snuggles can be the best medicine

I have about 10 post drafts saved in blogger, but no chance to finish any of them the way I want to finish them. "Busy season" at work really is the worst. That said, I know it is still so easy compared to plenty of people's busy seasons (my friend the accountant working until 9 pm for weeks on end, or my friend the lawyer who just does that all the time), but for me this time of year when I'm stuck working late almost weekly, and some weeks with multiple days (and out of state trips) and the days are so full... well, its tiring. It apparently makes me write in paragraph long sentences.

I'm working from home today, but have an appt this afternoon which cuts my day short, so yet again a quick post before I run.

Last night Gwen was having a hard time. She said she had fun at school, and there didn't seem to be anything specifically wrong, but she was touchy and cranky. The littlest thing would make her break down. At one point, she got so upset over not wanting to eat something I had put out for her that she could not stop crying. My patience was a little thin at that point, but I took her hand and led her to the living room where I sat her on the  chair, helped her blow her nose, then snuggled up next to her. I said a few silly things to try to get her to smile, but mostly we just sat and took some breaths together. It was just what she needed to calm herself, and get back on track to get through dinner; but it was just what I needed also, to let go of my frustrations with work and with her, and just enjoy being with my little girl.

So that is what I'm holding on to these busy days.


  1. Sharing moments like that is so important. It really helps you get through the hard days. I hope your work schedule lightens up soon!

  2. It is difficult when kids act like that and you're not sure of the reason. Snuggles are perfect for that time! I know sometimes it is difficult for my 19 month old son who cannot always express himself verbally and he gets frustrated. Or when he is sick or teething and I just try to remember it will pass. And it does. Far too quickly.

  3. Aw! Sometimes we all have moments when it just gets to be too much, and something small sets it off. Snuggles are a pretty amazing cure.

    1. For both of us Mer! Thanks for the comment.


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