My Body is Soil

My body is made of soil,
loamy and rich - colorful and fragrant, 

a ground waiting to plant,
in a package of good intentions,

biting my lip when the tears come,
holding back the sobs in the dark, 

push them down and bury them,
fertilized with fears of what they will grow into. 







Time Flies When the Rioting Starts


I meant to be back sooner, but between the world burning, and the holidays, well here we are just a few days shy of half-way through January! No big resolutions for me this year, instead just a promise to treat myself with kindness and get back to the things that make me feel best. I'm taking my vitamins regularly again, eating a more veggie focused diet, and aiming to just move more (not to mention lifting as soon as humanly possible).

It helps that starting today Gwen is back in-person at school (masked up!), meaning an actual routine and schedule. They all started back virtually for the first few days, and now they are back all the way. I'm excited for time and quiet to handle our day-to-day... its nice to not feel like I'm constantly listening for her.


Christmas and New Years have come and gone, so crazy to think they are already weeks behind us. I hope to have more to share soon, but for now I'm plugging along with mostly virtual classes, and looking forward to vaccines, a change in President, and hopefully more time with friends and family this year. Also working to manifest a house this year, we are ready for it.

Did you make resolutions? What are your 2021 hopes?