hot one

This weekend was a hot one, and we spent a lot of it outside. Saturday I headed to Ridley Creek for the park clean up. The woods were like a sauna. You didn't have the direct sun, but the air didn't move in there.

Casey's party was in the afternoon, and the kids had a great time running through the sprinklers, sliding on their jungle gym, and being crazy together. I kept ducking into the air conditioning to cool off, but it was too hot for me, and I had a killer headache by the time we left. I put Gwen to bed when we got home, drank some water, and lay on the floor with the pup in an attempt to rally, but it was not to be. I headed to be at 8:45 feeling horrid. Thankfully I slept great and was feeling like normal the next day.

Sunday was much lazier. Laundry, grocery shopping, movie watching, and lots of eating. Now its another week, and time to get ready to fly to LA! I can't believe my trip to see Babs is here already, but Thursday it is. I'm jump up and down excited, but also not looking forward to missing my girl for 4 day. Also, unfortunately, missing her first school program.  :-(  We didn't find out about it until just a few weeks ago. I told Trav to take tons of pictures, but I'm actually really sad about it. At least I can be sure there will be plenty more in the future.

Time to dash. If your weather is anything like here, then enjoy the big cool down!

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