time flies when you're having fun...

Wow, for a Monday, today has completely flown by! I've had this window open since quarter after 9 this morning, and I'm just getting around to writing.

First to start off with a little attention whoring:
I have the best friends! I really do! Wednesday will be the big quarter century :-) ... a birthday that I've actually been looking forward to (in and of itself). Now I'm bursting for the 15th to come because my awesome friends (Slink [right] & Apoc) are taking me out to lunch at Tir Na Nog!
Of course, that evening is also when my wonderful husband is taking me to dinner at Morimoto's. It's going to be a good food day!

In any case, I've been keeping very busy lately. Last monday was dinner with Ro & Lauren at Swanky Bubbles here in Philly. That was a blast! I miss hanging out with Lauren, and we really lived it up for the evening. Tons of great food, some killer martinis, and lots of catching up. We also made plans to visit her in NYC at the end of October. Let the debaturous planning commence.

Work kept me busy all week... especially since my coworker Miyano was out for the last three days. Our dinner with Brian & Stacey got postponed, so we are looking forward to that soon too. I didn't enjoy the killer heat through Thursday... but the 70* weather we had on Friday and into the weekend, that was nice! Maybe fall is closer then it seems.

This past weekend was very nice. No official plans, except to have the electrian come out. We are finally getting our plugs changed from two prongs to three prongs so that we can have an A/C in our bedroom! We slept in, relaxed, ate too much and watched movies. But we also stained our bedroom door... hallelujah (which is the real reason we can have A/C now)! and cleaned, and I got to go walking twice with my new shoes (once by myself on Saturday - 3.5 miles, then with Ro on Sunday - 5miles here).

Good times.

In news items, what do you think about this: Rove Resigning. Believe me, I won't complain! I feel like he's almost trying to cut his loses... seperate himself from a sinking ship (not that it can get much lower). But like I said, I won't complain that his rein is ending. Comments?

Okay, time to head out. More soon, I swear.

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