Friday Mish-Mash

Besides today's post, I had pre-scheduled every post this week last Sunday. I had the time, energy, and material to do it then, so I figured why not, busy week ahead. I'm so glad I did. I love blogging, but having one less thing on my plate was a relief this week for sure. I'm back today, and that's a relief too, seeing as a little break mid-work day was needed. 

Another little break I took? Christmas shopping. 2 months until Christmas. What the what? The weather lately makes me believe it though. For the first time, this morning I had to drive to the train station using my jacket sleeves to hold the steering wheel... it was so cold. Time to break out the gloves.
Despite the busyness though, the week really did go well. My foot has thankfully healed nicely. The trip to DC, while a long day, was a good one. The event went well and I got home just in time to find a little girl all ready for bed. I threw on my PJs, then climbed into bed next to her to read a book and steal lots of snuggles. It was the perfect way to end a long day. The rest of our week's events went well, and since I wasn't able to work from home this week, I was happy to go in late on Tuesday and sneak into a morning yoga class... something I don't normally get to do. It was nice to fit it in.

Now, I'm ready for a relaxing weekend. My brother and his fiance are coming down from Boston. I'm excited to see them, as is Gwenie. She loves her Uncle Epie.

Anyone have weekend plans? 


  1. Normally I have at least a detailed list of what to get all the kids. This year? Not even close. Have I even thought about it yet? nope and really don't mind either. Have a great weekend!

    Chelle from Oh Just Stop Already

  2. It's winter already in my opinion, too. My pugs shiver when we go out first thing in the morning - that is a sign of winter to me! I'm not sure what we're doing tomorrow but its my 6 year anniversary so we'll at least go to dinner. :)

  3. This week has been really busy for us too, so I'm needing downtime this weekend. I think we'll order in dinner tonight and just relax with the family.

  4. It sounds like you had a great week! Me- not so much. Neither was it organized lol. I still haven't planned what I am getting my son for Christmas.


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