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Happy Friday all! Its getting dark outside. This whole week its been the same story, sunny and humid all day, then somewhere between 3 - 5 the thunderstorms roll in and cool it off. I'm not complaining at all. I love it.

Today my tattoos and I are featured over on ourfeministplayschool, as one of her Marked Mamas. Check it out!  :-)

I'm looking to a blissful weekend of no set plans! Hope you have a great weekend!


feet up, DOMA down

We were spoiled for the first two days this week, since Trav had off on Monday and I was working from home on Tuesday, it meant some extra sleep. Wednesday and today it was a bit hard to get up!

But I definitely got a big jolt of energy yesterday with all the amazing news. DOMA unconstitutional! Prop 8 struck down on standing! And Sen. Davis's amazing 11 hours of filibustering!

What a day!!

Other random things from the week:
- Tuesday night yoga was awesome. I held Crow Pose for the first time! It was such a great feeling to have such concrete proof that I'm growing in my practice.  :-)  My teacher also asked me if I had ever considered teaching yoga, because she thought I would be good at it and would enjoy it. Pretty great.

- I finally added all my events and birthday to my online calendar, and ditched my paper day planner. It will be so much easier to have it all in one place, but I'm still a little sad. I loved picking out a new planner every year.

Today, between a pizza party for an early 4th celebration and more property visits for work, is going to be pretty good too. And with that, time for me to get to it.


busy, full, happy, sad weekend

It was quite the whirlwind weekend, a very fitting end to the whirlwind that was last week. It involved a bit of this:

And some of this:

Saturday our neighbor Joe kept an eye on the pups for us, while Trav headed to volunteer at a charity event in Delaware with a few of his coworkers. Gwen and I headed up to my parents' place for a hair appt. While there we had the chance to walk up the hill to my parents' neighbor's house and meet there animals.

There were alpacas (about 6 adults and 3 babies!):

Horses (3 of them):

This guy was huge, about 16.4 hands!
And a few coops worth of chickens:

The horses and alpacas were super friendly, and loved being petted.

It was a great day at my parents, and so relaxing just sitting on the porch with a cool breeze and a cold drink.

We headed home, with Gwen falling asleep about halfway home. I carried her into the house, lay her on a chair, and she proceeded to sleep for almost another hour. It was late for a nap, and even that hour and a half + wasn't enough, so she was having a cranky time when I woke her up. I tried to help her wake up and cheer up with a popsickle...

but it wasn't enough.  :-(  It was getting late though, so I asked her what I could do to make dinner and this was our compromise:

Sleepy snuggles, while Mama cooks.

We finished our late dinner, and I got her to bed, then enjoyed one last night of some other sleepy snuggles:

Sunday Trav got up with Gwen while I caught up on some sleep (slept until 10am!!). They headed to the grocery store, and played. When I woke up, it was with a start, since Mongo (now Titus!)'s hopefully new family was coming by for a meet and greet at 10:30. Gwen played while I got ready, only interrupting me to ask me to help her put on her baby carrier.  :-)  I guess our snuggles the night before had inspired her.

The family came over with their dog and daughter to meet Mongo (Titus), and it went perfectly. They ran all over the yard together, played together, then flopped down in the shade together. They were a great match, so Mongo (Titus) went home with them.

It was a little bittersweet. It was the right thing to find him a new home. I don't have the days to take off with him the way I took off with Daisy at the beginning, nor do we have the extra resources to be hiring a dog walker. He needs lots of attention right now. But I was still sad. He was just such a doll, and we adored him. Thankfully his new family does too, and he's settling right in.

After that it was time for all the chores that I hadn't gotten done for the past week and a half. Vacuuming, cleaning, stripping and remaking all the beds, putting away 3 baskets of laundry, washing 3 more and putting those away too.

Then it was time for tennis, and some playing at Mr. Joe's house.

He has a great sandbox.

And a motorcycle!

We're lucky to have such amazing neighbors.

It was early to bed for Gwen last night, and we all slept very well. This morning it was great to ease back into the week with an easy morning, since Trav has the day off. Plus, with no puppy, it was very easy and we had our regular routine again.

Trav and Gwen came into the city today for a lunch in the park with Tally and I. It was a great way to break up the day, and a makes for a pretty nice Monday!

Now, back to work! Hope your weekends were full and wonderful as well.


sorry sorry sorry

Its been quite a week, and despite the 3 previous posts, I haven't really SAID anything much, have I? It seems that I should never take a half-day from work because every time I do, something ridiculous comes up. Last week it was cellulitus. This week, and the half-day I took off to get the things done that I didn't get around to last week, was interrupted by this guy:

Oh my, right?!

Trav encountered him while out on his morning walk with Daisy. The poor teeny guy, was running down the road. No collar, no owner in sight, scared to death and cold (he has no fat on his body). Trav coaxed him over and we've since been on a mission to a) find his family or b) find him a new home, while c) fattening the poor boy up. We've called the police and animal control in case someone reports him missing, but right now b is our preferred option simply because he looked very underfed for how long it seems he was out from the condition of his fur, nails, and teeth. Also, the fact that no one reported him missing the second he was gone is saddening. He's the sweetest. I'm calling him Mongo.  :-)

He appears to be a boxer mix (with terrier? maybe?), about 7ish weeks old. He's not yet housetrained, but is picking up on it pretty quickly.

So yeah, that was Tuesday!

Wednesday and Thursday were a blur of work things and then OMG I forgot how much attention puppies need things. My coworker and I went to tour some business spaces available, since our office lease is coming up. That was pretty fun, actually. Tonight the puppy is getting a bath.

Happy Friday! Happy Summer Solstice! Enjoy the longest day of the year (and in my mind, the countdown begins to Autumn... LOL). And if you, or anyone you know in the PA/NJ/DE area are interested in a sweet puppy, drop me a line.


CM: it takes a village

 My most recent post from Connected Mom. Just a short one expressing my gratefulness for my "village."  I'd love to hear: Who's in your village?


My husband, daughter, and I went to visit with my parents last month as a belated celebration for my dad's birthday, mother's day, and an early celebration of the husband's birthday. It was a great visit and it reminded me of the truth behind the old adage, that it takes a village to raise a child. I am so lucky that my parents are an active and vital part of that village.

My mom has been Gwen's babysitter since she was born, and it makes me feel so at ease to know that she's in such safe, loving hands. Her Papa is one of her favorite people ever.

But your village doesn't have to be blood. We are also so lucky to have amazing neighbors, who treat us like their own kids/grandkids. Gwen is so fond of Mr. Joe and Ms. Sue, and its amazingly freeing to know that they are there in a pinch.

Our best friends, too, are there as loving, gently adults in her life. Its a blessing to have so many people that truly love Gwen, and who treat her with respect and care.

Who's in your village?


wordless wednesday {puddle stomping in a kiss shirt}

Aka. The "my kid is pretty awesome" edition.

One quick video too, because I couldn't resist. (Pardon my loud voice.)



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For a thunderstorm lover like myself, yesterday was a joy. We had some doozies come through, and it was great to listen too. Especially in my comfy clothes with a cup of chai in hand. I had a half day yesterday, working from home in the morning, then the afternoon off to run some errands. I had hoped to have most of the afternoon to relax, after finishing said errands, but instead I found myself taking an unscheduled run to the local Minute Clinic to check out a spot on my lower leg that had seemed to become infected. I had gotten a small thorn poke in the woods a week and a half before, which hadn't bothered me until 2 days ago when it started itching so violently I wanted to remove my leg. Then it got red, and swollen. It needed to be checked out, and since I am in need of a new doctor at that moment, MC was my best bet. Turns out it was cellulitus (a bacterial infection), and they sent me to Urgent Care to get the antibiotics I need. At least I know what it is and I should be feeling better in a few days. And thankfully I'm weird and it only itches, instead of hurting.

Thank goodness its Friday. I need a few days to recover from my half-day!
Have a great weekend!


while mom was away...

While I was away in Cali, Gwenie had her first school production.

You are my sunshine

They sang a few songs, and then they danced to "Rock and Roll All Night." How perfect for my girl, right?! (She starts off slow, with some first pumping, but then gets into it and dances her heart out.)

Love it all. Trav got some big thanks for grabbing me some pictures and videos.



Sunday was a long day, but I arrived home and still had time to hang out with my family, make dinner, do laundry, and relax a bit before bed. Yesterday was all about catch up at work, which meant no time to write. Today is better, but I'm still having trouble writing about California. I'll see what I can't get down here before life fades these memories like all the rest.

First, I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to see my Babs, multiple days in a row, just the two of us for hours and hours. It was amazing. I miss that girl.

Thursday I woke up bright and early for my 8am flight to LAX. 5 hours later and I'm disembarking the plane at 10am! Have to love that. We made the most of our first full day, heading into Hollywood.

Babs showed me around a little bit, her old apartments etc, then we headed to lunch with two of her friends who I've been wanting to meet. Afterwards we did an official tour:

Capital Records

We saw tons of stuff... Mulholland Dr., Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills (including Ringo Starr's house, Tom Cruise's house, and the house where Michael Jackson died), LA Ink, and the Hollywood sign. Once that was done, we walked around some more, peeking in some shops, getting some treats, and walking where they were setting up the red carpet for a tribute to Mel Brooks. Finally we hit up The Grove for some window shopping, listening to these guys (who were doing a little set there, they are awesome and seriously sweet), and get some dinner at the attached farmers market.

Friday we slept in a bit and had a lazy morning. Then headed off for a bit of "real life California"... aka. the DMV! Babs license was expiring, so we went to renew it together.

Just a sign of how much I love this girl... even that was fun.  :-)
She rewarded me by taking me to the beach after that.

We got to see some dolphins playing in the water, which was awesome.

We finished off the night with a dip in the community hot tub and pool... the only time I would get my bathing suit on out there! It was chilly.

Saturday Babs had a very special store she was dying to show me:

After which I had my first experience with In 'N' Out Burger (Mmmmm).

We hit up a bookstore, and the coolest kids clothes shop, before heading to the beach again to walk on the pier.

It was cold, but beautiful.

We had some dinner and drinks out, before heading back to her place for ice cream and X-files.

Then Sunday, it was another early morning, for another early plane ride!

It was an amazing break, and I'm so glad I got to see my Babs! But I'm glad to be home too.