oh yeah, baby

I was so going to post a little complaint about my soreness. About feeling like I've been kicked in the crotch. About how I can't wait until I can lean over again, to just pick things up off the floor... or LAY ON MY STOMACH, oh lordy will that be a-may-zing!

I just got back from my prenatal massage! And I feel great at the moment, so I'm totally going to ride this high. :-) My masseuse was so lovely, and it was very relaxing. I loved every second.

Plus, it's Friday and I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, maybe doing some shopping to pick up the last few things we need, and hopefully getting our carseats inspected.

So I'm just going to leave it at that... say "have a nice weekend"... and then I'll see you on Monday. AKA FEBRUARY!!!!!! ::gulp::

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They should all be correct now (some were outdated addresses), and that's almost all of the blogs I read. If you see yours there and would rather it not be there, leave a note. If you don't see yours there and want it listed, leave a comment about that too!

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