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Kind of having a down day. I have a bit of a headache, the pup is whiny, and I'm just feeling blah. I'm thinking about starting to do my walking to 30th street again (the far train station in the city... about a mile from my work). I've been eating like crap since we found out... all crappy, junk comfort foods... and the last thing I want is to treat my body badly at the moment. So I'm going to try to pick back up on the good food stuff that I had started before all this crap, and start walking more. Hopefully the exercise will help my body and my spirits. Its starting to warm up too... so its as good a time as any to walk more.

This weekend has been fine. Friday I had my cardio appointment. The echo went well, seemed to look good, and the Holter was okay... annoying, itchy, and uncomfortable... but fine. Trav dropped it off at my parents this morning (he's at Lehigh all day for a Greek alumni council meeting), so my mom can drop it off at the cardiologists tomorrow. Then I'll hear back from the doctor at some point next week(?) to get my results. Yesterday was lazy. A coworker, Tally, borrowed my car since her and her fiance's is in the shop... and Trav & I had nothing going on. We went to a diner for breakfast, watched a bunch of cheesy movies on TV, and took a walk with Daisy. Today I'm relaxing by myself. Right now I'm just being alone upstairs... with Daisy having a naptime in her crate, she needed it and so did I.

That's about all for now. I'm tired and wish I could nap, but even if I could fall asleep it would probably mean that I couldn't fall asleep tonight. So I'm going to read instead.

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