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Happy First Day of Spring!!!!

Seriously, I'm so happy its officially here. On to some blurbs!

  • We've switched Daisy over from having people come home to take her out twice a day (walker once, Trav once), to just once a day (the walker). The switch went just fine and she's doing great with it. Plus, now Trav is in a better mood at the end of the day... since this means he actually gets to eat lunch again, isn't driving two hours every day, and can actually get all his work done. So he has more patience with her at the end of the day, which she also appreciates.

  • Awkward moment with former coworker when he stopped in my office to say Hi, and said, "I heard you have a baby!" I was all, "oh, no we lost it." And apparently he meant Daisy. ::sigh:: Quickly changed the subject by pulling up tons of cute Daisy pictures, but had to bite back some tears.

  • Can't believe that Natasha Richardson died! So weird. It's not just the whole, "whoa, someone famous died" thing... its that she was young, with teenaged kids, healthy, and the events leading to her death (a fall while skiing on a bunny slope!) were so innocuous! Maybe its also that life just seems so fragile lately, and this just makes it seem even more so.

  • Don't forget to get your free water ice from Rita's today in honor of Spring. Rita's is good to begin with... but I think it tastes even better when its free. I'm running over to the one in the city with my coworker, Tally... then tonight Trav and I will run out after dinner.

Ps. Better day today. Started off good, and am trying to stay upbeat. Taking breaks as needed to just get out of the office a little. So far, so good.

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