oh yeah, baby

I was so going to post a little complaint about my soreness. About feeling like I've been kicked in the crotch. About how I can't wait until I can lean over again, to just pick things up off the floor... or LAY ON MY STOMACH, oh lordy will that be a-may-zing!

I just got back from my prenatal massage! And I feel great at the moment, so I'm totally going to ride this high. :-) My masseuse was so lovely, and it was very relaxing. I loved every second.

Plus, it's Friday and I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, maybe doing some shopping to pick up the last few things we need, and hopefully getting our carseats inspected.

So I'm just going to leave it at that... say "have a nice weekend"... and then I'll see you on Monday. AKA FEBRUARY!!!!!! ::gulp::

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Weekly Review (And real post below.)

How far along? 36 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +2lbs since my last appointment, 2 weeks ago... total +22lbs. I'm 140 now.

(Click on the picture to see it big and see my breakdown of where I think the weight went... ;-) jokingly, of course!)

Maternity clothes? Oh yes, all the time, top and bottom. But cute ones thanks to Mary!

Stretch marks? Thankfully, still no! ::knocks on wood:: Although my adorable, small tattoo on my belly is now the size of my head.

Sleep: Not too bad, though I'm having to shift more to get comfortable. But last night I only woke up once!!

Best moment this week: Seeing Trav cuddle a tiny baby and picturing him doing with our little girl!!

Movement: Big pushing... and up in my ribs too, ugh.

Food cravings: None really.

Actual Gender: GIRL! :-)

Labor Signs: None yet (except that my BH* are getting stronger), but now I get to start watching!

Belly Button in or out? Flat. Or slightly out.

What I miss: Not being sore at the end of the day. Being able to bend over to tie my shoes or pick something up off the floor. Fitting into clothes!

What I am looking forward to: My prenatal massage on Friday. Oh glory, its going to be awesome!

Weekly Wisdom: Hm, just take it a day at a time and enjoy every second. You will be uncomfortable and miserable some days, but overall it goes so fast. And I know that I'll never get this time back afterward, with having my baby girl all to myself.

Milestones: I'm now officially "allowed" to go into labor!

So yesterday was super busy. Productive, and good, but busy.
I visited the two pediatricians... and it was like night and day. I loved the first, whom we have officially decided to go with, and really didn't like the second. I'm sure the second place would have been "fine" but I was not comfortable with them, and there were so many things to love about the first place: separate sick and well waiting rooms, a doctor that actually had a real discussion with me about delayed vaccinations (vs. just saying they would do it, but clearing not being "supportive of it"), a nurse who's job is excusively to answer the phone and answer medical questions, sick hours on Saturday and Sunday, and attached to a hospital, so all tests can be done there with results available in that same appointment vs. having to go to another location and wait for a call about results. Not to mention she was just friendly and sweet.

So we can check "find pediatrician" off our list!

I also had my 36 week appointment. Everything looks good, baby is a good size and is head down. She's still free-floating in my ab, but that doesn't mean anything. And now I'm on to weekly appointments.

After that was our last birth class. I'm really happy with the classes, I think they were informative and thanks to great classmates, very fun. I won't say I'm not happy they are over... but that's just because of timing, wanting my Tuesday nights back and not having to rush around straight until plopping into bed. We still have our breastfeeding class next Thursday night, but that's just the one night and done.

Oh! A sweet part of my day was first thing in the morning. I had an extra 40 minutes of sleep time, but Daisy decided she wanted to come join me. I was sure that meant no sleep for me... but I stuck her on the bed and she was the biggest doll. She laid down, resting her head against my legs, and we snoozed together for that extra time. I loved it!

Now its back to work... luckily the rest of the week is pretty quiet. I'm already quite sore today, but I have that prenatal massage Friday to look forward to!

* BH = Braxton-Hicks contractions, "fake" contractions that women feel throughout the second half of their second trimester to the end of pregnancy. Basically they help strengthen your uterus (without dilating your cervix) to prepare it for real contractions (which do dilate your cervix). They don't hurt, but are uncomforable sometimes!


We had a really nice weekend... and I did get lots of relaxing/lazy time in, which is good since I'm feeling a lot slower these days!

Friday we did a "last hurrah" dinner... since we don't know when I'll actually go, we figured we'd take advantage of our free Friday and get a nice dinner out. We hit up the Pearl, and had a really nice time... good food, and nice relaxing conversation.

Saturday I spent the majority of my day in PJs! :-) Exactly how I wanted it. We headed to my friends Deb & Steve's place around 4. They headed out for dinner and we watched their two-month old twin boys for them. That's where the picture is from... that Trav holding a sleeping Stephen. It was so sweet I had to snap a picture. I didn't get a good one of Dominic, but he's such a cutie too.

The best part... I got this great email from Deb this morning:

Hi Meg:

I wanted to call you yesterday but it got away from me. Tell Travis he has the magic touch Stephen slept 7 1/2 hrs the night you sat, that was the longest he ever slept through the night so far. He has magic arms. Your little girl is in store for such a treat you both are going to make WONDERFUL parents!!!!

Thank you again for Sat night it was so great!!!!!


It really was neat seeing Trav with the little babies. He was great.

Sunday we had more relaxing time in the morning. In the afternoon we ended up doing a lot more then originally planned. Mary & Casey (the ones who already brought us a big bag of baby clothes and the snoogle which saved my sleep!) stopped by to bring me a big bag of maternity clothes to borrow. I can't tell you what a lifesaver this was! I can probably wear a different shirt from now until I give birth! There are a variety too... I'm wearing a light, short-sleeved one today, which is perfect since its 60* today!

I'm so grateful for the comfortable clothes, because otherwise, I'm so uncomfortable right now! It wasn't too bad over the weekend when I could lay down on the couch, or prop in all sorts of ways with pillows... but at work so far today has been not great.

Anyway, after Mary & Casey (and their two cutie girls) left, we headed over to Willy's house... just for a stop in to see how he is doing. He's doing well. His birthday is Friday (86!!) and he's having a bit of a party on Saturday evening, which we're going to try to stop by. From Willy's, it was on to Ro & Pat's for dinner and hanging out.

In between all that, Trav hit up the grocery store and we watched some hockey and football. But for me at least, most of the weekend was just about trying to rest my sore body. I have a prenatal massage scheduled for Friday and I can't even begin in describe how excited I am for that!

Tomorrow I have the day off, but there won't be much relaxing going on. I have two meet & greets with possible pediatricians, a doctor appointment, and our last birth class! And, I'll be 36 weeks pregnant. In my 9th month!

Well, I have to get back to work... but look for a weekly review on wednesday.


Tuesday I left work a little early to check out a sale they were having at Mother.hood Mater.nity. I ended up getting two black, long sleeved, v-neck shirts (that fit! over my whole belly!) and a pair of black yoga pants that I can totally get away with wearing to work under a nice top because they just look like black pants. And I'm going to wear them, ALL THE TIME (in fact, I'm wearing them right now), because they feel like awesomeness (especially on my belly where they feel like NOTHING).
At some point this weekend I think I'm going to go through my clothes and sort out what I can actually still wear, so I know what I have to work with.

That night we had our 3rd birth class... where we learned about different positions for pain relief in childbirth, and about massage techniques that Trav can use to help me cope. I found some of each that were comfortable and seemed to really work for me. Of course, only time will tell!

I have nothing to say about yesterday really, except that it was the longest day I've had in a long time. I was bored, it passed slowly, I could not have been more excited to see 5 o'clock!

Today is Miyano's birthday, so I'm taking her to lunch.

I'm dying for the weekend to get here. I'm definitely sore and tired and looking forward to sleeping in. I've been having a little more trouble the past few nights, trying to find a position that's comfortable. But sleep itself is still deep and lovely. Oh to be asleep right now! ;-)


35/35 -- a long one!

(weekly review at the end)

So despite all the set backs and delays from computer issues, I managed to get completely caught up on work stuff by Friday end of day. A great feeling, because I'm hoping to keep completely on top of things, from now on, so that I don't leave a messy to do list when the time comes for me to leave work. I don't want to feel nervous as I get closer because of work stuff!

Friday night I had my movie night with my friend's Lo (Lauren) and Abi (Andrew). We got some yummy middle eastern food, and watched a really bad (but funny because it was so bad) movie about Knights and magic. It was mostly just good to see Lo and Abi, to get the chance to catch up.

Saturday we spent all day looking at cars... there are a dozen car dealerships all up and down one of the major roads just a mile or so from us, so we literally just drove up one side and down the other, stopping to look at cars as we went. Then we came home to do some (more) research online, and a lot of talking. And then... we bought a car!

This is what Trav's new vehicle looks like. It's a hatchback with a lot more storage space in the back then it seems from this picture. Those tiny windows behind the second door are deceiving! It will be a great way to make trips with baby stuff in tow. And it is obviously a step up from Trav's ancient, tiny 2-door.

Sunday we were (again) plenty productive. Trav installed the one carseat in my car (we're waiting on his until his car gets detailed... which was included, but we just have to schedule it). I actually packed up my labor bag (a few last minute items, like the camera, will go in a smaller bag with a change of clothes for Trav... once we are a little closer). We did a few loads of laundry, including the last load of baby stuff (although I do have a few last minute things to pick up). Then I spent a ton of time sorting and putting everything away. We got everything out of the crib (we had a lot of fun testing out the baby monitor!), and then made up the mattress... so now the crib is actually ready for a baby!! :-)

That bunny in the corner is the one we made at the Build-A-Bear workshop... the one with a recorder that has Gwen's heartbeat on it!

Check it out (sorry the vid is sideways, I forgot to turn it...):

My mom also called to talk fabric with me, and she is now starting on Gwen's blanket/comforter. She also has two other sheets ready for the crib.

Here's her changer, also all ready for her (minus the 3 outfits on top that need hangers, I ran short...):

And her nice, full closet! Everything hanging, or folded on the bottom is Newborn, 0-3, 0-6, or 3-6 month sized.

On the top shelf, above the hanging stuff is anything 6month or above, divided up by size. So I have a package each of 6 month, 6-9 month, 9 month, 9-12month, and anything 12 month or above.... each labeled with the size inside, and a list of what items are in the bag. That way as she gets close to outgrowing a size, I can just grab the next bag, wash everything inside and know exactly what we'll still need to get her. :-)

In the nursery, basically all that's left is to hang the letters that say Gwen... and get the other carseat out of there. Plus we do have to figure out where we'll be storing her little tub and bath supplies.

Monday, yesterday, I had off but Trav had to work. I wanted to head to Babies'R'Us to grab the last items we need... but I need to wait for our registry completion coupon, since I might as well get a discount on these items! I did head to the grocery store for dinner supplies, but otherwise just took it easy. I also took some pictures of my belly.

First, from last week (34 weeks), some by Trav (ignore the mess in the background... that's my ever-growing pile of "doesn't fit anymore" clothes):

(Daisy was intrigued by the belly:)
Then the ones I took yesterday, 35 weeks... please pardon my bra (it covers as much as a bathing suit top though, so hopefully no one will be offended):

The belly is getting a bit ridiculous. As I mentioned above, I'm losing clothes left and right that I can actually wear. In fact, the jeans I'm wearing in those last two pictures... now relegated to the can't wear category! They just push on the bottom of my belly too much, so they are in the wash now, and then will be packed away until the next time I'm pregnant.
This morning I had on a gray turtleneck that I quickly realized would not work, so it was replace with a black turtleneck that I'm thinking is getting its final wear! It's working for today, but not much longer! I'm giving it a few more weeks before I just break down and start wearing PJ pants and sweatshirts to work everyday... ;-) Lol.

And since today is a week change, how about a weekly review:

Weekly Review

How far along? 35 weeks pregnant, only 35 days to go!!

Total weight gain/loss: + 4lbs as of Thursday's appointment, which brings me to a total of +20

Maternity clothes? ::sigh:: Yes... and needed some more of those.

Stretch marks? Nope. ::knocks on wood::

Sleep: Pretty good for the most part. Do wake up a few times a night to pee, and have to adjust myself more to get comfortable... but not bad otherwise.

Best moment this week: Getting lots of baby stuff done so that we actually feel more ready. Of course that was also a bit scary... and in a way, its like the more ready we get, the less ready I feel!

Movement: Yup, lots of bopping around and kicking my ass from the inside.

Food cravings: Sushi... man do I want to eat sushi.

Actual Gender: GIRL! :-)

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out? A flatty! Lol. Or an outtie a lot of the time now.

What I miss: Not getting sore just sitting in my chair at work. Clothes that fit.

What I am looking forward to: Birth class tonight. One week until we are a go for having this baby (aka at 36 weeks they don't stop labor if you go naturally)! Three weeks until the week my mom delivered me. Only 35 days until my due date!

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every second as much as you can, it goes by so so quickly!

Milestones: Our little girl's insides are all developed now... just maturing from here on out.

As for now, its back to work for me. We have two events this week, and a conference at the beginning of next week... so there is plenty of work to be done.



Suddenly this week I have become so sore and uncomfortable. I don't know what's up, but all the muscles in my stomach... especially up top near my ribs have been aching and hurting like crazy. I've been getting short of breath too. Sitting at my computer all day at work sucks, and by the end of the day I'm so sore I'm practically in tears.

I'm going to ask my doc about it tonight, at my appointment, but has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry I'm complaining again.

On a different note:
I've finally broken down and realized that I can't put off replacing my phone for much longer (the top part has a big chip out of it so that the prong likes to pop out when I open my phone, not good). So I was clearing out some of the pictures I have on that old phone... and I thought I would share a few with you.

From the 3-day... at our first stop on Day 2 or 3:

Feeding GG last Easter:

A water lily, from Cape Cod:

Daisy swimming, also Cape Cod:

Something made little paths all over my windshield in the morning dew:

GG blowing kisses in a pretty dress (recent):

I think the last two are my favorites. GG is just so cute, of course, and I love the image of some little buggy crawling around my windshield, wondering why its butt is getting all wet. :-) LOL.

Okay, sorry for lack of content, but I have to get back to work now. Good news is, I have Word back again!


I'm currently seeing how much work I can get done without using any Word documents, since everytime I try to use one it freezes my whole computer. Everything else is working fine, and I do have other things to work on, but the two biggest things I need to do both involve Word, so hopefully our tech guy will be here soon to help me out. That was the frustrating end to my day yesterday, and the frustrating beginning to my morning, but I'm just reminding myself it could be a lot worse. I really just want to get as much done as possible to "get ahead" so that next month can be an easier, more relaxed one for me. We'll see.

I'm 34 weeks today and feel so full of baby! I don't know why, but yesterday and now today I just feel 100x more sore and "full" then before. I think it's from less sleep, more activity over the weekend (in addition to the stuff I mentioned, we also took the dog for a walk together on Sunday, and by the end my pelvis was definitely sore). Hopefully it gets better as I catch up on sleep... but right now I can't even imagine how I will feel in 6 weeks!! I feel like she's taking up more room in there... which she is... everyday! But I'm just noticing it more this week then I have before.

And speaking of 6 weeks, I finally asked my mom about when I arrived... apparently I was two weeks early! So now I'm wondering if I'll even make it to my due date. And two weeks early means only a month from now! ::gulp::

If that was the case, then our little one would be coming right around GG's birthday. It would be kind of neat to have the girls almost exactly a year apart. Although as it is, they'll only be a few weeks from that.

We have our second birth class tonight, which I'm looking forward to. I enjoyed the last one, so I'm hoping we'll enjoy this one too... and learn even more from it. I'm trying to remember what's on the agenda for tonight, but can't really, so I guess it will be a surprise! ;-) For each of the classes from now on, a couple brings the drink and another the snack... we're bringing gatorades and waters tonight.

My 34 week appointment is on Thursday. I'm guessing I'm up 2-3lbs from my last appointment. Its hard to tell since, like I said, I just feel so much heavier at the moment. But as long as she is measuring well and her heartbeat is sounding good, that's all I'm concerned about.

Okay, well back to work for me. I'm going to go scam a computer from another office (I'm sure there will be one that isn't currently being used) to do some of my Word work...



What a great weekend. I wish I could have slept more, but otherwise it was wonderful. DC was a lot of fun... I even loved helping E move back into his dorm. It was great to see where he's living. After we dropped off his stuff, we headed to Wray & Suzie's (they are like 3 blocks away), and chatted for a bit before Wray drove us down to the National Geographic museum for the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit. I really enjoyed it, it brought back fond memories of my trip to China, and it was neat getting to see it with Trav and E.

After that we hopped the bus back up to my uncle's where a delicious dinner of homemade potato & leek soup and chicken caesar salad was waiting (my uncle is a great cook!). We also had chocolate pie with homemade whipped cream for desert (Suz is a great baker!). After that we just relaxed and talked until bed.
(Notice the fact that I'm completely glossing over the horror that was the Eagles game... maybe if I just pretend it didn't happen...)

Sunday we woke up early. Wray and Suz were both up by 5-something (they are early risers), Trav was up by 6:15 and I was up by 6:30. Definitely earlier then I'm used to, but I was wide awake for some reason. Wray whipped up some french toast, and a fruit salad of apple, banana and strawberry. It was a great breakfast. We relaxed for a while, since we were up much earlier then normal, then headed back home to pick up the pup and relax.

Sunday afternoon/night Trav put together the pack'n'play (it looks awesome!) and we did the first load of baby laundry. It will be another full load, possibly two before we are done (especially since we are washing all her sheets and towels, etc for the first time too), but at least we got a start. And it allowed me to start sorting and really putting things away, not to mention grabbing her stuff for my labor bag. We're looking pretty good on stuff we still need to get... just some more receiving blankets, the bags for our diaper pail, some hooded towels, etc.

Now its Monday and back to work. I did want to share one amusing (and flattering) thing from this morning. When I am wearing my puffy down coat all zipped up, its hard to tell that I am very pregnant. I was riding up in the elevator this morning with our doorman and a worker he was taking up to a job... our doorman was asking how I felt and say "its not long now" etc. When I got off the elevator, I heard the worker as him, "what? is she getting married next month?" Lol. :-) I'll take it.

Now back to work for me!


a little overwhelmed

Its no wonder that you are pregnant for 9 months... it takes that long to get everything done that needs to be done to prepare for a baby! At least while working full time and still wanting to have any time at all for personal things (like the occasional trip to DC).

Besides work, which is still crazy... I have been very busy the past few days with trying to cross stuff off our "to do before Gwen arrives" list.
  • I called 6 pediatricians... made appointments with 3, am getting info in the mail from 1, and will pick up info from another next week. The last is supposed to call me back Monday.
    I ended up taking a day off of work since I already had a doc appt and our last birth class that day, so I was able to schedule 2 of the meet & greets for then as well.

  • I wrote out our "birthing hopes and fears" page for our midwives (they don't do a "birth plan"... but its a similar idea).
    Key points for those interested: Trav would like to catch the baby and cut the cord, I hum to help with pain(!), we can both use lots of positive affirmation.
    Things that we (awesomely) don't have to include, since they are standard practice at the Birth Center: minimal intervention, lots of leaving us be to cope together, not cutting the cord until it stops pulsing, want to breastfeed right away.

  • Wrote out directions with maps for the post partum nurse from the Birth Center to our place, since they visit you a few days post-birth for a check up (love that they do that!).

  • I called our local fire department to find out about car seat inspection/instillation. They do come inspect, and someone is going to call me back.

  • Trav and I have been talking guardianship. We've pretty much narrowed it down to two couples, and hopefully we will have a firm decision soon... since:

  • Trav and I have been talking Wills! Neither of us have one right now, we know we need them... so we are definitely planning to do that before Gwen arrives, but need to pick our guardians first.

  • Trav is getting a safety deposit box today so that all of our important documents are together in one safe place.

Tonight I plan to start pulling together the stuff for my labor bag, so that I can figure out what is still needed for me and for the babe. Trav told me that he would feel much better once that is (at least partially) packed, and I am happy to oblige.

After this weekend, every weekend is going to be spent car shopping until we find what we need. Since Trav's inspection/emissions is up again in March, we definitely need to do this pre-baby, as we're not even sure his car will pass without many repairs and since we want to get rid of his car regardless, it doesn't make sense to pay for that on the old car. As you've probably noticed, I've been mentioning the car thing for quite a while... but now we are really down to the wire, and we're finally biting the bullet and just doing it.

Honestly, once we are done with those things there is not much left on the list. Wash all of our baby stuff and put it all away, take stock and see what we still need, possible do a few freezer meals (?), and obviously handling anything medical as it arises. I'm hoping February will be much more relaxing in regards to prep.


On a nicer note, I was given another award!

Stumbull at My Life in Black & White has passed this on to me.
It's good to feel loved!!

Here are the rules for this award.

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award (check!)
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog (check!)
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award (check!)
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself (see below)
5. Nominate 7 bloggers (see below that! lol.)

So, seven things about me... I'll try to be interesting (and make them all new), but honestly, I'm wiped so we'll see how this goes:
  1. I'm a Leo, and while I don't often put stock in astrology... for the most part my signs "attributes" fit me to a T.
    This for example, "Charismatic and positive-thinking they attract not only an abundance of friends and opportunities, but manage to survive life's stormy times with style and good humour." Very much me!

  2. Gwen will be a Pisces, and I'm wondering how that will fit her.
    Some Pisces descriptors include: "Mysterious and alluring individuals... acknowledged as being the Saint and the Sinner rolled into one... the zodiac's most sensitive sign."

  3. I mentioned above that I hum to cope with pain... but also, when I'm surprised by pain, I've been known to start singing the first verse and chorus of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic." Don't ask me why, I don't know, but I've done it unconsciously since I was a kid.

  4. I worry about how I'm going to handle a baby and a dog when I'm home for maternity leave. Luckily Daisy is a pretty damn good dog, and I'll have help for a bunch of those weeks (Trav will take a week off, my mom is going to take a week+ off, and his mom will come out for some time also). I still worry about it though.

  5. I really, really wish I could just come to work in my PJs... regular clothes are just not all the comfortable right now.

  6. I get annoyed with my boss when I just get done cleaning out my work email and he sends me a dozen addresses to update... each in its own separate email. I know its part of my job, and I know that he doesn't know I just got done cleaning out the Inbox.... but it doesn't stop me from being completely annoyed with him!!

  7. I wish I could go back to school... for a completely different career path. I love International Relations and specifically stuff on China, but just don't think I will ever get anywhere with, nor do I have the drive to care about that. I much more of a people person and wish I'd chosen something that worked with my strength. I'd probably go back for pediatric/neonatal nursing, I've even thought of pediatric oncology.

Instead of tagging 7 people... I'm going to do an open-ended tag. If you've read this far and can think of 7 interesting things about yourself, then definitely grab the badge and consider yourself tagged. Just drop me a comment so I can read all about you!! :-)

Okay, off I go. Have a great weekend all!


She is moving around so much right now that she is almost making me seasick. I just got a sense of deja vu... did I just start a post with that exact line not too long ago? Doesn't matter.

Work has been very busy this week, I have tons to do. Lots to catch up on after the holiday vacation days. Plus, (I was just mentioning this to Trav last night) it seems like I always end up super busy at home and super busy at work at the same time... so that there are never enough hours in the day. Then when things finally slow down in one area, they slow down in the other as well. A bit annoying since if things are going to be slow at work, it would be nice to be able to use that time to catch up on hectic personal life stuff instead of just having the days drag. Oh well.

Right now we are trying desperately to get our act together on picking the pediatrician. More then a little important... but rather nerve racking too. Not to mention finding the time to actually visit multiple peds. The plan though, is to at least look up pediatricians on our insurance website (we've had multiple recommendations) today, to see who is covered under our new plan. Then in the rest of this week or early next, I can start calling to see about office hours, if they are even accepting new patients, and hopefully make a few "meet and greet" appointments. Woo! I will be happy to check this one off our list.

Thankfully that list is getting smaller and smaller. I'm already working on a list of who should be called... and who will do the calling (aka we'll call my parents, his parents, Babs, Ro & Pat... but our parents can take care of alerting family on that side, etc)... and will put together a draft email "announcement" with addresses already in, so that all Trav or I has to do when we get home is plug in relevent info and hit send. Easy peasy. Friday night or Sunday when we get home, I think I'm going to start gathering things for our labor bag. We still need to get the detergent to wash all the baby stuff in, but I can at least start on it, and in that way get an idea of what we still need.
I already know two things I want to pick up for labor/delivery/immediately following: 1. a package of cheapo underwear, so I don't have to ruin (with post-birthing fluids) any of my lovely, comfy, but not cheap Victoria's Secret underwear and 2. an oversized button down nightgown, that will be big enough that I feel covered without having to wear pants, and will have easy access for breastfeeding.

Last night we had our first birth class. It was good. Scheduled for 7 - 9:30, but got out around 9... and it went fast. While I can't say that anything was entirely new information, it was nice to get the refresher course on the stuff I did know, while going more in depth on some of it. We watched a birth video (yeow!), talked about the stages and phases of labor/birth, how to time contractions, when to call the birth center, and practiced abdominal breathing. We have three more classes, and I'm actually looking forward to see what else I learn. I'm definitely looking forward to learning about the different laboring positions.

Well, I've been working on this post in dribs and drags when I could catch a minute for most of the day now (opened it at 10 this morning!)... so I'm just going to get it up already! Then its off to see how much more I can done here in the last hour of work.


2009 in pictures

A little late, but I enjoyed the picture posts of 2009 that everyone else did... so here's mine:


Morning sickness starts.

Our little fur-bundle of joy arrives... :-)

Home for Daisy's first week with us... must be patient! Must be patient!

Tell the in-laws we're expecting.

GG is born!!

Tell my parents we're expecting.

First doc appointment!

Up to Connecticut for Hannah's bridal shower and bachelorette party.

First ultrasound... find out that we lost the baby.

D&E. No fun.

Cleared by the cardiologist... no need to go back. Ever!


Vermont for Hannah's wedding!

Given the all clear at the doctor... everything looks good.

Vegas for work! Get to see my Babs!

Finally stop bleeding from the D&E... still getting bills and other horrid reminders.


GG goes for her first walk in the park!

Jan finds out she has cancer.

Start trying to get pregnant again.

Daisy gets spayed.

My hoser graduates law school!

Happy Birthday Trav!

Jan goes out of work and has surgery.

My brother graduates High School!

Jan returns.

(take two)

Jury duty. Oh fun.

Buy our first baby purchase... a car seat!

"Today I am pregnant and I love my baby."

Ethan and my dad trip out to the Badlands! So jealous!

Morning sickness starts. Cue the puking!!

Spotting... seriously?! Why body, why?!

We have a heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the puking.

Cape Cod!

Tell his parents, brother, and SIL about the pregnancy.


Ian & Krista get married in DC!

I'm officially more pregnant then I've ever been.

And still puking!

Ethan moves to DC to start college.

My 27th birthday!

Mom and Dad visit (belated birthday)... and bring the curtains for the nursery!

Heather's grandfather passes away. :-(

My original due date passes. :-(

I start to feel movement!

Still pukey... ugh.


We start the office!

We celebrate our anniversary!

Finally not puking!

20 weeks, we're half-way there.

We're having a... GIRL! Surprise!

I get sick sick...
and busted a rib. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I look like a pumpkin on Halloween, albeit a small pumpkin.

We watch GG try her first pumpkin pie. :-)

I sort of hate pregnancy.

24 weeks = viability!

Daisy turns a year old!

Woot! It's done!

I decide maybe I don't completely hate pregnancy.


Yay baby shower!

I get sore.

We have a great Christmas with lots of family.

Finish off the year feeling generally good and happy!