For a thunderstorm lover like myself, yesterday was a joy. We had some doozies come through, and it was great to listen too. Especially in my comfy clothes with a cup of chai in hand. I had a half day yesterday, working from home in the morning, then the afternoon off to run some errands. I had hoped to have most of the afternoon to relax, after finishing said errands, but instead I found myself taking an unscheduled run to the local Minute Clinic to check out a spot on my lower leg that had seemed to become infected. I had gotten a small thorn poke in the woods a week and a half before, which hadn't bothered me until 2 days ago when it started itching so violently I wanted to remove my leg. Then it got red, and swollen. It needed to be checked out, and since I am in need of a new doctor at that moment, MC was my best bet. Turns out it was cellulitus (a bacterial infection), and they sent me to Urgent Care to get the antibiotics I need. At least I know what it is and I should be feeling better in a few days. And thankfully I'm weird and it only itches, instead of hurting.

Thank goodness its Friday. I need a few days to recover from my half-day!
Have a great weekend!

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