i'm back!

Busy at work right now... so much to catch up on between work email, home email, random chores (balancing checkbooks for example), and other errands... my first two days back have been flying by. I'm not complaining about that though!!

A few pictures from the Cape:

We did so much while there, but it was still so relaxing. A trip to the ocean beach, two days at the lake beach, swam off the dock a few other times. Visited two wineries and bought way too much wine (12 bottles?)... and a visit to Provincetown (where I took that last picture). Walked around main street Hyannis, visited Baxter's for the best clam chowder (twice), went out to dinner with Trav's parents & grandfather (twice), and hit up a flea market and the penny candy store. I also finished rereading Harry Potter books 4-6, and read the last book (7... which we ended up getting on Saturday, but not for lack of trying on Friday)... then reread book 6 again, and am now working through book 7 again (I love it). Plus we slept in and relaxed and ate a great lobster dinner. It was a wonderful trip.

We have lots more fun things coming up... dinners with friends, BBQs, housewarmings, etc. Plus my birthday in two weeks and a day. Yippee! :-) Today I went out and tried on good running shoes and picked out a pair that Trav is going to get me as my birthday present. Once I have those I can start actually "training" for the 3-day next year. I have plenty of time so it won't be hard to work my way up.

I had planned to write more about the last Harry Potter book... but I just don't have the time at the moment. But I loved the book... I felt it not only wrapped up all the old questions nicely, but raised enough new ones to keep you guessing, and was fast paced and exciting. It had a different feel then all the other books, not being set in Hogworts, but it still fit in with the other books, and J.K.R. managed to tie it all together with little items that made you "flash back". It was a great read and I'm satisfied with how she ended the story. I wasn't completely right about Harry Potter (although for a few minutes there! lol), but I was happy to hear that I was right about Snape being Friend, not Foe. The memory sequence in the Pensieve was so well done, and made me ache for Snape and they things he was forced to carry on his shoulders the last years of his life. Overall, I couldn't have asked for better. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?

Well, it's back to work time for me. Ciao, and it's good to be home!!

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