What a great weekend. I wish I could have slept more, but otherwise it was wonderful. DC was a lot of fun... I even loved helping E move back into his dorm. It was great to see where he's living. After we dropped off his stuff, we headed to Wray & Suzie's (they are like 3 blocks away), and chatted for a bit before Wray drove us down to the National Geographic museum for the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit. I really enjoyed it, it brought back fond memories of my trip to China, and it was neat getting to see it with Trav and E.

After that we hopped the bus back up to my uncle's where a delicious dinner of homemade potato & leek soup and chicken caesar salad was waiting (my uncle is a great cook!). We also had chocolate pie with homemade whipped cream for desert (Suz is a great baker!). After that we just relaxed and talked until bed.
(Notice the fact that I'm completely glossing over the horror that was the Eagles game... maybe if I just pretend it didn't happen...)

Sunday we woke up early. Wray and Suz were both up by 5-something (they are early risers), Trav was up by 6:15 and I was up by 6:30. Definitely earlier then I'm used to, but I was wide awake for some reason. Wray whipped up some french toast, and a fruit salad of apple, banana and strawberry. It was a great breakfast. We relaxed for a while, since we were up much earlier then normal, then headed back home to pick up the pup and relax.

Sunday afternoon/night Trav put together the pack'n'play (it looks awesome!) and we did the first load of baby laundry. It will be another full load, possibly two before we are done (especially since we are washing all her sheets and towels, etc for the first time too), but at least we got a start. And it allowed me to start sorting and really putting things away, not to mention grabbing her stuff for my labor bag. We're looking pretty good on stuff we still need to get... just some more receiving blankets, the bags for our diaper pail, some hooded towels, etc.

Now its Monday and back to work. I did want to share one amusing (and flattering) thing from this morning. When I am wearing my puffy down coat all zipped up, its hard to tell that I am very pregnant. I was riding up in the elevator this morning with our doorman and a worker he was taking up to a job... our doorman was asking how I felt and say "its not long now" etc. When I got off the elevator, I heard the worker as him, "what? is she getting married next month?" Lol. :-) I'll take it.

Now back to work for me!

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  1. re: your last paragraph. I'm sure with the coat zipped you can't tell at all lol. You're so tiny!!! But I love those belly shots haha looks like the belly is a little bigger and looks like she's just getting really big in there! oh my gosh... one month sweety! :D


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