what happens in vegas... (Long!)

Thursday morning we found out that a long time scholar associated with my institute (and I do mean long, he's been here just about the whole time I've been alive) had passed away the night before. Very sad, he was only in his 60s I believe... a smart, well-traveled guy, with a gruff exterior but a soft heart. He had been in the office just a few days prior and looked great. The stroke just snuck out of nowhere.

Since he and his wife had no children, and the only family was in Peru, my boss was the one to help her with all the funeral arrangements. And he & Jan stayed here in Philly for the funeral... meaning they were not with Miyano & I in Vegas. A slightly scary last minute change. I've done one of these alone before... but that was at a place we'd already been, so I knew exactly what to expect. This place was new. So I was nervous.

Friday morning I woke up like normal and got all ready... kissed my puppy goodbye and walked the mile to the train station (to save Trav the trouble of having to pick up my car later). I was sweaty like a fat guy in a sauna. Whew! Took the train into the city, then another train out to the airport. I had plenty of time, so it was fine... I read. I don't mind those multi-part travels, as long as they aren't rushed.

Well this one definitely wasn't rushed. Once on the plane, we sat on the runway for an hour. Ugh. By the time we arrived in Vegas, I had finished all but a few chapters in my very thick book - the one that was going to last me through the plane ride home. Right. Also, I've determined that while I don't mind flying, and I'm not afraid of flying, and hell I love to travel so flying is really necessary... well, I don't really like flying. I feel crappy the whole time. I don't know if its the sitting with more sitting, and not drinking enough water, or having enough good food... but I just feel like crap the whole time.

Once we got in, we headed to the hotel to get settled in... then Miyano and I headed up to the strip to walk around for a bit. Dinner was back at the hotel with some of our weekend speakers and a few people associated with my work.

Saturday morning we headed to the Atomic Testing Museum for day one of our program. I was nervous, but save a few minor problems with a work associate (not Miyano, the only person actually from the office to come with me) and running a little late at lunch... it went great. We also got to do a tour of the museum:

A real Geiger counter!

Piece of the Berlin Wall.

That night Miyano and I went to the Bell.agio with our AV guy to pick up the tickets to see "O", and have a few drinks. He is a great combo of smart and hilarious, so we had a lot of fun.

Sunday we headed back to the museum, for a thankfully much shorter day... we were back to the hotel by 1:10... and even cooler then that? My best girl, Babs, arrived at the hotel about a half hour later... after driving 300 miles (about 4 hours) to see me.

I love this woman! :-)
We walked around the strip, ate a late lunch/early dinner at Bahama Breeze, then headed back to the hotel to relax and clean up. At 7:30 Babs toured the Bell.agio while 4 of my associates and myself saw Cirque de Soliel's "O". I can't even put into words how wonderful this show is. Just walkind into the theature is a treat (all Cirque pictures are from online as cameras aren't allowed):

The athleticism, the music, the coustumes and makeup... just incredible. They do things with their bodies which I couldn't imagine doing in my wildest dreams.

And they do it in, on, over, and around water!

I would see that show again in an instant! I hope I get the chance to... plus any of the other Cirque shows!

After Cirque, Miyano and I met up with Babs. I popped in the show's gift shop to grab a program and a trinket... then we were off to dinner at Koi.

It was delish and just a awesome looking restaurant.

Then it was back to the hotel for some relaxing, talking, and much needed sleep.

Monday morning I woke up about 8... got all ready and woke up Babs. Miyano and I were meeting in the lobby at 10:15 to hop a cab to the airport, so I saw Babs out and then she got on her way. The return trip wasn't too bad. I bought the book Marl.ey & Me to entertain me on the way home. The flight was fine and we actually arrived early... still felt crappy though.
Also, am I the last person to read this book? Did we all know that author and his wife experience a miscarriage which is discovered at their first ultrasound? I didn't. And I ended up crying on the plane after reading that part. Great.

BUT! It was a great trip overall. I had a lot of fun, the work part went well, and now I'm back home with my boy and my pup. Plus, this trip was a great way to end March... the month was pretty much one big crap shoot and I am ready to have the "fresh start" of April.

As for today, it is good to be back. I got to sleep in some before coming into work late. And the day has flown by! So now need to run and finish some things so I can head home...

Ps. No comments on the new look?


leaving, on a jet plane

**Ignoring the obvious changes here for a minute, I'll address that at the end.

Leaving this morning for a work trip to Vegas... which I'm actually pretty damn excited for. Sunday, after our work stuff is done, a bunch of coworkers and I are going to see Cirque de Soliel! I'll be back Monday night, hopefully with some fun pictures to share.

In the meantime, I wanted to add a few things to the post I wrote on Wednesday. Why is it that there are all these things I mean to write about, but then completely forget when I actually sit down to type out a post? Its annoying and no wonder I "never have anything to say." (Also of interest, why do I always think of them later when I'm on the toilet?) Anyway, I wanted to add:
  • While I was sitting waiting for the doc, I realized that the walls in his office are super thin. Thin enough that I got to spend my wait listening to the strong, healthy heartbeat of the unborn baby in the women in the next exam room. Major-league SUCK.

  • Got angry and had a tearing up moment after the doc left the room... really bothered me when he said that this was "just a hiccup" even though I know how he meant it. Don't know why it hit me like that, but really wanted to yell that my lost baby was not a f*ckin hiccup! But pulled it together by focusing on the good news I had just received.

  • Slightly more amusing was the effort it took me to get out of the hospital parking garage. See you have to pay to get out... and I didn't have the cash. Err, oops. So I pulled something that looked like the new car commercial that is out... where they have to pay a toll and the whole point is to show all the cool compartments in this car, while they are looking for the money. Thanks to some change in my purse and my ash tray, and a crumpled $1 bill... I did manage to gather the $3, mostly in dimes and nickles though. Sorry parking attendant lady.

  • I'm completely relieved that my ute did what it was supposed to and shrunk back down. But seeing as my internal lady parts are now normal sized and not pregnancy size, why is it that my belly still looks slightly rounded and not back to normal sized? I didn't even gain any weight... I lost a pound! So how does that work out that my waist/tummy area are bigger? And why is it that none of my pants seem to fit the same anymore?

  • Also, to bring you some amusement... yesterday was a dreary, rainy day... the kind of day that just calls out for a hot beverage to warm you up. So I made a pit stop at my local Starb.ucks where I waited almost 15 minutes for a hot chocolate. I head to my office building (two doors down), get as far as into the first set of doors when my umbrella shoots open, catches the lip of my cup and shoots it out of my hands. Hot chocolate everywhere. My face a lovely shade of red. At least I got a free one to replace it because the barista enjoyed a good laugh at my expense... :-p

And just to leave you with something cute... Ro sent me this adorable pic by phone of GG wearing the onsie I got her (got to love sushi!):

(Says, "This is how I roll.")

Okay, see you in a few days. Have a great weekend.

Ps. If you believe in the power of prayer... no matter who you are praying to! Please keep Stellan in your prayers.
Prayers for Stellan

**Um, I'm sure you've noticed that my blog looks completely different. I've been playing. You'll probably see little tweaks here and there over the next week or so. But, for now, what do you think? I can't decide if I like this better or not... there are DEFINITELY parts of it that I like A LOT more, but a few things that I'm a bit ehh on. I did this all myself (got the free background online, see little button in top left), and need some input. Please give me some feedback!


moving forward

This morning was my follow up at the doctor's. He did an exam and asked me some questions about how I've been feeling. And thankfully all news was good (thank you for your prayers!)... he said that all looks back to normal down there, I'm off pelvic rest, and we are all clear to resume, er, extracurricular activities. Plus, once I get a period, the choice of when to start trying again is up to us.

I'm relieved. I hated feeling like I wasn't sure what was going on with my body, hated being uncertain about what I was going to be told (after recent events, can you really blame me for being worried that I might get bad news?). And frankly, I'm more then a little over doctors at this point. So I just wanted this appointment over with. Now it is, and we can start to figure out what's next for us.

As for this moment... I'm going to go eat some lunch, and get my work day going.


loving sentiments

From my brother's "25 things about me" list:
19. i have one sister, megan. meegs is seriously at an unbelievable level of awesomeness, and is one of my greatest and most constant inspirations!

He's so great. And he truly made my day.

ps. i added a music player (all the way at the bottom)... is it annoying that it starts playing automatically? should i shut that feature off?


wedding weekend

This weekend was the wedding of one of my college housemates, Hannah. It was beautiful! The whole thing. Hannah was gorgeous, the location was beautiful, the weather was nice, and it was just a great weekend overall. Travis and I really enjoyed getting away.

My hoser was one of the bridesmaids:

I made friends with hoser's fiance, Joe (who happens to be about 19 ft. tall!):
I was surrounded by all tall guys!:
Hannah & Jeremy made all their centerpieces... Jeremy is amazing at origami:

Me shaking my groove-thang:

I had a blast with my hoser:

And with Ali and my new friend Matt (brother of our friend Sabrina):

Overall, a really great weekend... and a huge, huge thank you to my brother for making it possible. He was a great puppy sitter, and I'm so glad that we could go away and not have to worry about our girl.
Okay, time for work.

P.S. Follow up doc appointment is on Wednesday. Wish me tons of luck that my body is healed as it was supposed to, please. I need some good news. Prayers are welcomed.


random blurbs

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

Seriously, I'm so happy its officially here. On to some blurbs!

  • We've switched Daisy over from having people come home to take her out twice a day (walker once, Trav once), to just once a day (the walker). The switch went just fine and she's doing great with it. Plus, now Trav is in a better mood at the end of the day... since this means he actually gets to eat lunch again, isn't driving two hours every day, and can actually get all his work done. So he has more patience with her at the end of the day, which she also appreciates.

  • Awkward moment with former coworker when he stopped in my office to say Hi, and said, "I heard you have a baby!" I was all, "oh, no we lost it." And apparently he meant Daisy. ::sigh:: Quickly changed the subject by pulling up tons of cute Daisy pictures, but had to bite back some tears.

  • Can't believe that Natasha Richardson died! So weird. It's not just the whole, "whoa, someone famous died" thing... its that she was young, with teenaged kids, healthy, and the events leading to her death (a fall while skiing on a bunny slope!) were so innocuous! Maybe its also that life just seems so fragile lately, and this just makes it seem even more so.

  • Don't forget to get your free water ice from Rita's today in honor of Spring. Rita's is good to begin with... but I think it tastes even better when its free. I'm running over to the one in the city with my coworker, Tally... then tonight Trav and I will run out after dinner.

Ps. Better day today. Started off good, and am trying to stay upbeat. Taking breaks as needed to just get out of the office a little. So far, so good.


sorry (updated)

I have a headache, again. Seems like I'm getting them a lot lately... though thankfully most aren't bad. I wonder if its a low iron thing since I've been loosing blood for 9 days now. I ate some iron fortified cereal just in case... and am sitting with the lights off and my door closed to get it a little quieter. Seems like I'm almost done with the bleeding though, so hopefully the headaches will stop too.
Today is two weeks since we found out and I'm feeling fragile. I always start off the day so positive, and I really am trying to do that whole hopeful-look-ahead thing... I am hopeful!, but ever since I posted about that I've been having rough afternoons. Starting the day off with Daisy is so nice, and she's just such a sweetie who always puts a smile on my face... but it just goes downhill from there, and the afternoons are long and hard.
Like I said, its been two weeks and I miss our babe... and I just want to feel normal again, not sad, angry, off. Even when I'm not thinking about it, I just feel different. Right now I'm so angry too... at this woman who was so irresponsible with her pregnancy... didn't go to the doctor until she was 19weeks, continued to smoke. Grr! It just makes me so angry.
Its 3 o'clock and I'm ready for bed. I just want to go home and be with my boy and our pup. Sorry to be so blah.

Ps. I found this on Blair's blog (she also suffered a miscarriage), Heir to Blair, and had to bring it hear since it is exactly how I feel at the moment: "And it hit me -- I am a fraud. I am not the strong person you think I am. I should not thank people for complimenting me on my strength, or my poise through the situation. There are times that I crumble on the inside."
That is exactly how I feel right now, as I sit in my office at work and sniff... with tears occasionally breaking out.


t-minus 2 days

It's officially spring in two days, and I'm looking forward to it in so many ways. Spring is a time of rebirth and looking ahead. I am still sad, and I will continue to be sad (you can't just turn that off, and I cried some more yesterday afternoon)... but yesterday after work, as I was walking in the warm air and beautiful sun, I decided that I'm going to try and focus on looking ahead. I'm going to count my blessings (wonderful husband, adorable puppy, amazing family and friends, understanding job/boss, and weather that's heading in the right direction). I'm going to look forward to the happy things that are coming up (wedding in CT this weekend, to Vegas for work next weekend, Easter, and maybe going camping in April). And I going to look forward with hope to a future that does involve beautiful, healthy babies for Trav and I.

I'm one week into my two weeks of pelvic rest. My follow-up appointment is next Wednesday, and I think getting the all clear and the thumbs up on my healing will help with this forward thinking. (Also talked to the doc yesterday about the weird bleeding/clots from the night before... he's not worried, so I'm not either.)

In the meantime, I'm doing all the "little things" I can. I've been eating better (minus a continued infatuation with MilkDuds... seriously, can't get enough of them), and yesterday I walked the mile to the far train station. It felt good, and I'm only a little sore today. I'm hoping for the physical pick-me-up of course, but looking for some mental health benefits as well. Sunlight is good for happy emotions, and I'm hoping it helps me hold onto the positive, plus helps with the forgetfulness I've been experiencing lately. Seriously, my boss has already emailed me with two things today that I'd forgotten to do. Luckily, as I said, he's understanding... but I need to get it together.

For lunch today, my coworker and I are going to walk a few blocks away to Square Park... its supposed to be 64* today and we don't want to miss it! I'm wearing a sundress to make the most of the weather, and to show off my mani/pedi, which I did get yesterday. Its a light mint green... perfect for St. Patty's Day, Spring, and the green dress I'm wearing to the wedding this weekend (as seen here). In anycase... I need to get to work so I can enjoy my lunch! Lots to do.


luck of the irish

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone. I think I'm going to go out and get my mani/pedi today to celebrate... maybe with some green nail polish. ;-) I'm wearing a green dress to the wedding we're attending this weekend, so it would work.
I completely forgot was day it was this morning when I was getting dressed, so I forgot to pull our my greens... but at least I'm carrying a green purse.

Yesterday was better then Sunday... it was a long day, but it went fast. Trav also picked up a bunch of fruits and veggies over his lunch break, so we had salads for dinner, and I had a bunch of berries. So that's a good start to my eating better plan. I didn't get to walk to 30th yesterday, since I had to work a bit late... but we'll see what happens today.

Last night was a little rough, but hopefully that's behind me now. *Skip to the next paragraph if you don't want to read the graphic stuff.* I went to bed around 9:30 with horrible cramps and a killer headache. I actually took one of my Perco.sets, I was in enough pain. When I used the bathroom one last time before bed, there was a good amount of blood and a dime sized clot. I didn't worry about it though and fell asleep pretty quickly, but woke up when Trav came to bed at 10ish. After that I slept fitfully until around 1:30 when I got up to use the bathroom. My pad was soaked with blood and when I looked there was a quarter sized clot in the toilet. I changed my pad and headed back to bed, figuring I could call the doc in the morning if it continued. This morning, I woke up still with a headache (low iron?), but my pad was basically clean. Just a drop of blood. So I don't know what that was all about.

I guess that's really all. Today should just be a normal day... hopefully another fast one. And hopefully a lucky, celebratory one for everyone. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


lets see

Kind of having a down day. I have a bit of a headache, the pup is whiny, and I'm just feeling blah. I'm thinking about starting to do my walking to 30th street again (the far train station in the city... about a mile from my work). I've been eating like crap since we found out... all crappy, junk comfort foods... and the last thing I want is to treat my body badly at the moment. So I'm going to try to pick back up on the good food stuff that I had started before all this crap, and start walking more. Hopefully the exercise will help my body and my spirits. Its starting to warm up too... so its as good a time as any to walk more.

This weekend has been fine. Friday I had my cardio appointment. The echo went well, seemed to look good, and the Holter was okay... annoying, itchy, and uncomfortable... but fine. Trav dropped it off at my parents this morning (he's at Lehigh all day for a Greek alumni council meeting), so my mom can drop it off at the cardiologists tomorrow. Then I'll hear back from the doctor at some point next week(?) to get my results. Yesterday was lazy. A coworker, Tally, borrowed my car since her and her fiance's is in the shop... and Trav & I had nothing going on. We went to a diner for breakfast, watched a bunch of cheesy movies on TV, and took a walk with Daisy. Today I'm relaxing by myself. Right now I'm just being alone upstairs... with Daisy having a naptime in her crate, she needed it and so did I.

That's about all for now. I'm tired and wish I could nap, but even if I could fall asleep it would probably mean that I couldn't fall asleep tonight. So I'm going to read instead.


friday the 13th

Fridy the 13th today, which has always been lucky for Trav & I. I'm hoping that continues today. I have my appointment with the cardiologist for the echo and holter (as discussed here), and I'm hoping it goes swimmingly so that she gives me a permanent wave goodbye. I love her, but that is just one more freakin medical thing that I'd love to put behind me. I've had way too much of that lately... way too much of that period (as I lay in the operating room before they put me under for the D&E, I realize that that was the 4th time that I had been in that position... waiting to be put under in an operating room. Way too many times for someone who is 26!).

In any case, it should be a nice day... no work (though work has been a blessing lately, making the days pass quickly and keeping me on a normal schedule), meeting my dad & bro for lunch beforehand, then the appointment and home to play with my pup.

Next week will be the first time in 4 weeks that I am actually at work all 5 days. I'm wondering how that will go. Like I said above, work has actually been a blessing lately. Even yesterday, when I know some people were worried about me overdoing it... I felt good, and the day flew by. While I know if I had stayed at home, I would have been much more focused on what had happened the day before. I had done that enough, I will continue to do that in the days ahead, I didn't need to spend a whole day just sitting by myself doing that.

So I guess that's about all for now. Not much going on this weekend... so I'll probably just be back to give the full report on Monday. In the meantime, thank you all again for the support. And please continue to pray for us.


a quick recap

Just a quick entry to let you all know I'm doing okay. Wednesday night and Thursday morning I had a take a pill called Miso.prostol to soften my cervix. I spotted some Thursday morning, which told me it had worked. My D&E was for 12:30, and I had to be there at 12 to get insurance info and some blood drawn. After that it was over to the surgury waiting room. They brought me back around 1 (late, of course), got me changed, started an IV, and had me talk to the anesthesiologist. After that it was some more waiting... luckily with Trav there to keep me company... and they took me back around 2:15. They laid me down and gave me a squirt of sleepy juice, and that's all I remember until I woke up in the recovery room. The doc came by then to tell me that it had gone well, which I barely remember since I was still in a post-anesthesia fog, then I got a shot of RhoGAM (since I'm RH-).

After that, once I started becoming more lucid, they sat me up in a chair and gave me lots of soda, tea, and crackers (which were a God-send since I hadn't had any food since 10pm the night before). We were on our way home around 5pm... so a longer day then I had hoped for. I got a prescription for Mether.gine to take at 8pm, 2am, and 8am... it helps to clamp down the uterus to stop bleeding. I also got a prescription for Per.cocet, which thankfully I really haven't needed. My bleeding has been constant, but minimal... and I haven't had much at all in the way of cramps.

I think Trav and I are both a bit relieved that this part is over. I hated that weird in between place I was stuck in... pregnant, but not. At least now, physically I can move on... and mentally, at least I know where I stand.

Okay... I have to run, I'm at work. More when I get the chance.

Ps. Thank you all, so much, for your kind words and prayers. I cherish and covet them all. Please, keep those prayers coming.



Since we found out the news I've had sushi, two alcoholic drinks, green tea, and I'm going to redeem a gift certificate for a free foot rub one of these days... and they can push on the pressure points in my ankles all they want. It doesn't matter. Why is it that people do that? Why do we immediately flock to the things we couldn't have, as if having them makes it any better? Or makes it seem like it doesn't matter? All they are is a piss-poor consolation prize.

I'm angry today. Angry and sad.

Sometimes I feel like I'm handling this well. Maybe even too well. Do people think I'm callous if I can laugh at their jokes, if I can talk about it without crying? Am I horrible if I just don't want to think about it sometimes?
Then of course, there are times like this where I feel like a broken record... and hate that I'm making you listen to my sadness over and over.

The nurse called me this morning, so do a history with me for tomorrow. She was the sweetest lady... and honestly, I think that made it harder to hold it together. I have to call between 3 and 5 today to find out when I come in. I know my procedure time is 12:30... so I'll probably have to be there between 11 and 11:30, but I'll find out for sure later. I just want that part to be over with.

At least work is busy. Busy enough that I don't have time to kill where I end up thinking about it. Instead my day passed quickly yesterday, with little down time, and 90% of my day spent just completely focused on work. Hopefully today will be more of the same.



We're trying to keep doing things normally... which is hard when nothing feels normal right now. We don't want to be around people who know, because we don't really want to talk about it. But we don't want to be around people who don't know, because we don't want to have them wondering why we're acting weird, or off. We're spending lots of time with just the two of us.

Things aren't normal right now though. Technically I'm still pregnant. D&E is scheduled for Wednesday. I'm nervous. I just want that part to be over with.

But we did what we were already planning to do this weekend. Took Daisy to the vet for her booster shots (she's 33 lbs now!), drove up to watch my brother perform in his last high school musical (Charlie Brown), went grocery shopping. We're trying to find humor in the rest of life... keep ourselves laughing so that we don't just cry. We've both done plenty of that too.

Daisy is our sunshine right now...

She is so sweet and wonderful. She snuggles with us, and forces us to keep a normal schedule. You can't wallow away the day when you have a pup who needs to use the bathroom, and has plenty of energy to use up. We are so glad to have her, so lucky to have each other, so blessed to have our amazing friends. I don't know what I would have done without Jan's commiserating, Lauren's morning text messages, Babs' tears for us. Everyone's words and prayers. And a few blog posts. They all mean so much.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work since we found out. I want to go back. Have a "normal" day. But I'm worried the tears will show up, worried I won't be able to handle it. I guess I'll just have to take it as it comes. And close my door for a good cry if need be.

One day at a time.


supposed to be

Today was supposed to be the day that I told you about my pregnancy.
Instead, its become the day that I tell you about the loss of my baby.

I'm blogging about this because I can't imagine keeping it inside. Plus, I'm sure I'll be blogging less in the upcoming days, and that the things I do post will be more emotional then normal. It would be impossible to gloss over. Trav and I are feeling a million different things at the moment and none of them are good. We are sad, shocked, mad... we wonder what the future is going to look like now. It had seemed so clear before, its become a mystery again.

Yesterday was our first ultrasound (I just published all the blogs I had saved about this pregnancy, if you want to read about before that, you can find them under ttc, baby, or super secret 1st tri entry). It was supposed to be an amazing day. I was supposed to be 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant. There are so many things that were supposed to be. Instead we looked at the monitor and saw a too small baby with no heartbeat. We'd lost the sweet babe about a month ago. It feels weird that I didn't know. How could I not know?

We know that chances are we will go on to have a very successful pregnancy, that we will get our baby... just a bit later then we had originally thought. But it won't be this pregnancy, it won't be this baby. Our first baby. And we are mourning for that.

I am greatful for one thing... and that is the unending love of my family, friends, and most importantly Travis. He is right there beside me, feeling what I'm feeling, being broken with me... and I can't imagine having to do this without him. I am truly blessed to have him as a husband.

The first step is taking care of the physical aspect of things. I'm waiting for a phone call to let me know if I can get into the surgery center next week for a D&E. My body, like the rest of me wants to be, is in denial that this pregnancy is over. So it will need outside intervention.

After that it will be about healing... mentally, physically, emotionally. And then trying again. Starting back at square one. This will take a long time. Healing feels so far away. One day this will all be a memory, but I can't imagine that at the moment. Right now, all we can feel is heartbroken.



Tune in on Friday for some big news... won't be around tomorrow, and don't have time to write today. But I promise that Friday will be worth it. :-)

sweet excitement

From Travis:

"Wow. Jamie asked me if there was a particular reason I had off tomorrow and I just said nothing much, doctors appointments and stuff.

I am so excited!!! Can’t stop thinking about it.

Love You!"

I can't wait for tomorrow! I can't wait to see our baby moving around inside me and know that he/she is healthy. I can't wait to tell the world! :-) And it's awesome that Trav can't wait either.


sort of a monday

At work today... which is fine, especially since my week is going to be so short now. I already had off on Thursday, and now my Monday didn't happen until Tuesday. I expected it to be much worse coming in this morning, but Philly is pretty good about snow clean up. Trav ran my car when he got home yesterday to help melt all the ice off... so that made my trip to the train station problem free. I wore my rain boots because even though they aren't the warmest things, they are completely waterproof. My warm winter boots are nice... but don't do well with snow melting on them. Wet toes would not be appreciated this morning.

By the by, I forgot to say this yesterday, but Happy March! Woo, less then three weeks until Spring!! Believe me, I can't wait. How funny that we started March with a snow day. And I just can't believe its March at all! This year is flying.

I have a recipe to share now... something I haven't done in a while. And it has artichoke in it! A veggie, on my chicken. :-) It's a start.

Parmesan Artichoke Chicken

1/2 c mayo
1/2 c parmesan cheese
2/3 can artichoke hearts, finely chopped (I really minced ours since Trav isn't a big artichoke person... I didn't want him to get a big piece of one)
1 tsp garlic
4 chicken breasts, boneless & skinless (we only had three... so I really laid the sauce on thick, and still had some left.)

Mix first four ingredients together and spread evenly over chicken.
Place into a baking dish and bake at 375 for 40 minutes (or until chicken is cooked through and top is browned.)

This was delish. The chicken was moist, the topping rich. I think I'll add just a touch less mayo next time because (for me at least) I don't love when the taste of mayo comes through too much in what I'm eating. I just want it there to enhance the flavor and impart moisture. But, even with that, we both really enjoyed this. Its quick to prep and very tastey.

Now here's a quick side note, and a why I like my pictures with the food on the plate and not in the baking pan:

There was a lot of juices from the chicken. Doesn't make for the prettiest picture, but also... I would recommend using a pan bigger then what you really need. The chicken gives off a lot of fat juices (especially if you are like me and a little lazy when it comes to removing that little bit of fat the store didn't remove... I just eat around it), and that can make the sides of your topping a bit mushy. Still just as tasty! But next time I'll use a bigger pan so the juices can spread out more and therefore, disperse more.

Well, off to work for me. Lots to get done in my much abbreviated week.


snow day!

So I'm officially home on a snow day! Haven't had one of those in a while... but they are calling for Philly to get 6 - 10" before this snow stops, so here I am. Daisy loves having her people home during the day... and even more, she loves getting to play in the snow! She is a November baby after all!

If it weren't for the damn wind I would take her out more... but as is, I can really only do 15minutes before I'm completely covered with snow and freezing my booty off. She's enjoying those outdoor times though. And I'm enjoying getting to have one more lazy day home! The weekend was great so I'm happy to extend it.

So what did we do this weekend? Well, Friday I had off of work for a cardio appointment. It's been five years since I had a procedure done to remedy a small heart condition. I haven't seen her since, and as long as the echo and 24 hour holter monitor (scheduled for March 13) come back clear, I don't ever have to see her again!! Yay!
Apurva came over Friday night to eat pizza and catch up. He's one of my favorite people, so that was nice. He spent the night and headed out around 9 the next morning.

Saturday Ro & I headed to a spa for some pedicures, which felt amazing! My feet get so neglected over the winter since they are hidden away all the time. Now they are soft and pampered, with pretty spring-colored nails. The boys hung out with GG while we were gone.

After that, it was a lot of this:

(A close up of that adorable face:)
Besides a trip to the grocery store, it was really a very quiet Sunday.

And its going to be a quiet Monday! Daisy are going to make a few trips out into the snow, but otherwise we're going to hang out and watch movies together (and play tug of war and toss the ball, etc. of course!). Tonight I'm going to make some Parmesan Artichoke Chicken. And then tomorrow its back to work!

Hope ya'all had a nice weekend too!! :-)