drowning in happy things

This weekend, Ethan comes down... plus a housewarming in DE.
--> 3 weeks until we pick up our new (to us) loveseat, oversized chair, end tables and coffee table from Spo in NJ!! Yippee!
--> 4 weeks until my uncle's wedding in CA
--> 5 weeks until we leave for Ireland
(6 weeks+ until we get back)
--> 7 weeks until our 1 year wedding/7 years together anniversary
AND Trav's brother Scott's wedding in Pittsburgh
--> 8 weeks until my other uncle's wedding in NJ (and a weekend in a beach house with my family! very exciting!)
--> 9 weeks until I visit Lauren in NYC, and celebrate Halloween city-style

Those are just the "big" things (aka. involving travel, etc)... not included on there is taking my brother into the city for a day of being a tourist, dinner with Brian & Stacey, watching my bro get his hair chopped for Locks of Love (awesome!), a Beef & Beer fundraiser for one of Trav's coworkers who has cancer, the first day of Fall (4 weeks, 2 days), and three birthdays.

And that's just thru October...

I'm so excited for everything to come, but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed! In the next 9 weeks, I'll be in five different states and another country. Plus, I might travel to DC for work in October... in which case, six states (including PA).

I think I'm going to do my best to not make any plans for Novemeber or December (minus holidays) unless they are extra special... and just have some spur of the moment fun with our friends.

Back to work for me! Ciao!

Ps. Let's not even think about the fact that it's only 17.5 weeks until Christmas!!
Considering how fast the other 34 weeks of this year have gone, it's going to be here before we know it.

P.p.s. Did you notice that I wrote yesterday too... I'm on fire. ;-)

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