two steps forward, one step back - lessons from yoga

Last night I went to yoga; a really great, challenging class. We did a few new poses, one of which pushed me, but I was able to find a good place with it and it made me feel strong. We also did plenty of familiar poses, one of which I just could not find my balance in. I felt shaky and it was extra frustrating since I know this pose, and in my head I find myself sternly saying to just get it together already.

Every day is different though, and for that class, that particular pose was not going to come easily. Once I accepted that, I was able to get more from what I was able to do, and go back to enjoying the practice itself. It is so easy when you are doing something you love, that you consider yourself to be pretty good at, to expect a linear path up. To get frustrated and caught up in setbacks. But we all know that isn't what progress or success look like. We've all seen the picture:

Life is so much like my yoga practice.

I was just talking about how great things take time... but they also take steps backwards and the drive to push forward again. Last night's class was a great chance to stop and reflect on that in a very concrete way. Life is about having goals, having dreams, having expectations... then finding the balance between working to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, while having patience with the journey and respect for the process.

There are times I find myself wishing that I'd found yoga earlier. That I'd listened to that voice in my head telling me to try it years ago. But I am here now, and I have to respect the journey that will get me from where I am, to where I want to be. No matter how long it takes. No matter how many straight legged lunge twists or deep lunge on forearms (with a twist) I do strongly, or how many tree poses I wobble my way through. Just as I tell Gwen, everyday I am growing, even if it is so slowly that I can't see it, I can still feel it.

Happy Halloween All. 


  1. I have always wanted to take a yoga class (I did prenatal yoga with a dvd while pregnant), but have a.) never made the time, and b.) have been too intimidated. I think I could benefit greatly from yoga OUTSIDE of the class, as patience is one of those things I struggle with, and I'm currently trying to build a few projects/avenues in my life...

    1. Absolutely Lauren. The benefits are seem mostly outside of the classroom for me!

  2. Doesn't it always feel like we should have started something sooner? Dont stress about it. Do what you can now and enjoy yourself. Yoga is good for you

  3. This was an inspirational post. I always think I should have started sooner or why can't I start next week? Time is finite and it's nice to be conscious of that.

  4. I love that image! Setbacks are just a part of the learning process, though it's easy to get discouraged and talk yourself out of the work you've done so far. Great timing by the way...I know I'm likely to make some less than ideal food choices today, so I'm going to try and be reasonable about it.

  5. Thanks all. Your comments mean a lot to me!

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