I can't believe its the new year already. I know I've said that already, and I'm sure I say it every year... but this one seems even bigger then normal. I'm sure at least part of it is the fact that now I can say I'm having a baby THIS year, when it was always "next year"... so that makes it seem so much closer. In fact, I can say that I'm due Next Month!! Pretty crazy.

As for our New Year's celebration itself, we had a great time. We headed over to Kerry & Jeremy's house, Ro & Pat (and GG) came as well. We just relaxed and ate too much food, and when it came time, watched the ball drop on TV. I got a few pictures, but unfortunately my batteries died after that (the first one is dark, but the rest turned out fine).

Pat was the only one I didn't get a shot of, but he was there too! :-)

Friday we did some shopping, since we had some gift cards to spend. Trav finally got new slippers and I got two nursing tank tops. We also went to the build-a-bear and put together a stuffed bunny for Gwen. We had bought a recorder before and brought it to one of our appointments, where we were able to record her heartbeat when they checked her on the doppler. So we finally put that into a stuffed animal.

Saturday I had my last hair appointment before the babe! I might go in for a trim down here depending on how much I need one at the end... but it was my last time driving up to my hair dresser by my parents. Pretty crazy.
On my way home I stopped by the store and found a nice jacket for my friend Matthew, I can't wait to see him to give it to him. That night Ro, Pat, & GG came over for dinner and we exchanged Christmas presents.

Sunday was all about laziness... we had the sweetest time snuggling, all three (and a half) of us, on the loveseat. Trav and I were snuggling while watching X-files and football, and Daisy climbed up in the space that was left, curled up, and snoozed all snuggled against her people. It was really sweet (one of those moments I wish I could have gotten a picture of).
And now its back to the grind. I'm definitely not looking forward to my first 5 day week in a while, but at least I have DC this weekend to look forward to. We are heading down Saturday morning to move Ethan back into the dorms after break, and then heading to THIS exhibit (E, Trav, and I), and then spending the night at Wray & Suzie's. The pup will be boarded at the vet's office for the first time (aww :-( my baby)... which I'm sure will be fine, but I still feel a little guilty.

Anyway, on that note... time for me to get back to work. Hope everyone's new year started off great.

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  1. That is so awesome about the recording in the stuffed animal - definitely a great and unique idea! Def take pics while in DC! :D

    You couldn't get a sitter for your baby girl? I hope everything goes well with her being there... I know it can be stressful - so hopefully it works and you get lucky and she'll be fine. Have a great weekend!!


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