to lunch at Tir Na Nog!
Of course, that evening is also when my wonderful husband is taking me to dinner at Morimoto's. It's going to be a good food day!

In any case, I've been keeping very busy lately. Last monday was dinner with Ro & Lauren at Swanky Bubbles here in Philly. That was a blast! I miss hanging out with Lauren, and we really lived it up for the evening. Tons of great food, some killer martinis, and lots of catching up. We also made plans to visit her in NYC at the end of October. Let the debaturous planning commence.

Work kept me busy all week... especially since my coworker Miyano was out for the last three days. Our dinner with Brian & Stacey got postponed, so we are looking forward to that soon too. I didn't enjoy the killer heat through Thursday... but the 70* weather we had on Friday and into the weekend, that was nice! Maybe fall is closer then it seems.

This past weekend was very nice. No official plans, except to have the electrian come out. We are finally getting our plugs changed from two prongs to three prongs so that we can have an A/C in our bedroom! We slept in, relaxed, ate too much and watched movies. But we also stained our bedroom door... hallelujah (which is the real reason we can have A/C now)! and cleaned, and I got to go walking twice with my new shoes (once by myself on Saturday - 3.5 miles, then with Ro on Sunday - 5miles here).

Good times.

In news items, what do you think about this: Rove Resigning. Believe me, I won't complain! I feel like he's almost trying to cut his loses... seperate himself from a sinking ship (not that it can get much lower). But like I said, I won't complain that his rein is ending. Comments?

Okay, time to head out. More soon, I swear.



Out for a fun girls evening with Ro & Lauren (my hoser)... I'm very excited, I haven't had a girls night out in a while. Yippee!!



More fun things to look forward to (that have come up this week):
- Oct. 20th, the tentative date for my DC uncle's wedding
- My brother will be visiting Trav and I for four/five days at the end of August! Very exciting... he's a fun guy and I'm looking forward to showing him around Philly.

My boss was out yesterday and today... making for relaxing days... although today has also been the slowest day in history. Bah.

Waiting eagerly to hear about Mainline Mom and her new baby boy... I do love me some baby. Already looking forward to next Wednesday when we'll get to see Kieran again for dinner at Brian & Stacey's.

Oh! And Trav gave me my birthday present last night... new running/walking shoes!
They are beautiful ;-) and more importantly, they are super comfortable, supportive, and made to last. I made sure to pick good ones (at a running shop - got fitted and they observed my walk to see what kind of shoe i needed), so that they will take the miles I plan to put on them next year. Very excited to break them in.

Now I have a fun weekend again, if I can just get through the next hour(ish). More on Monday.