Sort of, Maybe, Just a Little Too Old for This... {2019 Concert #5}

So last Monday night, the night after Nahko and Trevor Hall, I said goodnight to Gwen and Trav to head out with a friend of mine - Addison (a phenomenal yoga teacher I have the pleasure of working with and taking class from) and his partner for yet another concert! We headed out to a great smaller Denver venue - the Ogden - to see Local Natives, one of Addison's absolute favorites.

Guys, I think I'm too old for that multiple concerts in a row thing! (At least when I've been fighting a cold, and go go going for many days in a row!) 

That said, it was a ton of fun! I really loved the music, and it was great company... so while I was tired, I had the best time.

I'm glad too, since that was my last concert until after all our summer travels!


Nahko and Trevor Hall {2019 Concert #4!}

Another Sunday, another trip to Red Rocks!

I've been lucky enough to see Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People twice before, and I think this third concert was his best! It was also my first time seeing Trevor Hall, and he was amazing!!

We are so lucky with all the amazing shows we get to take in this summer. This one we hit up with our friends Panda and Parker again.

We had nice weather over all... it did rain for a little, but it never got too chilly, and the rain stayed light.

These guys make such amazing, mindful music with lyrics that are medicine for the soul.

Such an amazing, beautiful concert... under a full moon!


Run For Your Children, For Your Sisters and Your Brothers...

This past weekend I ran a 5K for the first time in... damn, well, probably since I was a kid. I'd walked 5Ks back in Pennsylvania for a few years in a row before we moved, even carrying Gwen for at least one of them, but I hadn't run one.

A few months ago Trav told me it was a goal of his to run a 5K, and that he wanted to train for the Pride5K. How could I say no to that?! 

I've talked before about the training we've been doing (and how it was making me slightly miserable), and then the week before the run, I got a cold! Not ideal. 

That said, there's a certain lift that comes on race day, and Pride in particular is so fun, loving, and supportive. I adore everything about Pride, about the whole community. 

We ended up doing really well! Finishing at 35:48 on my chip. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I'm considering doing it again next year!

Happy Pride!!


Dispatch (Take 4!) {2019 Concert #3}

Sunday night Trav and I headed over to Red Rocks to meet up with Amanda and Parker for my 4th time seeing Dispatch!

 It was just as gorgeous as always up at Red Rocks, and thankfully didn't rain on us.

I’ve been lucky to see Dispatch 4 times now: originally back in college (2001-ish?) at Muhlenburg in Bethlehem, PA with Guster, and now for the past 3 years at Red Rocks (the first year with Marissa, and all the years after that with Trav, Amanda, and Parker).

It was so much fun, Dispatch never disappoints with their concerts. They are always so fun, upbeat, and entertaining.

I already can't wait for next year!!


Family Time

Ethan and Elise came out at the very end of May, and stayed in Colorado for a week, leaving last weekend. Like last year they hung out with us over the weekend, headed out for a road trip during the week, and returned to us again the following weekend.

It was so great having them around.

We bought flowers for my balcony garden, ate so much delicious food, did a tea tour at Celestial Seasonings, and Ethan and I went running together.

We visited the Farmer's Market, went to an amazing International Food Court, and just spent time relaxing together. I so love having my family around!! We already have some plans in mind for next year!