Helping Garden's Grow

This past year Gwen was part of her school's Garden Club, which she greatly enjoyed. They learned about food and tried recipes in the cooler months, then turned to growing an actual garden during the warmer months. Now that garden needed to be tended, so we can enjoy their hard work! We signed up for two weeks this summer to water and weed the school garden, doing our part to keep things looking beautiful. This week was our first week.

There is so much weeding to do! But we did get some lettuce, radishes, and scallions to take home.

Gwen combine those ingredients with some we had at home, to make us a really nice salad!

We also recently planted our porch pots, and I'm so pleased with them!

Two types of coleus, some mizoo and begonias...

Mint, ornamental oregano, and the pansies from before. Also, the most beautiful petunias I have ever seen:

(A close up of the ornamental oregano "kitigami"... which is also pretty gorgeous!)

Can't wait to watch these gardens grow over the next few months!

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