wedding weekend

This weekend was the wedding of one of my college housemates, Hannah. It was beautiful! The whole thing. Hannah was gorgeous, the location was beautiful, the weather was nice, and it was just a great weekend overall. Travis and I really enjoyed getting away.

My hoser was one of the bridesmaids:

I made friends with hoser's fiance, Joe (who happens to be about 19 ft. tall!):
I was surrounded by all tall guys!:
Hannah & Jeremy made all their centerpieces... Jeremy is amazing at origami:

Me shaking my groove-thang:

I had a blast with my hoser:

And with Ali and my new friend Matt (brother of our friend Sabrina):

Overall, a really great weekend... and a huge, huge thank you to my brother for making it possible. He was a great puppy sitter, and I'm so glad that we could go away and not have to worry about our girl.
Okay, time for work.

P.S. Follow up doc appointment is on Wednesday. Wish me tons of luck that my body is healed as it was supposed to, please. I need some good news. Prayers are welcomed.

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