She is moving around so much right now that she is almost making me seasick. I just got a sense of deja vu... did I just start a post with that exact line not too long ago? Doesn't matter.

Work has been very busy this week, I have tons to do. Lots to catch up on after the holiday vacation days. Plus, (I was just mentioning this to Trav last night) it seems like I always end up super busy at home and super busy at work at the same time... so that there are never enough hours in the day. Then when things finally slow down in one area, they slow down in the other as well. A bit annoying since if things are going to be slow at work, it would be nice to be able to use that time to catch up on hectic personal life stuff instead of just having the days drag. Oh well.

Right now we are trying desperately to get our act together on picking the pediatrician. More then a little important... but rather nerve racking too. Not to mention finding the time to actually visit multiple peds. The plan though, is to at least look up pediatricians on our insurance website (we've had multiple recommendations) today, to see who is covered under our new plan. Then in the rest of this week or early next, I can start calling to see about office hours, if they are even accepting new patients, and hopefully make a few "meet and greet" appointments. Woo! I will be happy to check this one off our list.

Thankfully that list is getting smaller and smaller. I'm already working on a list of who should be called... and who will do the calling (aka we'll call my parents, his parents, Babs, Ro & Pat... but our parents can take care of alerting family on that side, etc)... and will put together a draft email "announcement" with addresses already in, so that all Trav or I has to do when we get home is plug in relevent info and hit send. Easy peasy. Friday night or Sunday when we get home, I think I'm going to start gathering things for our labor bag. We still need to get the detergent to wash all the baby stuff in, but I can at least start on it, and in that way get an idea of what we still need.
I already know two things I want to pick up for labor/delivery/immediately following: 1. a package of cheapo underwear, so I don't have to ruin (with post-birthing fluids) any of my lovely, comfy, but not cheap Victoria's Secret underwear and 2. an oversized button down nightgown, that will be big enough that I feel covered without having to wear pants, and will have easy access for breastfeeding.

Last night we had our first birth class. It was good. Scheduled for 7 - 9:30, but got out around 9... and it went fast. While I can't say that anything was entirely new information, it was nice to get the refresher course on the stuff I did know, while going more in depth on some of it. We watched a birth video (yeow!), talked about the stages and phases of labor/birth, how to time contractions, when to call the birth center, and practiced abdominal breathing. We have three more classes, and I'm actually looking forward to see what else I learn. I'm definitely looking forward to learning about the different laboring positions.

Well, I've been working on this post in dribs and drags when I could catch a minute for most of the day now (opened it at 10 this morning!)... so I'm just going to get it up already! Then its off to see how much more I can done here in the last hour of work.


  1. Hi Megan! Your birth class sounds great! I signed up for our birth classes and we can't wait to go I think it will be sometime in April or May. We already had to pick our pediatrician since they want the pre-admission forms for the hospital now and we have to put a name on the form for the pediatrician. I had to pick a name but the good thing if we don't like the office we can always change later on. You reminded me about my hospital bag and phone call list. I can't believe you are due next month that is so cool!! You are due on our wedding anniversary so I will be checking up on you on that day to see how you are doing. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. Check out my blog I just gave you an award.


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