leaving, on a jet plane

**Ignoring the obvious changes here for a minute, I'll address that at the end.

Leaving this morning for a work trip to Vegas... which I'm actually pretty damn excited for. Sunday, after our work stuff is done, a bunch of coworkers and I are going to see Cirque de Soliel! I'll be back Monday night, hopefully with some fun pictures to share.

In the meantime, I wanted to add a few things to the post I wrote on Wednesday. Why is it that there are all these things I mean to write about, but then completely forget when I actually sit down to type out a post? Its annoying and no wonder I "never have anything to say." (Also of interest, why do I always think of them later when I'm on the toilet?) Anyway, I wanted to add:
  • While I was sitting waiting for the doc, I realized that the walls in his office are super thin. Thin enough that I got to spend my wait listening to the strong, healthy heartbeat of the unborn baby in the women in the next exam room. Major-league SUCK.

  • Got angry and had a tearing up moment after the doc left the room... really bothered me when he said that this was "just a hiccup" even though I know how he meant it. Don't know why it hit me like that, but really wanted to yell that my lost baby was not a f*ckin hiccup! But pulled it together by focusing on the good news I had just received.

  • Slightly more amusing was the effort it took me to get out of the hospital parking garage. See you have to pay to get out... and I didn't have the cash. Err, oops. So I pulled something that looked like the new car commercial that is out... where they have to pay a toll and the whole point is to show all the cool compartments in this car, while they are looking for the money. Thanks to some change in my purse and my ash tray, and a crumpled $1 bill... I did manage to gather the $3, mostly in dimes and nickles though. Sorry parking attendant lady.

  • I'm completely relieved that my ute did what it was supposed to and shrunk back down. But seeing as my internal lady parts are now normal sized and not pregnancy size, why is it that my belly still looks slightly rounded and not back to normal sized? I didn't even gain any weight... I lost a pound! So how does that work out that my waist/tummy area are bigger? And why is it that none of my pants seem to fit the same anymore?

  • Also, to bring you some amusement... yesterday was a dreary, rainy day... the kind of day that just calls out for a hot beverage to warm you up. So I made a pit stop at my local Starb.ucks where I waited almost 15 minutes for a hot chocolate. I head to my office building (two doors down), get as far as into the first set of doors when my umbrella shoots open, catches the lip of my cup and shoots it out of my hands. Hot chocolate everywhere. My face a lovely shade of red. At least I got a free one to replace it because the barista enjoyed a good laugh at my expense... :-p

And just to leave you with something cute... Ro sent me this adorable pic by phone of GG wearing the onsie I got her (got to love sushi!):

(Says, "This is how I roll.")

Okay, see you in a few days. Have a great weekend.

Ps. If you believe in the power of prayer... no matter who you are praying to! Please keep Stellan in your prayers.
Prayers for Stellan

**Um, I'm sure you've noticed that my blog looks completely different. I've been playing. You'll probably see little tweaks here and there over the next week or so. But, for now, what do you think? I can't decide if I like this better or not... there are DEFINITELY parts of it that I like A LOT more, but a few things that I'm a bit ehh on. I did this all myself (got the free background online, see little button in top left), and need some input. Please give me some feedback!

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