Robert Louis Stevenson, 1850 - 1894

I should like to rise and go  
Where the golden apples grow;—  
Where below another sky  
Parrot islands anchored lie,  
And, watched by cockatoos and goats,
Lonely Crusoes building boats;—  
Where in sunshine reaching out  
Eastern cities, miles about,  
Are with mosque and minaret  
Among sandy gardens set,
And the rich goods from near and far  
Hang for sale in the bazaar,—  
Where the Great Wall round China goes,  
And on one side the desert blows,  
And with bell and voice and drum
Cities on the other hum;—  
Where are forests, hot as fire,  
Wide as England, tall as a spire,  
Full of apes and cocoa-nuts  
And the negro hunters’ huts;—
Where the knotty crocodile  
Lies and blinks in the Nile,  
And the red flamingo flies  
Hunting fish before his eyes;—  
Where in jungles, near and far,
Man-devouring tigers are,  
Lying close and giving ear  
Lest the hunt be drawing near,  
Or a comer-by be seen  
Swinging in a palanquin;—
Where among the desert sands  
Some deserted city stands,  
All its children, sweep and prince,  
Grown to manhood ages since,  
Not a foot in street or house,
Not a stir of child or mouse,  
And when kindly falls the night,  
In all the town no spark of light.  
There I’ll come when I’m a man  
With a camel caravan;
Light a fire in the gloom  
Of some dusty dining-room;  
See the pictures on the walls,  
Heroes, fights and festivals;  
And in a corner find the toys
Of the old Egyptian boys.


Going Home

Going Home

A road stretches and seems endless
For those who never wander far
In life how many steps will they take
For some, like going to the moon
I have journeyed and travelled it, partly
along its many winding ways
But always returning to where I started
I like the many who set out to roam
Just ended up coming back to my home.

by Douglas McClarty

Gwen and I left yesterday to start our annual East Coast road trip. Normally I fill all the normal days with posts on various things, but this time... well, I just didn't worry about it so much! I'll try to post at least once a week while we're gone, but I'm going to enjoy every moment of this trip, and posting will resume more regularly after August 4th, once Gwen and I return home to Colorado.

In the meantime, we will be enjoying multiple new states, lots of friends and family, some camping, and Cape Cod (of course!). See you on the other side!


Pride 2018

June, and with it Pride Month, just ended. This year we headed downtown for the first time for the Parade and festivities with a good friend, James.

It was so beautiful and fun, and an amazing celebration. I loved being there with people I love, celebrating who I am. And I love that my husband is so on board to celebrate too. He's an amazing Ally!

Denver does an amazing job with their parade. It was HUGE! So many organizations, corporations, and groups showed up to offer their love and support.

It spawned some great discussions with Gwen, and got her a lot of festive swag (ha!). 

I cannot wait for next year!