More fun things to look forward to (that have come up this week):
- Oct. 20th, the tentative date for my DC uncle's wedding
- My brother will be visiting Trav and I for four/five days at the end of August! Very exciting... he's a fun guy and I'm looking forward to showing him around Philly.

My boss was out yesterday and today... making for relaxing days... although today has also been the slowest day in history. Bah.

Waiting eagerly to hear about Mainline Mom and her new baby boy... I do love me some baby. Already looking forward to next Wednesday when we'll get to see Kieran again for dinner at Brian & Stacey's.

Oh! And Trav gave me my birthday present last night... new running/walking shoes!
They are beautiful ;-) and more importantly, they are super comfortable, supportive, and made to last. I made sure to pick good ones (at a running shop - got fitted and they observed my walk to see what kind of shoe i needed), so that they will take the miles I plan to put on them next year. Very excited to break them in.

Now I have a fun weekend again, if I can just get through the next hour(ish). More on Monday.

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