shades of gray

I can practically smell fall (one month, two days...).

It is raining... nonstop. It started Sunday and it's still going, and if the doplar radar is any indication, it's not going to stop any time soon.

But at least we aren't dealing with this.
And to be honest, I'm willing to deal with the rain because the tempature right now: 60* ... which feels amazing, and not like sweating. I'm wearing a polo shirt, heavy cords, and a sweater for pete's sake!! :-) Fabu. The temp will be rising for the rest of the week, but this reprieve... makes it all worthwhile.

So what else is new and fabulous?! Well, let's start with last week. We ended up driving into the city twice (very unusual for us, it takes a lot to get Trav into the city). The first time was Wednesday night for my birthday dinner at Morimoto's!

I love that restaurant, and we had such a great dinner. The food was amazing, and we ate way too much!! We started off with the rock shrimp tempura in a spicy 'Kochujan' aioli, and the chilled green tea noodles with chopped scallion, fresh wasabi, and dashi-shoyu sauce for dipping. Then we each had a roll (salmon for me, eel and avacado for trav) and shared the dry aged New York Strip Steak with fresh wasabi dipping sauce, and I had two Raspberry Bellinis.

Then we immediately fell into a food-coma!!

Friday we took another trip into the city to see the Eagles vs. Panthers preseason game. It was exciting to see McNabb on the field, and we definitely enjoyed the chance to watch a football game in person. We don't get to do that too often.
The game itself was good, interrupted only briefly (and only during halftime) by some crazy (and very close!) lightning, and a torrential downpour that only lasted about 10minutes. We had another great night though.

We travelled again on Saturday... this time into New Jersey to visit some of Trav's college friends. It was great because we don't get to see them often as it is about a two hour trip, and of course, busy schedules. Espo was one of Trav's best friends in college...

Her and her husband Eric (below), have a 9 month old son now... and this was the first time we got to meet him!

He is the sweetest little thing! So big though, especially compared to mom and dad (who are both on the small size).

There were three other friends there, whom we hadn't seen in at least as long as Espo & Eric. We all BBQed and hung out... and when dinner was over, they surprised me with this:

I was completely surprised, and so honored!

In other news, the door is completed and hung (pictures to come)... the electrician has done his thing... and we have a air conditioner in our window! Of course, it's funny timing considering we definitely don't need it right now... but it's good to know that we have it if we need it!

We've also been pretty productive lately with the cleaning and organizing. Our office looks amazing, and our guest bedroom is pretty damn uncluttered too. A good thing since my brother is coming down this weekend. I've giving myself uncluttering goals for each month, so that hopefully our house will look completely spruced up by the new year. Next step... my closet.

We've both been busy at work as well. We don't have anything "going on" at work for me right now, but so mucy coming up that we have to prepare for that it's keeping me super busy. Looks like there will be more travelling next year too. Sweet!

Let's see... the Quads and fam are officially Bostonites now. This weekend, when I head up to my parents for a hair cut, will be the first time in ages (I'm talking years, minus the occational them being away) that I don't see Laura and the kids afterwards. I'm glad I'll have my brother with me on the way home for distraction/entertainment... because I'm getting a little choked up just thinking about it. I miss them already. It's not the end of the world... but Boston sure seems far right now. :-(

Well, speaking of lots of work... I should get back to it. Back sooner then last time! Ciao!

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  1. i'm so glad you and travis came to visit, and that you were honored by my cake :)


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