the art of pranks

I forgot to recount this one the other day, but its too fun not to share.

Trav and Gwen were playing together while I was in the shower two weekends ago, when I heard a lot of giggling, followed by the sound of a preschooler trying to "sneak." The bathroom door whispered open, the bottom of the shower curtain peeked open a little bit, and a little hand popped through. I hear Trav whisper, "Throw it!" Next thing I know Gwen's rubber spider is landing at my feet, I let out a pretend scream, the bathroom door is thumping closed, and I can hear hysterical laughter from the hallway.

Just my husband teaching my babe the fine art of pranks.  ;-)
Apparently she belly laughed for 5 minutes straight, she was just so tickled by the whole thing.


The other day I was talking to a mom friend, after Gwen had done something cute, and telling her that I really like this age. I meant it too. It feels funny to say, after being quite honest about the challenging aspects of 3 years old, but Gwen can be such a joy to be around now. There are moments when being her mom is a treat.

Of course there are moments when it is hard, last nights bedtime was a little rough, and I think tonight will be too with my impending departure, but there are just so many wonderful parts. I loved having a snuggly baby, but having a big girl who doesn't wear diapers, can feed herself, and tells me the best stories... well, its just awesome. She tells me I'm her best friend (Trav too), that she loves me so much, and my heart bursts.


I leave for LA bright and early tomorrow morning, and I'm crossing my fingers that the goodbyes go pleasantly. I don't want her to be upset about this. I think/hope that her and Trav dropping me off at the airport together will help.

Wish us all luck.

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